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I have just been informed today by his wife Jane that Peter Carpenter RAFPA Member 1180 had recently 'Passed Away'.
Our condolences go out to Jane and to his family and friends

Peter. RIP.



GEORGE DENNY BEM MSM North Yorkshire Branch.

It is my sad duty to inform you that George died yesterday 22 February in hospital, as a result of a fall at his home on Christmas Day.


The Funeral Service took place today in the 15th Century St Marys Church in the Market Town of Thirsk North Yorkshire (James Heriot Country). Over fifty mourners attended the service followed by interment in the local cemetery.
Standards were carried by the Thirsk Branch of RAFA, North Yorkshire Branch of the RAFPA Roger Cann  and the North East Branch of the RAFPA by Roger Bishop. The serving members of the RAF Police came from Royal Air Force Leeming.

                               GEORGE DENNY BEM MSM   53—85
George served in the Royal Air Force Police for a period of 32 years,  June 53 to May 85 retiring with the rank of Warrant Officer. During his service he was awarded the British Empire Medal and the Meritorious  Service Medal for services rendered.
Served on a total of 19 Units of which 8 were P&SS orientated and did 7 overseas tours. Germany x 4, Northern Ireland x 1, Kenya x 1, FEAF x 1.
I never served with George but have been told by two of his former colleagues that he was a popular character admired by all for his wisdom, knowledge and expertise, a dry wit and humour. A popular WO with all.
George was present and active with other interested persons at meetings held in the latter part of 2000 at various locations to discuss the formation of a Royal Air Force  Police Association North Yorkshire Branch. In November 2000 at the RAFA Club in Harrogate George and others were present, a formal meeting was held and the North Yorkshire Branch came into being. George was elected the first Vice Chairman of the new branch
The Inaugural  Annual General Meeting of the NYB was held on the 12th December 2000 at the RAFA Club Aldwark York. The rest as they say is history. George was confirmed as Vice Chairman , a post he held for 4 years.
Over the next 20 years many members and former members contributed to the success of the Branch, ie  166 Branch Lunches, visiting and participating  in numerous events , 7 years hosting the Annual RAFPA Re-unions at Scarborough, etc.
But I believe the greatest accolade must go to George for his duties with relation to the Branch Standard. George volunteered to be the Standard Bearer and from the time of its blessing at Linton-on-Ouse in February 2008 until he handed over the duty 19 months later, George had attended over 25 functions and covered 3050 miles with the NYB Standard some achievement.
A firm believer in the Ethos of the Branch and a dedicated supporter  it would be hard to find in the records for the past 20years a event or function that George and his wife Dorothy did not attend.
As I stated earlier, I did not serve with George but as the Branch Secretary I have always valued his help and advice and appreciated his quiet dry humour.
A person I would have had no qualms to have served under or with.  Privileged  to have known him and we are all the poorer for his passing.
RIP George.
Ken.T.  Secretary NYB.

In 1960, the then Corporal George R Denny left the UK and headed out to his new posting in Aden. Shortly after his arrival, he was interviewed by a provost wing commander and informed that he was being sent down to RAF Eastleigh in Kenya to fill a vacant post of special investigator with No 22 RAF Police District Detachment. At the time, the detachment commander was Flight Lieutenant G Whitney and his deputy was Flight Sergeant R Webb, while Sergeant F Edwards filled the post of senior NCO in charge of the SIB. The detachment was located in a building across the road from the station guardroom on the unit and the relationship between its staff and personnel from the station RAF Police was exceptionally good. It did not take Denny long therefore to settle into his new environment; he quickly made new friends and the social life on the station and in nearby Nairobi was excellent.

A few months after Corporal Denny’s arrival in Kenya, the detachment commander; Flight Lieutenant Whitney, was posted and he was succeeded by Flight Lieutenant R Fisher, who rather sadly collapsed and died soon after his arrival in Kenya. Eventually, Flight Lieutenant R Truscott was posted in to take over command. Some time later, Corporal’s Denny, J Dunne, P Bowery and around ten other RAF Police NCOs successfully climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. As a result of their successful venture, the station commander authorised the formation of a Safari and Expedition Club on the station and Denny and Dunne were elected onto the organising committee. A trip was later organised to climb part way up Mount Kenya but unfortunately, it was impossible to reach the summit without a great deal of climbing equipment and a good deal of pre-training. One of the greatest efforts undertaken by the club was an expedition to the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ in the Ruwenzori Range in Uganda. The trip required a long tiring march up through a swamp valley after which the team made camp for the night. The following morning, Dunne heard three blasts of a whistle, which meant that someone was in trouble. He and three other RAF Police NCOs set off to search for the source of the distress call while Denny and the others remained at the campsite. After a while Dunne came across a group of young Americans who had been climbing the high peaks when one of them, a young man, had fallen and was badly injured. Leaving a colleague to help where he could, Dunne and one other returned to the campsite to report on what they had found. Soon after, Denny and the expedition leader; Flight Lieutenant W Roden, started back down the mountain to organise a rescue while the remainder of the team made their way back to the Americans. After a four-hour march the two men reached their vehicle and drove to a nearby village where they were directed to the Vireka Mission and the priest; Father Chapot, for whom the Americans were working as volunteers. A full-scale rescue operation was launched and a helicopter was summoned to assist. The injured man was eventually brought down from the mountain and taken to hospital where it was confirmed that he had sustained a broken back amongst other things. He was later airlifted back to the US for specialist treatment.

A Testimony to Mr George Denny BEM
I have met many people in my short time (12 years) in the Royal Air Force Police, many being purely superficial in every way, yet from time to time you then come across people with substance,
Whist It could be argued, that when I met this Flight Sergeant, you could immediately tell, that if you were ever in trouble, he would endeavour to stand by you, and genuinely assist you in whatever he could do, by first spending his valuable time in getting to know you?? And then even to the extent, (to any youngster) he became like a Surrogate Father... And although he was much older and also a C I Investigator, he still managed to retain true respect, discretion, wisdom and uniquely was not at all judgemental... It is funny but I suppose, over my term of Service, I met probably just a few people of the Rank of Warrant Officer, F/Sgt or Sgt, who really had this real trust and ability to communicate freely, openly and honestly with his subordinate ranks, and would also genuinely assist you without fear or favour ...,. I only ever personally knew him at Bruggen, in the early 80's, but every now and then, did here his name mentioned, And believe it or not always kindly. And that being on a number of occasions prior to leaving the Service?? It is now very hard to attempt, to express your true feelings to any individual, after his or her demise so rather than this. I feel that his life should be Celebrated with all his Achievements, so may Mr George Denny BEM, now Rest in Peace and free from all pain and suffering, he may have had , and also may his close Family and Friends, please accept the genuine and heartfelt condolences of now what appears to be many , and have the knowledge that Mr George Denny BEM has undertaken his duties, whilst serving in the Crown and in the Royal Air Force, honestly, professionally, respectfully and compassionately, and also will now live on in the hearts and minds of those he came into contact with during his time in / on this domain and also wish him Clear Skies Ahead
Per ardua ad astra
Mark Conibere

RIP George. First met him when he occasionally visited the P&SS Det at Laarbruch in early 70s, he was based at HQ. A Sgt, and a very friendly chap. Met numerous times thereafter. In mid1983 I travelled from Gutersloh to UK on some investigation or other and on taking my phone call to NR to request transport from local railway station, he was only to willing to collect me himself, and then arranged a car for my use for the week to traverse the country. Met him at annual RAFP national association events thru the 90s/00s. Always very sociable. Jolly nice chap. Very pleased to have known him.
Russell Jones

WO George Denny whilst at RAF P&SS(NR). I took this portrait of my WO boss on SOP at sometime in the 1980's during a Region Dining In night. Rest in Peace
Michael Hall


Reported the passing of Andrew Pickering ( Mick Pick) aged 57 last Thursday. Sadly he took his own life.  RIP fellow snowdrop.

