Mr Matthew (Paddy) Cowap, Flt Lt Ret'd and Mr Huw (Taff) Rees, A/Cpl Ret'd

My wife Andrea and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Paddy & Patricia Cowap at a secret location on the Wales/England border on Sunday 28th August.

Although Paddy and I have been communicating for some time by telephone and social media this was the first time since 1971 that we had met face to face, 46 years.

We spent the day reminiscing, eating a splendid lunch, and more reminiscing.

I recalled my arrival at RAF Bruggen and being summoned to the OC Police Sqn's office.

I thought I was in trouble (again) but I need not have worried, Flt Lt Cowap wanted only to brush up on his linguistic skills, Welsh.

Who was I to say no, so I proceeded to educate the boss on his soft mutation etc

As with only old forces comrades the years melted away and it was akin to meeting an old friend not seen for a few months.

Coincidently it was also the day that Paddy was made aware of being made the joint recipient of the Alan Rusling Award, so a very enjoyable and satisfying day all round.