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Please include my new web site in the Web Links Section I was in the RAFP from May 1956 to May 1968. Ted Meadows Welcome Page:

Books Home Page:

Music Home Page:

RAF Bomb Disposal -

The ACA now has a web site at -

If any of you guys are planning a visit to the USA, particularly the West coast and I can be of any assistance just let me know. Also I currently own a company that sells laptop computers and accessories, if there is anything I can help with in this area also let me know personally. The website is - Chris Bradley (RAFPA member)

For all those people who wish to contact old school pals in addition to ex service colleagues, there is an excellent site at :

I would like to make you aware of Lost Comm's which maybe of use to your visitors/members. Please feel free to visit and have a browse. - Find Your Forces Friends

XH558 Vulcan

The RAAF Police Association is now online. Our address is   

Cranwell App's.

a link to a new RAF Police Dog history page, once it is published for our former RAF K9 membership. as it says

Greater Manchester Police

Find friends from all over the world

The official museum for 626 and 12 Squadron 1942-1945..The url for the RAF Wickenby Memorial Museum


Back in 1949/50 my Mate was a Dog Handler in the RAF. I have started a section for Dogs and their Handlers on my Website

A free UK based people finder site

please go to and click on fund mammograms

Royal Military Police Association, West Yorkshire Branch

Royal Canadian Air Force Police

We run a World War 2 Ex RAF website aimed primarily at those seeking to be reunited with old friends or seeking information on someone who served with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Our link is as follows


A site dedicated to the brave men of WW2 by the brother of one of them WW2 RAF -

the pictures are of his brother Sgt.Air Gunner Albert Clarke on the left Navigator Sgt.John Culshaw and the pilot Flt Sgt. Frank Higham pilot of his Stirling bomber of 75 RAF New Zealand Squadron which crashed near Wurzburg Germany on 28th August 1943 killing all seven of the crew.

Next to these are Sgt.Air Gunner Albert Simpson and Sgt.Air Gunner R.V.Trafford of 153 Squadron all the crew where lost without trace after a raid on Duisburg in 1945.

Aden Airways Virtual Airline

Demob Job, jobs & resettlement courses for all ex-Forces no matter how long you have served. Register online and receive automated email alerts of jobs matching your preferred career and region course. It's simple, FREE and only takes about 1 minute.time well spent

I have just created a new web site for the Angus branch of RAFA where one can buy the Royal Air Force Tartan.

RAF Bridgnorth

Nearly two million servicemen and women did their initial training at RAF Bridgnorth, Shropshire. We try to bring together friends, photographs and memories of those days. If you wish to share any photographs or documents of RAF Bridgnorth, please send them.

Ex-MilRecruitment Ltd , an established recruitment consultancy, backed up by over 10 years Military and Recruitment industry knowledge and experience

The Queen's Body Guard

My name is Tony Jay and I served in Aden at HQP&SS Steamer Point 1959 - 1961. I have found 20 RAFP & RMP lads with whom I served between the above dates. We have created our own website

If anyone would like to support the Malaya Emergency/Borneo Veterans in their struggle to get this abject apology of a government to reverse the decision to allow the Pingat Jasa Malaysia to be worn, please be aware that a new web site has just bee set up. It is in the early stages of development at present, but you are all welcome to register as members. - A company based in Cullompton, Devon, tel 01884 34839.For RAF Police wall shields. The cost is 24 plus additional 2.56 for recorded delivery - Tim's Unofficial RAF Regiment Site

My Home Town Schools ( and it is also free for an individual to join!

FEPOW Remebrance Day 15 August -



One of our new members maintains his own photography website which can be found at . There are some good shots of aircraft in flight at RIAT 2007.

Royal Air Force Club -


Armed Forces Pension Group

Compare hotels and rates - Cheap, Luxury, Boutique and Spa hotels. Discount hotel accommodation in the UK and around the World.
A group of photos I recently took of "RAF Roetgen" a sub section I suppose of the RAF police section base at Wildenrath. For the guys that were there I'm sure it will bring back a few memories. I was one of the ex royal signals guys stationed there during the 80's 85-88 I think !.
Roelf Bruinsma

No 11 School of RAF Recruit Training. History / information and over 200 photographs.