Funeral details below.

Des Saint

Andrew William Pickering

The cremation will be held at Stonefall Cemetery and Crematorium, Harrogate on 18th February at 3:40pm followed by a Celebration of Life at the Majestic Hotel Harrogate.


Reported  the passing of Michael 'Mike' Claxton last Wednesday.

Mike did National Service in RAFP in the mid 50's then re-joined and served between approx 1960 and 1983 in UK, Germany & Cyprus, retiring at the rank of Sergeant.
RIP fellow snowdrop.

Des Saint

My brother Terry Claxton and I would like to sadly mention the passing of our father Michael 'Mike' Claxton last Weds.
Mike did National Service in RAFP in the mid 50's then re-joined and served between approx 1960 and 1983 in UK, Germany & Cyprus, retiring at the rank of Sergeant.
Mike, Terry and I were the 1st Father & 2 sons to serve as the same time in the RAF Police.
After retirement he was involved as a member and later Chair of the East Midlands Branch of the RAFP Association.
Anyone requiring further details, please contact Terry or myself. Thanks very much.

Kevin Claxton


Sad to report the passing of my brother in law Group Captain Ian Jackson. APM CPMRAFG

Matt Wilcock


It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all of the passing of George ‘Badger’ Brookes at home in Weston Super-Mare, with his family and in peace. Many will know ‘Badger’ from his regular appearances at the Cenotaph march past in London on Remembrance Sunday as ‘Left Marker’.
It is too early to give any details of the funeral, but as soon as these are known, I will publish them.
Rest in Eternal Peace my old friend.
Per Ardua Ad Astra
Michael Hall

The Funeral of George ‘Badger’ Brookes

I have been asked by Steve, George’s son, to post details of the funeral service for George which will take place on Thursday 10th February at 11:30hrs.
The service will be held at Weston-super-Mare Crematorium – Default Chapel, Ebdon Rd, Worle, Weston-super-Mare BS22 9NY. Light refreshments will be available afterwards at The Ebdon Arms, Lilac Way, Wick St Lawrence BS22 9WE, to continue to share memories of George.
Donations in his memory are being gratefully received to benefit Pancreatic Cancer UKand 999 WAGs and may be left after the service or sent to Groves Family Funeral Directors at 115 High Street, Worle, Weston-super- Mare, BS22 6HB.
For those unable to attend the service the link for watching the proceedings on line is:-
the Webcast Login PIN is 585-2914 – Event Number 1045132
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If you continue to experience issues then please contact us on 01536 314 895, 08:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday

Michael Hall

I was unable to attend Badgers funeral today due to being on duty with the Port of Bristol Police. However, I managed to take an early lunch break and watched in awe on the live stream as RAF Police veterans, both RAFPA in their white berets, and non RAFPA members in blue berets, plus Rolling Thunder and representatives from the police service including my friend and colleague PC Neil Layland and Police Dog Alfie (even an RMP representatives) carried out escort and honour guard duties for Badgers last journey. I wanted to record the pride that I felt watching you all and I know that Badgers family would have been overwhelmed by what you all did today.
An excellent job ladies and gentlemen, you did us all proud

Alan Keenan

Steve, Maggie and Vickie asked me to pass on their thanks to everyone that helped celebrate the life of George Badger Brookes on Thursday 10th February.
Thank you to everyone that helped coordinate the motorbike escort and the Guard of Honour. Thank you to Alfie the Police dog for escorting Badger down the drive. Thank you to everyone that attended both at the Crematorium and those who joined remotely.
The service was a real celebration of George's life and I hope he was watching over the events with a smile of approval. Thank you to Groves Family Funeral Directors and Emma Britton the Celebrant, who not only ensured that everything went to plan on the day but had been there, providing support, every step of the way.
Lastly a massive thank you to everyone for all their love, support and messages. It has been lovely to hear about the positive impact Badger had on so many of you.

If i had the opportunity there was so much i wished to say today at Badgers Farewell, how we met over fourteen years ago, the way in which being in a car with Badger driving, feeling totally at ease, safe and thinking to myself, " I need this man in my life " You all know what i mean by that, what an outstanding mate, the way in which " The Reading Rayders " were formed with Badger being one of the Founding Members and the forming of our moto " BoCuRaY " Oh the laughs we had at Bobby's during the pre Cenotaph gatherings and putting the World to rights. George's responsibility in getting to Horse Guards on time having dropped us and the car or minibus off at the barracks and depositing a quantity of biscuits with gate security , the story about the taxi driver Ray who George engaged in conversation and thus began the Rayders, that journey was epic and so funny as the introduction of free taxi rides for veterans came into being, even though we heavily tipped him whilst on route to Admiralty Arch to uplift the Association marker board and the infamous Television identifier armlet, i would swear Dimbleby would say "Oh no not Badger again " George was an inspiration to us all, i have so much more to tell but that can wait for another day, God Bless you George, thank you for your treasured friendship and all the fun along the way, thank you to all who participated in Georges Farewell, i watched from afar with sadness, yet with the joy of knowing Badger was a treasured mate. What an amazing farewell ,one which i am certain Badger would have given his critical approval.

Mick Griffin


Gareth (Gaff) Elliott passed away in the early hours of this morning. After a year fighting cancer, he went peacefully in his sleep.

Funeral for Gareth 'Gaff' Elliott
Gareth passed away peacefully in his sleep on 12 January 2022. As many people have expressed interest in attending his funeral, it would be helpful to know approximate numbers so we can plan dates and venues (approximately 4 weeks, and Lincoln and environs).
We won't hold you to attending, this is just to gauge numbers. The response to his death has been overwhelming and my dad was obviously very popular, and we will do our best to accommodate as many as possible but spaces may be limited.
Marcus Elliott (son) on behalf of the family.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I now have the details of Gaffs funeral and wake.
The funeral is being held on Friday 11 February at 1230 hours at Lincoln Crematorium.
Details as follows with Post Code for Satnavs:
Lincoln Crematorium
Washingborough Road
This will be followed by the wake at Market Rasen Golf Club where Gaff was a Past Club Captain. This is about an 18 mile journey from the Crematorium. The service is normally about 40 minutes so arrival at the Golf Club should be any time after 1430 hours.
Details as follows with Post Code for Satnavs:
Market Rasen Golf Club
Legsby Road
Market Rasen
The turning into the Golf Club is after the Race Course.
There will be a video link at the Crematorium and Golf Club as detailed below:
Golf Club:
Any further information please email me at
Have a safe journey.

What a fantastic send off for Gaff Elliott today. Well in excess of 120 people. Thanks to Lee Close and the three Dog Handlers and their dogs for the guard of honour together with members and standard of the RAFA. Standing room only both inside and out. Thanks to the young lady bugler for a magnificent last post. Thanks to Marcus Elliott and Rowan Irwin for the humourus Eulogies, RIP mate, you will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with Liz, Charlie and all the family.

David Swaithe


Taken off an MOD Police site. Steve Abbott was ex RAFP and served in the 1980s

Most of you may now have become acutely aware that PS Steve Abbott has passed away not long after leaving the station upon retirement.
He passed away peacefully in hospital on Sunday 26th December 2021 and is survived by his wife and 2 sons. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad and difficult time.
The date of Steve’s funeral has now been confirmed as taking place on Tuesday 18th January 2022 at 11:15am at Portchester Crematorium, which will be by invitation only.


This morning I received that Michael (Mick) Feane died this morning Wednesday 29th December 2021 in Scunthorpe General Hospital.    Mick had been very seriously ill in recent days.       Always a regular attender at our Branch meetings and functions, Mick's cheerful countenance and humour enlivened all of our meetings immediately upon his arrival.       Mick served in the RAF Police from 1st November 1959 through to 1st November 1964.     Mick was also a very active member of the National Service Association based at Brigg.    

