G'Day and greetings from down under. I attended the small service held in Goulburn on Tuesday morning. The reporter from the local paper was intrigued by the white beret and asked for a photo. He asked two gentlemen I was with to stand in as well. The man on my right was representing LEGACY and the man on my left was representing the TOTALLY @ PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED ASSOCIATION. The picture, along with others was put in the local weekly newspaper. I know the reporter through my son so he E Mailed him the photo. The medals I have were my uncle's. He is buried in the village of Millsbeek in the Netherlands. He was with the Seaforth Highlanders and was killed in action in Feb 1945. I visited the war grave when I was based at Wildenrath 74 - 77.

There was a light luncheon put on in the Soldiers Club you see behind us.