Obituaries, Deaths and Funerals




From Sid Cole on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago a former Prison Service colleague passed away. His name was Ray Brooks. Like myself he served in the RAFP for 12 years before going on to do 30 years in the PS. He served in the late 50’s through the 60’s. Two of the places I know for sure he served was Gan and 3 police district. I have been awaiting details of his funeral. Sadly his wife said he wanted no service of any kind or fuss. He will be going straight from the funeral parlor to be cremated. He will just have his wife, son and daughter accompanying him and it would appear they will leave when he goes in. It is a sad way for a man who served this country well for 42 years to leave this earth.....but that was Ray and we have to respect his wishes. He was not a member of the association but with 12 years Service deserves an entry in gone but not forgotten. We never met in our RAFP days but for over 20 years we served at the same Prison and he was a bloody good bloke to have watching your back. Duty done Ray RIP


Information received from Bill Watson that Mrs Rede Scarth informed him that her husband Bob Scarth passed away last night, Bob has been in care suffering from dementia for the last 9 months. No information where the funeral will be only that it takes place this Saturday in Northern Ireland. Anyone in NI wishing to attend please contact the Webmaster for Rede's details 
Gus McGowan
RAFPA Scot & NI Branch


Received this afternoon from Paul Alfred: It's with great sadness that I have to announce that my father, formally Flt Sgt RAF Police, Peter (Taffy) Alfred aged 86, passed away peacefully on Sunday 8th October. His funeral will be held on Wednesday 18th October, 1.00pm at Cardiff & Vale Crematorium.


From Russ Nurse on Facebook:  I have just been informed that following her second battle with cancer, Corporal Irene Lifke, of 3TPS, passed away last night.


To any of you that served with the glorious 31PD in the mid 50’s, (there cannot be many left), with
sadness I have to report the passing yesterday of Cpl Stew Stewart. Stew of late not in the best of
health and was bravely living in Margate with the time bomb of an impending aneurysm that took its toll
last night.
Funeral arrangements not yet known.
Farewell to a good friend. I served with Stew and in 1994 regained contact and corresponded with him virtually on a daily basis.
His wife advised me of his passing

Relative to the obituary above of ex RAFP Chas Stewart of Margate, there was no funeral as such but a gathering of friends to celebrate his life with memory boards of photos etc on which the RAFP featured.