I know that I speak for you all when we say we will very much miss him.    Rest in Peace Mick.

Arthur Vickers
Secretary and Treasurer, the RAF Police Association, Yorkshire (South) Branch


Just picked up the news that the Rev Ken Appleford (former snowdrop) passed away in Sep 2021. My condolences go out to his family and may Ken rest in peace.


I have been asked to pass on the sad news of the passing of Sgt Colin Leo Arnett. His funeral will take place 22 December 21 at Wood St Methodist church at 1300 followed by a cremation at Swanwick Crematorium at 1400. The family have asked for this to be promulgated and encourage those that knew Colin to attend.

Lee Close


Just received some very sad news. Andy Slade of RAFP Germany passed away today. Andy retired from South Wales Police a couple of years ago and was living on a small holding in the Swansea area. More details of arrangements etc to follow when I get them.
God bless you Cpl Slade, a proud, honourable gentleman. Stand down Slady, your shift is done mate.

Paul Culliford


It is with a great sense of loss that I have learned of the passing of John Armfield, aged 83 years, in Perpignan General Hospital (France) on Saturday 27th November; John and I had been friends since the late 1970s when we were both serving on P&SS (NR), RAF Newton. He served in the RAF Police from 1957 to 1979, retiring in the rank of Sergeant; he held both the QPCI & QPD annotations. After leaving the RAF John worked for the Courts Service for some considerable number of years.
John first joined the RAF Police Association in 2002 whilst living in Nottingham; he had a brief break in membership whilst relocating to France, re-joining the Association in 2010. Having come to the conclusion in late 2014 that the Overseas Members of RAFPA had become the forgotten few he arranged for a canvass of members gaining support for an application to form an Overseas Branch of the Association. John envisaged that any such Branch would be ‘Virtual’ in nature being administered utilising its own website, electronic mail and the various social media platforms available; in February 2015 John ‘Petitioned’ the Association Officers for permission to form the St.Michael’s Branch. Under his quiet guidance the Branch has flourished ensuring that the Overseas members, who reside in 22 different countries worldwide, are no longer forgotten about when decisions are being made and there is no doubt that the Branch members are now amongst the best informed group of members in the Association. At the time of his passing John was the Branch President and Chairman; he also served a period as a Trustee of the Association. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the St.Michael's Branch John became co-recipient of the Alan Rusling Memorial Award in 2016.
John is survived by his wife Hazel.
Funeral details are not yet known.
Rest in Peace dear friend.
Neil Rusling


It is reported on his own homepage and now on some groups that Tom Crowley died peacefully in his sleep today. I have wonderful memories of times spent with Tom in Cyprus and at the Dog School.
RIP old friend !

Chris Wyman

I'm saddened by todays news of the passing of Tom Crowley. I first met the jovial character in 1967 at the Dog Section at RAF Khormaksar, Aden. He was everyone's friend, an easy going guy who could entertain for hours when he had his guitar. The photo was the last time the five 'Adenites' were together at the Sgts Mess at RAF Waddington for the 2019 QPD reunion. Bless you Tom, may you rest in everlasting peace. Photo; Me, Dave Devonshire, Tom, George Pace and Ernie Baglow.

Michael Hall


Sad to advise of the passing of Wg Cdr Vic Schofield RAF (Retd) former OC RAF Police School, MOD, Cyprus, et al........
Journey over, duty done, RIP

Allan Hildage


As many of you may know on the 29th October 2021 my wife, Jan, sadly and unexpectedly passed away.  
Her funeral for anyone wishing to attend will be held at Great Glen Crematorium at 12.30 on the 19th of November. Followed by a celebration of her life at the Royal British Legion in Oadby.
Thankyou to everyone for all your support and kindness to me and my family at this difficult time, we all really appreciate it .

John Carlton


Heard (via Steve Lamacraft) of the death in May this year of member 0270, Anthony (Tony) B Edwards.  Tony was a member of the SWAB and served in the RAF Police from 1958-1970.  No further details known.

May Tony Rest in Peace.

John Walton


Very sad to hear of the passing of Moss Nelson one of the great characters of the RAF Police. I only learned today that his funeral was yesterday, 4 November.
Rest in Peace Moss

David Greer


Sad to report the death on 15 October of retired Flt Lt A T (Alan) Thomas.  Alan was born on 16 April 1935.  After some time as a miner in Wales, he joined the RAF Police and reached the rank of Sgt.  He was commissioned on 14 August 1970, served in Cyprus at HQ P&SS (NE) and retired from RAF Scampton 1 October 1976.

On retirement Alan worked in Shell House, in London and lived in Canterbury.

May Alan Rest in Peace.

John Walton


Sad News for those who knew her. I thought I would let you know that heard this morning from her Daughter Debbie that Jan, the ever jovial wife of Sgt John (Bumper) Carelton (Served with him on B Shift at Bruggen in the early 80's), passed away last Friday in Leicester! 


Dennis Hutchings family have released the following information. The funeral service for Dennis will be held at St Andrews Church in Plymouth at 13.00hrs on Thursday 11 November 2021. The family will be honoured by any veterans and supporters who would like to attend. The service is open to all. More details will follow at a later date.
Minster Church of St. Andrew · Royal Parade, Plymouth PL1 2AD, United Kingdom


David Noyce reports the recent death of retired Sqn Ldr C V (Barry) Lane.  Barry was born on 24 April 1938, commissioned in the RAF Regt in 1961, transferred to the RAF Police in 1968 and retired in April 1977.  He was OC, the Polemidia Detachment in Cyprus 1970-73, Vetting Wing 1974-75 and lastly HQ P&SS (G), until he retired.  He has lived in Jersey for many years, where his funeral will take place on 20 October.


I’ve just heard that a fellow Snowdrop, who I knew through Masonry (RAF was before my time) has passed away today. Ray Dinning was a good friend to so many, a real gentleman, and will be a huge loss throughout Durham and beyond.

Jerome Richard Hogg


Paddy Cowap passed last night from complications from organ failure/Sepsis. More information when I get it.

L to R are- Mrs & Mr Huw (Taff) Rees, OC Police RAF Odiham F/O Scott, Patricia Cowap, Arthur Winters, David Wise, Bill Floydd, and at the rear presenting the RAFPA National Banner Nigel Lacy. 

“Patricia Cowap would like to thank all concerned for their support and wonderful messages for Paddy who passed away on 10th October 2021.”

Paddy Cowap  THE ROYAL AIR FORCE CAREER OF FLIGHT LIEUTENANT MATTHEW 'PADDY' COWAP. Included in the 'Global History of the Royal Air Force Police (Europe)' By Stephen R Davies


It is my sad duty to report the death of Gordon last weekend after a long battle with cancer.
Gordon and his wife Mabel  for many years were staunch supporters of the North Yorkshire Branch of the RAFPA, and it would be hard for me to recall prior to the pandemic a monthly event they missed.
A keen supporter of the Thirsk Branch of RAFA . He was until recently their Standard Bearer.
Gordon served for a time during the Cold War at RAF Hemswell.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Mabel.
May Gordon Rest in Peace.

St Marys  C of E Church Thirsk. Tuesday 26th October at 14-00hrs.

( Kirkgate Thirsk YO7  1PR )


Passing of Geoff Moss

Former RAFP Steve Exley has reported that Geoff Moss passed away the other day in his sleep. He had spent some 10 days or so in Papworth Hospital after a heart attack.

Geoff was National service RAFP 62-63 at RAF Bawdsey. Steve’s first unit was Bawdsey and he met him as the ‘village bobby’ as he was then in Suffolk Police. After Steve left Bawdsey he didn’t see him again until about 12 years ago at a reunion at Bawdsey. Over recent years Geoff had lost his sight and Steve would pick him up from his home in Woodbridge and take him to RAFPA reunions.
May Geoff rest in Peace.

