As you will be aware this year we introduced a Monty Banks Annual Award within the Scot & NI Branch as a result of the kind donation made by his son at Monty's funeral.   I forwarded the photo of the first recipient, Ian Gordon, to Steve, Monty's son, in Australia and his reply is below for information.
regards to all
Gus McGowan
Scot & NI Branch
Dear Gus,
Many thanks for this.  We are delighted that you have obtained the trophy named in honour of Monty.  It looks really good.  As you say, it'll be an excellent way of ensuring his memory lives on in the Association and gives us great pride that he was so well thought of by colleagues and friends.
Please pass on our congratulations to Ian Gordon as the well deserved first winner of the trophy.  I well remember Ian, not just from Dad's funeral but from photgraphs of RAFPA events that dad showed us where Ian was there as the standard bearer.
Please pass on our appreciation, thanks and good wishes to all in the Association, not just in the Scotland & N. Ireland Branch but nationally as we know what a superb organisaton it is.
Warmest wishes and good luck with all your future events.  If you ever need anything where I might be able to help here in Australia please do ask.
Steve & Diane Banks
Perth, Western Australia