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It is with deep sadness that I have to inform you of the death of one of the greatest Warrant Officers in the RAF Police, former WO Norman Dodds who passed away at 1930 hours on Monday 11 January 2021. You could not meet a more genuine and pleasant individual and I was proud to have served with him at P&SS(Det) Gutersloh. Dee Dodds phoned me this evening to relay the news. Norman was suffering from COPD. RIP Norman

David Swaithe


Sad news I'm afraid chaps. For those who met my good friend Mark, (The stonemason who created Buster's Memorial for us) he took his own life a few days ago and is now flying free with the birds. RIP Mark and thank you for all you did.
Scott Etheridge


Andrew Dunkley, former RAFP is making his final journey as I type, please spare a thought for him and his wife Marie and 2 girls as they say their goodbyes, sorry I couldn't be there guys. Taken too soon RIP Andy, take a seat at the bar!!

Sarah Criddle


From Dave Brewster...... Sadly another Snowdrop lost but not Forgotten. Jim Murray (who I had the honour to serve with at Akrotiri) sadly passed away on 26 December 2020 almost exactly 3 years after his brain tumour diagnosis.

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Sad to report the recent death of Gordon Kendrick, in his sleep, aged 85.  We served our national service at RAF Aldergrove, in 1960/61.  Gordon was the intelligent one among us as he was previously and subsequently an analytical chemist.  He worked for Ind Coop (beer) in Burton on Trent, Staffs.

After the 60s, we lost touch, but regained friendship via the old fashioned telephone, after 60 years.  He had an amazing memory for the names of those who were on the Police Flight, at Aldergrove in 1960.  Sadly, his memory of last week was not so sharp.  His wife had died the year before he  contacted me and he is survived by 3 daughters. 

Gordon never joined the Association, simply because he did not know it existed.

May Gordon Rest in Peace.

John Walton


Ken Sims a ex RAFP dog handler in Hong Kong 59/61 has passed on aged 84 Ken had no relatives A POwer of Attorney for him was given to Ann Cox Ken passed away in Eastleigh care home on Periton Road Minehead on 23 Nov2020 His funeral will take place on 15 Dec at 11am at St Johns church Carhampton .anyone wishing to attend the funeral on line can establish a link kenneth-william-Sims

Ken Simms...centre Hong Kong 1959.


Reported this morning on another group the death last week of former SNCO David Thorpe aged 64 from Pontypridd.He served 23 years in the RAFP. RIP

Des Saint


Heard on the grapevine that former Snowdrop Peter Workman (52) passed away after an illness on 30 Nov 2020. My Condolences go out to the family for their loss and may Peter rest in peace.


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that our dear friend Mick Carter has left us at 10.15 this morning.

Our thoughts are with his wife Shirley and his family.

I’ll endeavour to keep you informed about any arrangements.

God bless you Mick, you are in our thoughts and prayers..

David Jubb

As promised the details of the Funeral of our dear friend

Mick Carter

is as follows.

The service will take place at Lincoln Crematorium at 11.10 hours on 18th January 2021.

Sadly because of Covid-19 restrictions, only close family can attend..

However, a Memorial Service followed by a Celebration of Mick’s Life (Attendance and drinking will be mandatory) is to be held in the summer, at a date to be decided.

Shirley would like to express her thanks to all who have sent their love and best wishes, your kind words have meant so much..

Finally, stay safe and stay in touch.

Dave Jubb


Just wanted to update you all on Mick Carter’s Funerial service

The service has been moved to Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 11.10am.

A final Tribute to Mick Carter and may he rest in Peace

Well today has now finally arrived, and is the day that Mick Carter now takes his final Chariot Ride, before being put to rest and knowing that his Duty has finally been completed here…. But this Final Chariot ride, is like none that has gone on before him…. No signs of the Black & Red Stripe (Markings) the White Bumpers or the Blue Light or Martin Horns to fanfare him out from here and onto the new level, just like all of us, a simple humble man who not only has provided true Service to his family but also to this Country…For those who knew him Mick, he would / will probably be affectionately known as the fun loving Character, with the ability to make people laugh, especially with that cheeky smile and off line grin he had.. To those who didn’t know him personally I am afraid the loss is totally yours!!!……….Today all those little things collected from medals to Bracelets, (housed in the leather pouch on his belt) to RAF Police Warrant Card, F1250, F145, F6442, F658 along with the MOD 315, also now put also to rest with the hope that at least one day and Perhaps the Grand Children may want to see then…..…But at least there may be now the consolation, that perhaps he will rejoin his former colleagues in the Eternal RAF Police Club on high…Although it would amuse me, if rather than on the Pearly Gates Greeting people, St Peter as the Bar Manager inside that RAF Police Club, decided to say to Mick… Sorry '' cocker '' you have to man the Main Gates until your mate D Jubb.... ley arrives, to take over?….My Sincere Condolences go to all of his Family especially his wife at this time,.. but please take comfort and rest assured, that whilst there are those of us around, he will never be truly forgotten especially from this Unique Brotherhood and Dysfunctional Family which is known as the Royal Air Force Police !!! Farewell Mick …. ‘Have a Safe Journey up Hill 60’

Mark Conibere


Funeral details for WRAF Sergeant (RAF Police SIB) Vera APPLEGATE



The funeral for our aunt Vera Applegate will be held next Monday, 7 Dec.  We plan to meet at the crematorium shortly before the ceremony at 3.20pm.  


Location: North-East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane, Morden, London SM4 4NU


We’ve arranged some refreshments afterwards at:

The Morden Brook, Lower Morden Lane, Morden SM4 4SS


Please let me know of any special dietary requirements.


If you would like to make a donation in Vera’s memory, we thought the following would be suitable (Kimba, her beloved Alsatian, was a rescue dog):

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, 4 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4AA


For those not able to attend on Monday, there will be a live stream of the ceremony.  The link can be forwarded as soon as it’s provided by our funeral directors. 


  We would be very happy to receive any further information or photos that you or your contacts could provide.  Of course, we would give a warm welcome to any who wish to attend the funeral.



Dr. Helen Mulligan
Ditton Corner

Fen Ditton

Cambridge CB5 8SU
t: +44 (0)1223 292066
m: +44 (0)7725 336789



Ken Sims ex RAF police dog handler served at Kai Tak 59/61 passed on in Ilfracombe nursing home on 23 Nov 20.  Gerry White


Sad to inform you all of the passing of former snowdrop Simon Gale who passed away on the 18 November 2020. Simon was 79 years of age and served and survived action in Yemen and Aden and saw tours in Germany and in the UK. Later he served as civilian police officer with Somerset & Bath Constabulary. He is survived by his two sons and his wife Siobain. My condolences are offered to the family for their loss and may Simon rest in peace.


I am extremely saddened to announce the passing of my father-in-law and ex RAF Policeman, Alan Singleton. He was a kind and gentle family man who cared for all of his loved ones up until the moment he was robbed by dementia last September & now sadly taken from us by COVID. Our only consolation is that he is now reunited with his sweetheart and true love Marlene. May he rest in peace x

Paul Savage