Geoffrey Moss passed away peacefully on October 3rd 2021 at his home in Woodbridge.
Devoted husband to Maureen, much loved by son and daughter, Jeremy and Cordelia, and their partners Sarah and Neil, loving grandpa of Hagen and Kirby, and a kind and thoughtful friend to many. Geoffrey made an impact on many people’s lives through his kind and charitable nature.
Funeral service to be held at Seven Hills Crematorium, Ipswich, on Tuesday November 2nd at 2.15 pm. Please wear bright colours.
Family flowers only, but donations if wished for Suffolk Sight or Blind Veterans UK, c/o E B Button & Sons Ltd, 24 St John’s Street, Woodbridge, IP12 1EB.
For those wishing to attend the address of Seven Hills Crematorium is –
Felixstowe Road, Nacton, Ipswich, IP10 0FG


It is with heavy heart I have too report that Jon Summerfield, once RAF Police and West Mercia Police has passed away at the age of 59. I didn’t know Jon in the RAF but worked with him in WMP. A nice guy taken too soon. RIP Jon.

Mick McQuade

Information regarding the funeral for Jon Summerfield received from his colleagues at the RAF Museum.
Funeral will take place on 13th October at 1130, at Emstrey Crematorium, London Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6PS. There will be after service drinks in the Peacock Inn, Wenlock Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6JS.
Jon’s family are very proud of his service and would encourage attendees to wear their medals.


More sad news regarding former snowdrop, Rob Dickens, who passed away on the 23 Sep 2021. My condolences are offered to the family for their loss and may Rob rest in peace.


I am saddened to inform you that Rosalind, the wife of Martin Uden, passed away peacefully this morning in Aberdeen Hospital after her life support machine was turned off by doctors. She was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago after collapsing on a cruise the couple were taking. I'm sure you'll join me in offering our condolences to Martin and the family for their tragic loss and may Rosalind rest in peace.


With great sadness, I report the death yesterday (Monday), of the SWAB secretary/treasurer, Alan Weeks, after a long illness with cancer.

Alan joined the RAF Police in May 1961 and retired as a WO in July 1995.

Alan was also chairman of a large OAP charity in Cornwall, for over 10 years.

May Alan Rest in Peace.

John Walton

The funeral of Alan Weeks will take place on Friday 15 October 2021.  No further details are known.  Alan's widow Susan, wishes it to be a quiet, private family affair.  She thanked me for the offer of the SWAB standard, to be paraded by George Poad, but declined the offer.

Please respect Susan's wishes.

John Walton


It is with sadness to report that  another QPD has done his last duty by the name of John (Jack) Litchfield (79) Served Steamer Point, Northcoates.62/67. Very good friend and school pal of Dave Else RAFP who joined after seeing John in uniform joined in 62. 

David Palmer

May I just add to the above in regards to Jack. John & I grew up on the same housing estate in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. John joined the RAF in 1962 & served until 1967. After basic training followed by RAF Police training at Debden & Netheravon, John served as a RAF Police Dog Handler at Hemswell, Steamer Point & finally before demob at North Coates. John was a dear friend & will be dearly missed.

David Else.


It is with great sadness that I have to report that Paul 'Stan' Crewe passed away this morning.
I knew Paul from Bruggen in the early 90s and then on quarters at RAF Newton.
He was about to become a grandfather I believe.
Condolences to his family for their loss and may Paul rest in peace.

Richard Hazeldine

Paul(Stan) Crewe after fighting valiantly over the past 5 weeks has tragically lost his battle and is finally at peace. Paul was a one in a million doting father and Husband to Victoria and will be sadly missed. Paul was a week short of meeting his Grandson which makes this post especially hard for his family.
I had the honour and privilege to serve with Paul at RAF Newton on the Sation Police Flight where he always had my back. Paul was always the light in the room and the world is a darker place without him.
Stand Easy Paul your last shift has come. You have left our lives richer by knowing you. I will leave you all with a picture of Paul in happier times when we were young and full of adventure.

I hope I have done you and your family justice Victoria Hale-Crewe. He will always be that one person who I admired, while there has been plenty of water under the bridge since then, we have memories of happier times for comfort in this difficult time.

Jason Williamson

Thanking everyone again for your kind words for Paul (Stan) Crewe. His funeral will take place at Dunham crematorium, Atrincham at 11am on Tuesday 12th October. Anyone wishing to attend is more than welcome. Sadly there is a limit that are permitted into the actual service. However the place has beautiful grounds to stand and pay respects to Paul and all are welcome afterwards to celebrate Paul's life at The Romper, Wilmslow Road Altrincham WA15 8XJ
Thank you for your support 



Its my sad duty to report the passing of 2 former snowdrops this month. Russell Humphreys passed away on the 10 Sep 2021 and David Roberts, brother of Andy Roberts, passed away earlier today. My condolences go out to the families for their loss and may Russell and David rest in peace.

Further to my notice on here regarding the passing of Russ (John) Humphries RAF Police, his funeral is on Friday 08 Oct 21 at 1400 hrs at Gilroes Cemetery and Crematorium, Groby Road, Leicester, LE3 9QG.


We have lost one of the very best today & I'm heartbroken. Davey Roberts has been posted upstairs & is finally at peace. My thoughts are with his family. RIP mate xxx

Scott Etheridge

Funeral details for Davey Roberts. Wednesday 6th October, 1100 hours at Flintshire Memorial Park & Crematorium, CH7 6DF. At the request of the family, I'm looking for a bearer party of RAF Police veterans please. Please let me know if you're able to attend & are willing to assist carrying Davey etc.

Scott Etheridge


It is with a very heavy heart I have to tell you that Russel (John) Humphreys died this morning of heart failure. I served with John at RAF Wildenrath from 1972 to 1975 and we became life long friends. He met his wife Sheila (also RAF Police) at Wildenrath were they both worked on ATSy. John was 76 years old and lived in Leicester. Sheila said he died peacefully. Rest in Peace my friend.

Bob Mason


Just heard of the passing of ex FS Gary Tyler RAFP. Last unit RAF Northolt. Worked with Gary at Uxbridge for 7 years. He will be sorly missed. Sincere condolences to Michele and all the family.

Ash Herbert


Just a note for you. Ex-Corporal Ged Muldowney passed away suddenly on 26th August. His funeral will be held at Walton Lea Crematorium on Thursday 9th September at 1.40pm. I served with him at Bishops Court. His daughter Ann serves in the Cheshire Police. Such a sad day

Joe Bell


It is with sadness that I have to report the passing of Brian Sutton during the past few months. Brian served in the RAF Police, the RUC and Kent Constabulary. Brian was a member of the London and Home Counties Branch of the RAFPA. My condolences go out to the family for their loss and may Brian rest in peace.


Sad to report that one of the RAF Police Association NW Branch stalwarts passed away last week. Ted Corrie served between 1951 & 1953 and was a regular attendee at Branch meetings right up to the start of the pandemic. Ted was one of life's good guys and will be sadly missed.
Funeral is at 11.45am on 7th September at St Andrews Church, Maghull, Liverpool L31 6DD.

Paul Donovan


It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that Mick Short (ex RAFP FS) is in the ICU at Bristol hospital after a bad fall. The decision had to be made to terminate all treatment as the medical staff felt it would just prolong the final outcome.
Mick’s wishes are being followed, that to be an organ donor and the family are just waiting for this.
Thoughts are with Julia and the girls at this very sad time.

Peter Bath

Just to let you know that Mick Short’s funeral will take place at 14:30 hours on 23rd September at the Forest of Dean Crematorium, Yew Tree Brake, Speech House Road, nr Cinderford, Gloucestershire, GL14 3HU.

This will be followed by a celebration of Mick’s life at the near by Belrey Hotel.