RAF Airfield Construction Branch. 5001 / 5003 and 5004 Squadrons. Pat Honeys own site about his 8 years as a Plant op. Big toys for big boys! Galleries of photographs sent in by ex RAF ACB Lads. Detachments: UK / 2TAF / Middle and Far East. The site of the National Service (RAF) Association.

Here's a proposal for a statue of Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Park GBC, KBE, MC and Bar, DFC, RAF to be installed on the "fourth" plinth in Trafalgar Square. petition.aspx

I sent my medals off to Jim Talbot to have them Court mounted .I received them back today and Jim has made an excellent job at a very fair price.Medals are lacquered,ribbons are sewn so as not to move and are also weather proofed.
I certainly recommend him. - Stewart McArdle

The Dog Handler's Reunion have received two Books of Remembrance from Aspinals of London. They are beautifully leather bound and they kindly donated them free of charge.The cost if purchased would be 240. - Interesting site showing pictures of Debden in WW2 and now

This guy is ex-RAF who does Caricatures for the Military – his name is Anthony Goulding and he can be found online at: you will see a section within his gallery devoted to the military and he would like to offer this service to all serving and non serving personnel and will donate a percentage of any orders received to the British Legion.
CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS provide litigation support in the offshore jurisdictions of the British Channel Islands. (RAFPA member)
Pathe News website
It may also be worth a tip on searching the Pathe News website
I searched RAF Debden and got the link below to one film from 1964
I searched just Debden and got the link below to 3 films including one from 1965 ROYAL TOURNAMENT IN THE OPEN AIR and one from 1963 R.A.F. DOGS' NEW HOME
Searching RAF DOGS got the link below to 24 films some about the RAF some about Dogs and about a dozen about RAF POLICE DOGS dated 1950 to 1969
RAF Police History by Steve Davies

My website is at and there is a 10% discount for RAFPA members. They just input the code RAFPA at checkout and it automatically deducts the 10%. There is a minimum spend of 15 euros required (easy to do !) and there is also a nice little item for the guys which prove very popular over here and which are useful on parades, visits, etc ! I will leave you to guess what that may be ! If RAFPA members wish to purchase anything they can send me a cheque for the GBP equivalent if it is easier for them. John Reid

Medal Mounting

Medals sent at 1100 on a Tuesday back by 0900 on the Friday, that is service. Charges for court mounting 4.00 per medal plus 5.00 special delivery by Post Office for return. Use special delivery to send medals as the compensation for loss is much greater. Total cost for 2 medals 18.00. The medals are returned beautifully cleaned and very well mounted. This excellent service is provided by Roy Laver says Great service

We are pleased to announce that the British Cyprus Memorial Book is now online and ready for you to read and contribute to. You will find it at; it is also linked in to the main website at
Thank you to all family members who helped with the initial stage of collecting pictures of the servicemen. Anyone can now add tributes or photos to the 371 servicemen who died on their personal Celebration Page which you can reach from the memorial book itself; instructions appear on the first page of the book. We very much hope you find the Book a valuable way of together commemorating the Servicemen who died: we will remember them.

Donald Crawford
Trust Secretary

If you want to show your support for members of the British Armed Forces this is the place to do so!  Support Our Soldiers - supporting the British Troops, our brave heros, on overseas operations and their families at home.... - RMP Association - Central Birmingham Branch

Military Regimental Badges for T Shirts Caps Fleeces, vests, corporate shirts
Military Police around the world
My first book Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran is available for purchase from my website - Villayat 'SnowMoon Wolf' Sunkmanitu

Living with PTSD

Funded by Arts Council England

Army Clothing - Design your own Military Clothing  We specialize in Military Embroidered Clothing including T-Shirts, Fleece, Sweatshirts, Polo and Corporate Shirts, Vests and Beanie Hats and more
UK Elite Forces  - Suppliers of Military Badges and Regimental Gifts for the serving soldier, collectors, veterans, new recruits, take a look at our site if you are wanting a present for a loved one or a special occasion
RAF Laarbruch Reunion
East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (  -- 'ROYAL AIR FORCE HOLMPTON' 


Could I please bring to your attention the launch of a new charity that has been set up to assist with the housing of service personnel who have been traumatised by conflict.

The full details and objects of the charity can be found on the following web site,

Newark Air Museum


Best Rehab Centers

RAFPA LHC Forum  RAFPA London Home Counties website

 The Ellingham Self Catering Cottages on Guernsey

Defective Drugs

Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications.

