At the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday, 35 members of the Association took part in the traditional parade.  We were led by Air Cdre (Retd) Fizz Hales and "guided" by FS Bill Veazey.  Marty Uden carried the wreath laid on behalf of the Provost Marshal and RAF Police.  Don Sutherland carried the wreath laid on behalf of the members of the RAF police Association.  As ever Brian Burgess was right marker and George Brookes left marker and our C9 contingent identifier for TV purposes.  The photograph taken by Bill Veazey of our wreaths at the Cenotaph is at the end of the page.
Congratulations to the London contingent and to those who marched in Edinburgh and Southwick Park.  But we were in groups and so special congratulations go to those who attended and/or marched as individuals.  Please let us know who you are, where it was, as our Historian and our Archivist always like these stories.  Particularly, I would like to know details of the two additional RAF Police on the Cenotaph Parade.  One leads the National Service Contingent and the other has for many years, worked tirelessly as a guide for and marched with the blind members of St Dunstans.
Gentlemen, we salute you!!
John Walton
Vice Chairman