There will be no flowers but if you would like to make a donation in memory of Mick to either:




it would be very much appreciated.

If attending, Mick didn’t want dark colours but anything red, white, blue or anything colourful.

To celebrate Mick’s life if you have any photos or stories you would like to share there is going to be a storyboard (all items will be returned) so please email them to

Many thanks



I understand that Roy Tarren had passed away but I have no other details.


Alan Mitchell, Chairman of the RAFPA has announced that former snowdrop Cliff (Taff) Morrison, lost his battle with COVID and passed away this morning. I offer my condolences to the family for their tragic loss and may Cliff rest in peace.


I have been informed that former RAFP Sgt Harry ‘Dixie’ Dean passed on last Saturday. Info received from his daughter Carol (Ex WRAF TCO). He served 22years in Gibraltar, Cyprus, Bruggen and St Mawgan to name a few.

He was a major player in RAF Berringarea when the Turks invaded Cyprus and met with Archbishop Makarios.
Dates for his cremation have not been finalised yet but Carol has asked if anyone remembers Harry and has anecdotes or pictures to please share them , it may be best to send them to me and I will forward on to the family.
Thanks in anticipation.
Andy Provan


Sad news to anyone who knew Nigel "George " Washington RAFP rtd. He passed away recently after a short illness.


It is with regret that I inform you all of the passing of my good friend and fellow Snowdrop Michael John Grayson. Mick served in the late 70s and demobbed in 81. Served with him for two years on his last tour at Aldergrove. We became good friends keeping in touch, however irregularly, over the years. In the last few years Mick has battled with various illnesses including liver issues and dementia, he finally succumbed on 27 July 2021. Having spoken to his widow his funeral will take place on Tues 31 Aug 2021 at Grimsby Crematorium at 1545 hrs. RIP old friend

Ian Claricoates


I am sad to announce the death of ex FS Nev Butler, who passed away this morning after a short illness. He passed peacefully with his family close.
A huge character who had massive influence on me and I know many others throughout his service.

Dave Palf

Nev Butler's funeral will be at 14.00 on 26th at Mountsett, Ewehurst Road, Dipton, DH9 9JP


It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of my father in law, Ken Glass this morning at the age of 88 after a short illness. Ken served in the RAF Police from 1950 to 1972, leaving the service from RAF Wyton as a Cpl. He was stationed at various Units in and around the UK and overseas including Hong Kong, Cyprus, Wildenrath, Gan & Faldingworth. A sad time for all the family who are supporting his wife June along with his 3 children and grandchildren. A great character and a man I truly respected, I married his daughter, Lynette at RAF Wyton in 1972, even ending up on his shift, great to have his guidance and support. Ken will be sadly missed.

Ashley Herbert


Today we gave my father in law Ken Glass ex Cpl RAFP a fitting send off with family and friends. The ceremony was held at the Southport crematorium with many tributes paid to Ken. His wife June and his 3 children Lynette, Kevin and Darryl would like to thank everyone for there condolences and kind thoughts. Thanks to Wing Commander Nick Card for attending, Ken always welcomed your letters and calls. RIP Ken

Ashley Herbert


Saddens me to pass this on. My good friend and neighbour Chaz King, a former RAF Regt Sgt, and a name that many ex Germany folk might remember, has received notification that Dave Twizzel has passed away out in Australia. The information came from Dave's wife Shelagh. 'Twizz' and Chaz were popular musicians that many of you may remember. Condolences to Shelagh and family. Rest in Peace Twizz.

Michael Hall

message from Dave Twizzel's wife Sheelagh_
Hi Des, please thank everyone for all their kind messages and acknowledgements of Dave’s passing.
His time in the RAF was a huge part of both our lives, and he often recalled such special memories of his friends and colleagues during his time as an RAFP.
I’ve deleted his FB account,but we do have a FB page called…
No Fixed abode, Dave and Sheelagh’s world tour of Australia.
Which gives a more up to date idea of what we have been doing for the past 6 years.
We have both been living life to the full, and thoroughly enjoyed our travels around Oz.
Music has always been his number 1 passion. For the past 2 months we have been in outback Queensland,
where he entertained by caravan Park campfire each evening.
I am missing him so much, but he is in my heart and I know he will give me the strength to carry on with the journey.
Thank you once again for all the kindness.
Sheelagh xx

Reported on another group the death of former Sgt Dave Twissell who had been living in Australia for a number of character.
I first meet Dave when he was an Acting Cpl on the barbed wiring party at Laarbruch in the 70's. He was always into his music whilst serving.
Dave and I again meet when he was one of the shift Sgts at Bruggen in the mid 80's.
Some of you may have even been taught by Dave as he had also served as a Cpl instructor at the Police school at Newton.
On leaving the RAF and moving to Australia he became a professional life coach before he and Sheileigh sold up and took to travelling around Australia where Dave would apply his musical talent .
Dave was definitely one in a million.
No other news available at this stage.
RIP fellow snowdrop condolences to his family.
I have attached a You tube clip of Dave from 9 years ago which also shows photos of Dave in his earlier music career whilst he would have been in service and a more recent artical that I have found.

Des Saint


It is my duty to inform you of some very sad news .
JIM GUNN  Vice Chair of NYB passed away yesterday Wednesday 14th July after a long illness .

James William Gunn
Born 1934 Brighton.
Up to 1941 life was normal as that of any boy of his age but then in 1941 Jim with four of his siblings were evacuated to Pecket Well two miles from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire where he was accommodated in the home of a Mr and Mrs Parker who had a granddaughter called MARION who in later years Jim married.
Returning to Brighton in 1945 with the rest of the family, they found their home had been damaged in the bombing, their mother and father had to find a new home for them all.  Jim was scholarly and did rather well at school gaining a place at a local college.
Leaving school he returned to work in Yorkshire to be near his Marion joining the merchant navy choosing the Far East Run.  On one shore leave he overstayed his leave and got called up for National Service, he opted to do a three year engagement in the RAF Police.  In the meantime, he married Marion, subsequently having postings to RAF Wartling, Portland and Fontainbleau.  The latter being the most enjoyable two years as accompanied by Marion, he was also able to meet up with his elder brother and family who was the OC No1 RCAF Wing.
On demob he joined the West Riding Police Force his first post being Harrogate serving in other parts of South Yorkshire as a CID Officer, his last post was Maltby.
Jim had two loves in his life, Marion and his two sons Neil and Stuart and their wives Tina and Wendy, later two granddaughters Tamara and Georgina . His other love was his allotment, the RAF Association and being a member of the Fellowship.
As quoted by his ‘Big Brother’ Les he loved Yorkshire which had been good to him in the War Years and of course Marion. So on his parting, he had completed the full circle of a good life, many friends, a great family and his comrades in the RAFPA and the Fellowship.
Jim and wife Marion were a well liked and popular members of the North Yorkshire Branch of the RAFPA .Loyal and supportive always capable of looking  on the bright side with humour. Energetic at our monthly meetings and events , and always a pair of reliable and willing hands .
Jim always at the forefront as a ‘Master of Ceremonies’ and quite outstanding  with his repertoire of add-lib jokes and humorous comment.
Will be sadly missed, but now ‘RE-UNITED’ with Marion. 

Sec NYB.

6th AUGUST 1400hrs


Just to let you all know that Terry passed away just after midnight this morning loosing his COVID-19 battle. I am so lucky and very proud to have had this wonderful man at my side for the past 53 years. My life long love who will be sorely missed.

Carol Smith


Brian Lea served 1976 - 1988 sadly passed away in Liverpool Royal Infirmary earlier today. He always spoke fondly of his time in and was proud when I followed in his footsteps. RIP Dad... you loved to run a police club now its time to have another pint with all those others who have sadly passed.