 A research website on the history of RAF Barnham's nuclear site,
 the Wounded Warrior Project - - Was created so families and loved ones could seek answers on elder abuse and neglect. From Injury types to claims, nursing home abuse guide covers an extensive amount of elder abuse discourse.
RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association
Sharjah web page update
African Landmark Safaris For the best Kenya Safari

 Living with PTSD


Petition: To grant Immunity from prosecution to all British Forces involved in Op Banner

I'm contacting you today because I'm the Director of Advocacy at the Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC). We've recently uncovered a startling statistic, one that I'm sure you should be aware of. According to the National Center
on Elder Abuse (NCEA), approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ haveexperienced some form of elder abuse. It is estimated that upwards of 10 million seniors are abused each year. Our mission is simple, To be the top online resource educating the public on the risks of senior abuse in anattempt to save lives and rebuild shattered trust.

I noticed you had some resources for seniors, here - I think our website would be a valuable
educational resource for your users. Would you mind including our link as well?


Ashley Peters
Director of Advocacy

I would love to recommend another resource for this page called RecallGuide. This free tool is an easy way to keep track of side effects and any dangerous recalls for any medications you are on. I personally use it to keep track of any dangers with my medications, and I think it would be helpful for members of your community as well. You can view the website here:


14 health and safety resources for our seniors


Elder abuse includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect, and abandonment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Elder Abuse is experienced by 1 out of every 10 seniors, ages 60 and older, who live at home. At Nursing Home Abuse Support we find this statistic unacceptable. Our goal is to increase elder abuse awareness, educating the public with factual and current information relating to elder abuse and neglect within the United States and throughout the world.  

Our group at provides the most up-to-date statistics and information relating to nursing home abuse.

Maritime Injury Center is the most comprehensive and accurate informational online resource for maritime workers.
Our mission is to help educate workers on a furthered understanding of risk(s) related to things like electrical failure, chemical exposure, hypothermia, and more. This also includes detailed information on rules/regulations, procedures and laws. For more information, please visit the Jones Act

 a comprehensive guide to the help and support available to our brave ex-serviceman.

It contains information on how to get help with the transition back to civilian life, housing and financial help, employment support and much more.

The article can be found at:


With hundreds of pages of information on prescription drug and safety recalls, Recall report is today’s leading source for safety recall information. For a full list of medical health conditions related to some of today’s prescription medications, please visit For information on prescription drugs, please visit

Cassiobury Court offers free help and advice for veterans who suffer with addiction and mental health problems. For more information, click here.


According to the American Psychological Association, about 20% of seniors 65 and older meet the criteria for some kind of mental disorder. They also found that this age group is significantly less likely to receive mental health treatment, typically sticking to primary care doctors for all their needs.

While there is no substitute for seeing a mental health professional, it’s important for seniors to have access to the most current, comprehensive information about their mental health.

A comprehensive guide to getting recognition for military service in the form of discounts, special offers, and incentives. (US only)





Intern Solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Airline Benefits for Military Families

Addiction Helper




My dad and I volunteer at a local organization called Empowered Vets, we are a nonprofit in Northern Florida. Our goal is to reach out to veteran organizations all across the country in order to improve online access to veteran resources. Happy to see you're providing some great resources to the veteran's in your community, but I wanted to help by showing you some other resources that deal specifically with mental health and addiction.

This is a topic that hits home with me, as my father, who served for 14 years, struggled with alcohol problems for two years after his service ended. As you can imagine, it was heartbreaking and scary for my whole family to watch him struggle. Empowered Vets helped my dad get the support he needed during his time of need and it's a big reason why we both still volunteer with them. We know that there are many other families in the same situation as we were and we just want to help those who struggle with any sort of problem after their service. One of the best ways we know how to do that is to make sure that organizations, such as yourself, are sharing good resources that address ALL possible hardships. I invite you to check out the following guides about Mental Health and Addiction, we have surveyed 1000 veterans to see if they found these guides helpful, below are the results.

Veterans and Mental Health - 76% of veterans surveyed found this guide helpful

Veterans and Addiction - 82% of veterans surveyed found this guide helpful

These have also been approved by our strict rubric, which is based on morality, readability, and proof of factual information. These topics can be very sensitive to many people and I believe it'd be beneficial to the veterans you serve who may be openly or privately dealing with addiction or mental health issues.

Tony Erickson

Outreach Coordinator

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