in the event of death

 It is a sad fact that sometimes the first the Association knows about the death of a member is when correspondence is marked "Return to sender - addressee deceased".  This happens on average twice a year.

I have therefore designed a form to be completed and held with your will for your Executors to notify firstly the Association but also other societies, banks, insurance companies, other associations and pensions.

The form is in Word and PDF format and consists of 2 pages - page 1 has headings for Societies and Associations with details of the Association pre-filled and Insurance and Banks and page 2 is blank for your own headings such as Pensions.

Please save the forms and then either complete them on your computer and print them out or print out and complete by hand and then store them with your will.

I am making these available free of charge but any contributions for using it would be gratefully received.  All contributions to The Treasurer please.

                      for page 1 in Word format   for page 1 in pdf format
                    for page 2 in Word format    for page 2 in pdf format