No.10 Flight "D" Squadron, 1 R.T. Wing, R.A.F.Padgate. January 1955

I have just returned home after a week in Auchterarder at the Police Treatment Centre, so now I can send the attached photograph of No.10 Flight "D" Squadron, 1 R.T. Wing, R.A.F.Padgate. January 1955. The original got rather 'old' with cracks, but it was restored and enhanced and copied, with only two marks left, really a good job from what it was. If any good and of value, you can use it if you wish. The lads (Billet No.3), signed the back so I have enclosed their names, the ones with (?) I am not sure if I spelt their names correctly.

A.Allcroft, CPL; J.B.Barras; P.J. Corian (?); B.Gient (?); Bryant Gildin; E.C.Gillhan; Watty Gowans; A.D.Heres; H.Kirtley; Andrew Logan; G.Marpin; Alexander Matson; Robert A McAngus; Donald McCulloch; R.McGlasson; G.McLean SGT; Alexander Morrison; William Nixon; A.Paterson; G.Pead(?); A.Powell CPL (?); J.Waddell; M.Ward; D.H.Williams; M.Williams; A.Wright; & D.Wright.
(I'm 5th from left in the 3rd row from front). I have a spare copy if anyone would like it, as I have framed my own copy.