Dave Lea

Following the sad death of Brian on Tuesday 13th July 2021, funeral arrangements have now been organised.
Wednesday 28th July at 1pm.
The celebration of Brians' life will be held at St Helens Crematorium, Rainford Rd, St Helens, WA10 6DF
Followed by his burial at St Helens Cemetery.
Please no floral tributes, donations are welcome to Macmillan Cancer Trust...


It is with great sadness that I pass on the news that Brian Johnson (or as he is otherwise affectionately known as BJ or Beej) has passed away this morning after a prolonged battle against cancer. He has borne this dreadful disease bravely for several years, attentively supported by his wife Diane, who many of you will know as an ex-Kennel Maid, and their two sons JJ and Lewis, two young men who made their parents immensely proud.

BJ was a young man I first met in the early 80’s as he went through the Police School (basic police followed by dog handling training). He completed his training and then stayed on at DTF as a PTA (criminal). That was a fast start to his RAFP career, it did not slow down, his qualities were there to be seen from the beginning both at work and on the football pitch. BJ hailed from South Yorkshire like me, he carried with him many of the great qualities to found in men from that region. He was a strong character who approached everything in life with gusto and courage. On the football pitch BJ could be a monster of a centre-half, uncompromising but gifted to a level which suggested there might be some element of Brazilian in him, now you do not get that very often, so it was no surprise that he represented the full Royal Air Force Football team, an achievement by a rare few.
Professionally BJ was quality; and like many “young bucks” of the RAF he blossomed whilst in service but went onto even greater things after leaving the RAF. Entering a career in aviation security BJ’s last post was as the “Vice President of Security” for the Qatar Airport. An executive position only attained by someone with the right character and personal qualities. He fully deserved it.
His funeral has been arranged for next Tuesday the 13th July, there will be virtual service for those unable to attend.
Gaff Elliott


Unfortunately, it's my sad duty to inform that my old friend and former dog man, Ron Gumbleton passed away earlier in the year after a long battle with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Carole and two sons Gary and Lee. Many will remember Ron as a Demo stalwart from the 60s and early 70s at Debden, and tours in Cyprus and Germany. Following his RAF career, he joined the Prison Service in the Bristol area until retirement when he and Carole relocated to the Charente department in France where they spent many happy years together at their farmhouse near Champagne Mouton. Carole has had the love and kind support of friends and neighbours following Ron's passing. A family funeral, during pandemic restrictions, was organised by their sons through the French Embassy. May he rest in peace.
Steve Atkins


It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden death this morning at 1am of Garry Turner-Dow whilst he was attending the RAFP Golf veterans masters.
Gary was a well respected former CI Sgt.
Condolences to his family. His son in law is a seving RAFP in Cyprus.

Keith Davies

I received this from Garry Turner-Dow's wife Lyz today. If you wish to go to the funeral or have any little stories regarding Garry please let her know through Garry's Facebook page or to me. Not sure whether he will be entitled to the presence of the RAFPA Representatives/Guard of Honour. Thank you.
Good morning Dave, we have some of the arrangements for Garry's service. Monday 19th July at The Rosehill Crematorium, Cantley, Doncaster at 13.20. The current picture is that there will be no covid limitations or restrictions. We are finalising the details for his life celebration event and will forward them after the weekend with other info re donations in lieu of flowers and ceremony dress code etc. Garrys son in law - Nathan, is collating peoples memories of him for the eulogy, we will forward contact details for him. As mentioned before if any of you would like to say a few word or read some poem or prose or relate a tale please let us know so we can include it in the order of service. We will get back to you with further info asap. All the best Lyz

David Swaithe


It will be my privilege to conduct the funeral service for my great friend Garry Howes. The service will take place at North Devon Crematorium on Friday 9 July at 10.20. Due to limited numbers attendance at the service is by invitation only. However the service is being live streamed and all Garry's friends and former colleagues are invited to join the service on line. Here are the log in details.
Service order for Garry Howes
Service Date 09-Jul-21 at 10:20
Service Chapel Rowan - North Devon
Username kobo5427
Password 542424
Webcast: Live Webcast & Watch Again
Please send this username and password exactly as above to family and friends. You can login to our website at any time to view a test connection (and we strongly recommend you do this) but you'll only be able to view the Live Webcast approx. 5 mins before the service start time. Please be aware this is a public building and the timing of the Live webcast is semi-automated to allow for services running early or late – please use your discretion if you can see activities not applicable to the service you are here to watch.


I understand from his grandson that Sgt Harry Corbett (G4244778) has died and his funeral is on Friday in Spennymoor.


I have just been contacted by an RMP friend. The father of his wife’s friend has just died. He was RAFP from mid 50’s to late 60’s his name is Robert McMahon and these are photos of him. He is to be buried at Mortlake Cemetery near Twickenham on July 8th at 1.20. His wife would like, if possible, one of our standard bearers at the funeral. She knows he served in Cyprus and Monchengladbach. The fact he is seen conveying a competitor in the London-Paris race may also mean he could have been a M/C instructor.


It is with sadness that I have to inform members that the partner of Sgt (Retd) Mike Carpenter informed me that Mike had joined the blue lantern club above this afternoon. This was after a short illness. Rest in peace Mike your duty is done.
Michael Hurst


Regrettably I have to announce on behalf of Julie his wife that Gary Howes has passed away on Thursday morning the 10 June 2021. Can appreciate that there were indeed 2 RAF Police QPD with the same name so please ensure that any condolences are passed on behalf of the right Gary. Gary joined the RAF Police in March 1975 and had served most of his years within the QPD branch before retiring to a quieter pace of life in Bude , Cornwall. Any arrangements given when known. RIP Gary

Billy Newbigging

I have been advised by his daughter that former RAFP Ronald Davison passed away yesterday(8 June 2021). Ron had suffered for many years with Parkinson's Disease.

Brian Burrows


It is hard to find the words to have to advise you of the passing of David Wardell on Saturday 5th June 2021 aged 84 years.

David served in the Royal Air Force Police (QPD) from 1955 to 1959 attaining the rank of Corporal.
On 1st May 1996 David joined the RAFPA as Member No. 801 and very quickly became the Area Representative for Hampshire & Dorset and it was through his efforts that the Hants & Dorset Branch was formed in May 1997. He held several differing posts within the Branch and was the Branch President at the time of his passing.
In late 1997 David became Acting Secretary of the RAF Police Association being formally elected to the post at the 1998 Annual General Meeting. He remained as either Association Secretary or Membership Secretary until finally retiring at the Annual General Meeting of 2019 after 22 years of service to the Association.

David's service to the Association was initially recognised when he became the first recipient of the Alan Rusling Memorial Award in 1998 and it gave me great pleasure to see my late Mother, Sylvia, present it to him at the Boston Hotel, Blackpool, in November of that year.

At the 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Association at the Falcon Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, I was honoured to be able to propose that in recognition of his outstanding service David be invited to become a Life Vice-President of the Association.
Nobody has contributed more to the success of RAFPA than my dear friend of 25 years.
David will be sorely missed.
His funeral details are not yet known.
Rest in Peace my friend.


Dave’s funeral will held on Wednesday 23rd June at 12pm at Poole Crematorium Gravel Hill Poole BH17 9BQ.

As intimated previously it is really a family affair but any nearby RAFPA members would be welcome provided restrictions are met.

Please see the webcast details below. The link will be set up to view live from 12pm BST, but following the service it will be taken down for about 2 days - then a recording will be available if anyone wants to watch but cant make it today.







RIP David.  A good friend and fellow LVP.  I will miss our telephone chats.

Steve Cattell

I agree with every comment by Neil Rusling about David Wardell who has just died, aged 84.  I first met David (Dave) at the 1998 AGM, held at Westcliff-on-Sea.  This was arranged at very short notice by Steve Lamacraft, because the branch that was going to host the AGM, pulled out and Essex and Suffolk branch took over.

