RAF Luqa

I've got these photos on my RAF Luqa Remembered website and thought you might like them for the RAFPA site.
Daughter is also RAF Police, currently in Afghanistan for the past 3 weeks. Bit of a shock to the system after she had a whale of a time in Al-Udeid for a few months last year!

The Two photos of the Provost Club and RAF Police Luqa 1977 are from Joe Buttigieg, the other two of the police dog flight and early 70's are from Hector Farrugia. Both alive and well and still living in Malta.

The photo of the dog section reminded me of 1973 when we had serious threats from El-Fatah. I was sent to man the AOC's PYE radio in his study at the residence. Middle of the night I used to let the dog handlers into the study for a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
I remember one rather large German Shepherd Dog called Satan! He was almost black and lay on the study floor watching me all the time. The handler told me that he was ok as long as I didn't make any sudden moves. You know when everything happens in slow motion, it was a bit like that!!!

Dave (Ex RAF Telegraphist 1965-78)

Provost Club 1974 x - Joe - x - FLt Worsley OC - Sgt Coutts - Cpl Jim Rose - Cpl Yates and ladies


RAF Police, Luqa, 1977. Joe 2nd from left.

RAF Police Dog flight from late 70s - from Hector

RAF Police Flight early 70s - from Hector