The principal officers there were Steve Cattell (Chairman), Neil Rusling (Treasurer) and Dave Wardell (Secretary).  From then on and for 22 years, Dave served the Association as both Secretary and Membership Secretary.  I started to form the SWAB in 1998 and both Dave and Neil were hugely helpful to enable our first meeting to take place in March 1999.

I miss the hundreds of telephone conversations with Dave and the enjoyable, humorous, but always professional meetings we had in many places.  Certainly very few people have done as much as Dave did for the RAF Police Association, over so many years.

May Dave Wardell Rest in Peace.

John Walton

Chairman of South West Area Branch

Life Vice President


From Tony’s daughter Tracey Leitch. For anyone who knew my
father, Dad passed away last week in Weston super Mare hospice. He served as an
RAF policeman between 1958 and 1970.


Information learned today about the passing this week in Spain of former RAFP Ted Marsh. Ted remustered to Catering way back and ended up as WO Catering. Ted and I were founder members of the RAFA Costa Blanca Branch formed in 2004 when Ted was Chairman and I Secretary. Fond memories. Rest in Peace Ted.

John Reid


Sad to report that former Snowdrop Roy Bates passed away at the beginning of May 2021. My condolences go out to the family for their loss and may Roy rest in peace.

News has emerged that former Snowdrop Roy Smith passed away in early 2020. My condolences go out to the family for their loss and may Roy rest in peace.

Former Sgt Peter Glover died on Sunday 23 May 2021, after a long  illness, in a home in Plymouth.  Peter served in the RAF Police from June 1959 to June 1981.  In the early years of the SWAB (1999 onwards) Peter and Margaret were regular attendees at branch events.
Funeral arrangements will not be for several weeks,but already we know George Poad will be parading the SWAB standard.
May Peter Rest in Peace.


Ken Jeavons reports the death today (Sunday) of member Alan (Brad)  Bradbury from cancer.  Alan served in the RAF Police from September 1952 to September 1957, including a tour in Berlin.  Afterwards Alan joined the Dorset Police and served a full pensionable

term.  Alan and his wife May, were regular and popular members of the  SWAB.   The funeral will be private.


I understand that David Bould has died.  He was at Bruggan in the early 70s and the West Yorkshire Police from 1976 onwards.  I have no other information.


I was sorry to hear the sad news that Dave Bould had died.

He was on my basic Police course at  RAF Debden from late 1969 until Feb 1970 when after passing out, we were posted to RAF Aldergrove, but ended up in different shifts.

The following year we were both  posted  to RAF Bruggen but again were on different shifts.  

I remember seeing Dave at a Battle of Britain Airshow at RAF Finningley in 1977, the day after the Queens Silver Jubilee Review of the RAF had been held there, and during a short conversation, ( I was on duty) he revealed he had joined the civil police.

He was  a friendly chap with a good sense of humour.  

The attached photo of our course passport  shows Dave third from right on the back row.  We all looked so young!

May Dave Rest in Peace.

Alan Knowler


Sad to report last Saturday the death of  retired Sqn Ldr A P (Perry) Close.  Perry was born on 27 October 1934, and when serving at No 4 Police District (Innsworth), he was selected for commissioning on 23 September 1965.  He retired on 1 June 1988.  Perry's funeral will be a private one.  
May Perry Rest in Peace.


Been informed today that Don Ward died on 20 April at home.  He served in the RAFP from 1947 to 1952.
He was a founder member of the Essex & Suffolk Branch and its past President.


Reporting the passing of an ex-RAF Police NCO William ‘Bill’ Wragg of Nottingham who sadly finally succumb to cancer last Friday. I do not have any details of his service apart from it was probably national service but, I do know he was deff RAFP. Bill was my soon-to-be ex-brother in law’s dad and was in his 80’s. I know this is a long shot of anyone knowing him but, I would hate for him to pass without the RAF Police family knowing.
RIP Bill....

Steve Rowe

Sorry to have to report the death of RAFP Cpl Billy Wragg. Billy left the RAF at the same time as me in 1957 and we both joined the Nottingham City Police. RIP Billy

Bob Rosamond


I heard the sad news today that Sqn Ldr Andrew Heathcote passed away yesterday. Andy was a lovely man with a lovely family. He will be missed. RIP and condolences to his family.

Steve Southern

I have been informed today that former RAFP Alan Smith passed away this morning after a long illness. My sincere condolences to Joy and all Alan’s family.
He was a huge part of our wire walking days at Laarbruch 73-76 before he went to Support Sqn . He later suffered medical issues and he served his time as P & A clerk.
He will be sadly missed by many and regularly attended our monthly lunch meetings and our shift reunion.
Rest in peace my friend

Neil Gardiner


I have just learned that former dog handler Michael Eyles (80) passed away last week. My condolences go out to the family for their loss and may Michael rest in peace.


I have been informed that Gordon Burge has died of pancreatic cancer. He was at one stage OC RAF Police at Conningsby.


John Forbes

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of our friend John “Forbesy” Forbes (55yrs) peacefully in his sleep yesterday evening. John had been suffering from lung cancer for quite a long time though he remained upbeat and determined to pull through throughout his intense treatment program. Unfortunately, it was not to be and John has now reported for his final posting to the eternal Police Club in the sky. Rest in Peace John, a true friend, colleague and fantastic barman. I will publish further details as they become known from his family

Brian Main

Hi, it’s Johns sister, Helen, here, It is with much sadness that I write to tell you that my brother John lost his brave battle with lung cancer and died yesterday evening. It was very quick and peaceful and I was with him.
He is no longer suffering and for that I am grateful.
John was a legend and he will leave a huge hole in the lives of his family and friends.
A service man through and through and he will receive a military service to send him on his way.
Details will be posted on here in due course, please remember that due to COVID restrictions the service is for 30 people only. We will, however, enjoy a ‘proper knees up’ to celebrate his life at a later date.
Rest in peace ‘Forbes’. Xx


Sad to report the death on 20 March 2021, of retired Sqn Ldr E J J (Ted) Squires.  Ted was born on 9 July 1922, commissioned on 10 February 1945 and he retired on 21 March 1962.  He was stationed in Hamburg in 1946 during the first years of the RAF SIB investigation into the murders of those aircrew by the SS and Gestapo who took  part in the "Great Escape".

Ted always stressed he was never involved in the investigation, but he "watered and fed", any and all investigators who moved into or through the area around Hamburg.  Ted was delighted when he joined the SWAB, to find John Murphy MBE and (the late) Denzil Flew, who he knew in Hamburg. 


Ted's funeral will be in St Georges Church, Modbury (Devon), under the present Covid conditions.


May Ted Rest in Peach.


John Walton.


I understand that Colin Birch passed away last night.  No other details at this time.


Daily Telegraph

BIGGAR.—On March 13th, peacefully, Margaret Elizabeth Biggar, "Liz", wife of Group Captain Gerald Biggar, RAF, deceased, most beloved mother of Caroline and "Mutti" of Alexandra, Dominic and Isla Elizabeth. No flowers please but donations in memory of Liz for the NSPCC or the RAF Benevolent Fund can be made online at For all funeral enquiries please contact Tel: 01249 713134. Placed by Caroline Hewett.

Online ref: A248707


It is with great sadness that I am writing here to tell you that John McCumiskey has passed away, John died from cancer. John had lived with Ann at their home in Alethrico, Larnaca. He moved there after a career in the RAF Police and a subsequent career in the MDP.
John was a great friend to Kate and myself and will be sorely missed by us.
RIP Mate.
Stephen Harris


It is with Deep, deep sadness, that I have to inform my ex colleagues that my dear friend Steve Allen passed away this morning at his home address in Liverpool.

Steve had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost 3 years ago and 'dealt' with the effects and treatments ever since then, in his own inimitable way. With courage pragmatism and hope. 

His family and his faith kept him strong for so long; but today, he passed away at home; exactly as he had planned, with his close family and friends, at his bedside, in the early hours.

I know Steve served at west Raynham, Bruggen, Aldergrove, Cyprus among other places around the globe.

If you knew Steve; he had a cheeky sense of humour and was a genuine; lovely guy and loyal friend; right to the end. 

Rest In Peace; Your duty done. 

Endex; Stand down. 

You will be sadly missed.

Huge Hugs my friend and much love.

Mark Scott

I’ve just been informed of the really sad news that Stevie Allen has passed away. He had been battling cancer for some time. He was surrounded by his family at the end. I served with Stevie at Gutersloh & Aldergrove and he was a larger than life character. My thought and love are with his family. Taken too soon, Rest Easy my friend and get a round in at the BLC in the sky.
Will Barrow


Had the sad news this morning that Liz Bigger the widow of Gerry Bigger has passed away.  Liz still kept in touch and was an Associate Member of Wilts Branch.


I know its not my place but I have heard from Lee Cook via FB that his father, Steve Cook RAFP has recently passed away. A good friend and shift mate who retired from RAF Waddington. RIP

Bill Hodge


I understand that Pete Banasik has died but I have no further details at the moment.


I have just received information that Paul Benton’s cremation will be on 1st April 2021 @ 1330 hrs at Telford Crematorium .

Not sure how many are allowed to attend . RIP Paul.

His son Jonathan is organising it.

I have just been informed that former snowdrop Paul Benton , Wire Walker and Sgt CI , passed away last evening.
He had been suffering with various problems over the past few months . Rest in Peace my friend

Neil Gardiner

This is a little delayed but the man deserves the tribute here. Paul Benton retired Sgt C.I posted this on his personal FB page on 28th February 2021.

"A big thank you to all of my Laarbruch colleagues for your encouragement and good wishes this is one battle two far I am at peace and accept that whatever happens is meant to be ,I am the richer for having known you all"

The feeling many of those who knew him was that his fruitful and colourful life was near the end, and indeed his celestial posting came through on 2nd March unfortunately.

He was at Laarbruch 74 - 77 and some of you must have worked with him at his many postings during his RAFP career. A real gentleman, honest and true, with a unique sense of humour very popular with those who knew him.

Rest In Peace Paul Benton.

It is with sorrow that I have to report that today I attended the funeral of Flt Sgt (rtd ) Paul Benton RAFPolice at Telford crematorium. He had in attendance family and friends and three retired RAF Police, Nigel Lacy (Standard Bearer) David Holland and myself. He had a wicker coffin draped with the Union Flag and last post played, no bugler present. A quiet but dignified service. RIP
Mick McQuade


It is with great sadness I have learnt of the death yesterday of Gp Capt Alec Thompson RAF Provost (Retd), aged 95 years - RIP

Alan Hildage

1968 P&SS Support Squadron formed and comprised sixty experienced RAF Police NCOs, under the command of Squadron Leader A L C Thompson. It was formed as a task force to provide professional RAF Police assistance wherever it was needed. The squadron was fully self-supporting with all the vehicles and necessary equipment required to undertake a wide variety of tasks anywhere around the world. It was made up of personnel qualified in undertaking SI or CI work together with personnel qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles and motorcycles and technicians who looked after the communications equipment. Some of the work earmarked to be undertaken by the new squadron, included; VIP security; travel control security; convoy escorts; public order duties at anti-nuclear demonstrations and major public ceremonial events as well as responding to operational contingency plans. In the days when service personnel and defence employees in London were paid in cash, personnel from the squadron were detailed each week to protect the vehicles transporting the pay officers from Adastral House, as they delivered salaries to around sixty defence establishments in the city. Prior to the formation of the squadron the tasks had previously been carried out by uniformed provost staff employed at the former police districts.


I have just heard from Peter Sommerville that George Clapperton has just passed away. No other details I’m afraid. RIP.


It has been reported that

Ralph Penny of the former W Anglia branch passed away recently.

Funeral arrangements are made for 24/2/21 at 1300 hrs at Polebrook, Oundle.

Anyone who may be considering attending please bear in mind Covid 19 restrictions in relation to numbers.


Kenneth Holt, of North Hykeham passed away on 21st January 2021 aged 82 years. A great friend of the community, including the Twinning Association and husband of the late Mayor Pauline Holt, since arriving in 1978, after serving 21 years in the Royal Air Force. Much loved Partner of Marianne, Dad to Graeme and the late Deborah and Grandad to Daniel and Sophie. Funeral service to be private due to current restrictions.

I was very sorry to read about the passing of Ken Holt. I served with Ken on P&SS(NR) in the late 70’s and I used to see him reasonably often at RAFPA Reunions.


Ken was genuinely one of life’s true gentlemen.


May he Rest in Peace.


Neil Rusling


I was saddened to learn that Ken Holt had passed.  


I first met him in January 1974 at RAF Debden when we were both on a CI Course and consequently were accommodated in the same barrack room as the other JNCOs on the course.  Ken was a friendly person and possessed the skills of a comedian who always managed to look on the bright side of life with good humour, whatever challenges it threw at him.


During the course we all had to prepare and deliver a short talk on a subject of our own choice to the rest of the students ,  Ted Halliwell the instructor and the Station Education Officer,  (SEdO), to prepare us to deliver security education when back on our own units.

Ken did little,  if any, preparation for his talk and decided  to wing it.  He used a course photograph  which was displayed on the screen via some ancient device which gave it a sepia tone. It might have been called an Episcope?   He pretended these people were WW1 pilots and talked  at length, about their fictitious exploits.  One of those in the photo he used was Sgt Bernie Rice and he introduced him as Wg Cdr Bernie who gave the Germans rice!  He continued to describe the fake Squadronss activities and the aircraft they used as the Sopworth Camel for desert warfare, the Sopwith Dolphin for sea warfare etc. He had all of us in stitches except the SEdO who thought his talk was serious and at the conclusion  made some minor criticism on the way he had delivered it.


Ken and I served together at RAF P&SS (NR) at RAF Newton, albeit on different sections,  in the  late 1970s prior to his discharge .


After my discharge from the service in 1991 I moved to Lincoln and met Ken who was then the Operations Manager for a local security firm.   He had lost none of his good humour and friendliness.  During the period 1996 - 2005 I worked at the ASDA store in North Hykeham and Ken was a frequent shopper as he lived locally.  We always had a chat and often talked about our service days.


Ken was one in a million and I am proud to have worked with him and been his friend.   My  deepest condolences to his family .   



Attached is a photo from the CI Course in Jan 1974.  Ken Holt is in the middle of the back row.

Al Knowler


SAC Jon Wilkes
Jon sadly passed away at home on Fri 5 February. A Reservist on 605 Squadron since 2016, Jon was no stranger to military life having joined the RAF Police in 1987 and became a qualified dog handler. He had many stories to tell about his time including his 2 seconds of fame as an extra in the James Bond film “The Living Daylights.” After he left the RAF he worked for the RSPCA and Prison Service but his reconnection to the military saw him join us as a Driver.
Jon was always reliable, providing support to a number of Exercises and undertaking short notice tasking requests for RAF Cosford including its Air Show. A larger than life character, he had a very positive outlook on life and an infectious smile. A key member of the MT cadre, his commitment to his friends and Squadron was unwavering, right to the end.
Jon will be missed by us all very much and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Lisa, his children, family and friends at this incredibly sad time.
Per Ardua Ad Astra



It is with great sadness I inform you of the passing of North Yorkshire Branch Member Derek Forbes at home on 2nd February 2021.
Derek served 51-56 a Veteran of the Korean War and a very loyal member and supporter of the NYB.
Our Sincere Condolences to his wife Margaret.
Ken Turner