Photographs of RAF Police Flights

If you don't have access to a scanner then you can post them to me (address in the Directory) BUT I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post AND I will require postage and an envelope to return them to you. Obviously all details about the picture as well as your details will be required whichever way you chose to send them.



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From Chris Hill

Two Christmas Eve pictures
St Mawgan CSC 2008

From Nigel Bean
photo's from my past times as a doggie man

From Peter Bryant
Gp Capt Gerry Biggar’s farewell do at HQ P&SS(UK) RAF Rudloe Manor in September 1982

From Chris Gausden
RAF Laarbruch as it is now

Fron Ch Tech Dave Bale

I did the German Colloquial course at Rheindahlen, 1973?, I think the four blokes flanking me might have all been Snowdrops. I don't know if any of them might still be about.

From Harry Renton

Guardroom at RAF Dronehill

From Peter Warburton

Various photos from Muharraq

John Williams H. D & IOW Branch sent these in. RMP's Association held Convention in Ontario with 3 white berets.

From Kevin Weller
Two photo's of the team (including myself) that helped move out the last of the American bits and pieces under the name Op Maronite

From Brian Sutton
19 Basic Police Course, RAF Netheravon (May - July 1953). 
It has been suggested by a couple of members that perhaps if old photographs were shown on the site, maybe a few memories will be jogged. I am perfectly willing to do this but there are conditions. If you can scan them yourself and then email them to me, then fine, but they must be in jpeg format and no bigger than 100Kb if possible (although I can sometimes reduce them if they are twice this size).
From Shep Sheppard

Digby 1990 and Ali Al Salem 1998
Berlin circa 1991/2, RAF Police football team circa 1991/92, 26SU Berlin RAF Police from circa 1992/3

From George Robertson
A few golden oldies for the web site from Netheravon

From Harry Renton 
Anyone recognise themselves on this photo?
Taken Netherhavon early 1952 sorry a bit faded.

From Brian Whitaker

The local ATC Squadron helps me, as the local RAFA Branch Wings Appeal Organiser, to collect money on the B of B week-end each year.
This year they asked if I would wear the white beret and take the salute on their March-Past after the Church Parade at Plumtree, Nottingham on Sunday 16 Sep.
Being a shy sort of bloke, I took a few nano-seconds to agree.

From Paul Carruthers

here is the photo of the front page of the UK Eagle, a magazine for US Forces in the UK in the 1950's. Any idea who the RAFP or the US Air Policeman is?

From Dave Twissell

Various pictures

From Steve Davies

Various pictures

From Chris Morgan

Debden 1971

From Jim Henry

Old dog men dining in night at the Sgts Mess in 1980.

From Peter Davies

Pete Davies, Keith Knapp and Dave Hannam and were taken during a recent bike trip of Germany, 20+ years after our tour at Bruggen!

From Peter Bryant

3 team photos from the 70s

From an ex- Techie from Royalwings group

A Farrier shoeing an RAF Police horse in Cyprus

From Dave Twissell

Various Basic Police Courses

No 111 CI Course

From Alf Bernestone

Name the celebrity

From David Bryant

Episkopi  March 1968

Luqa 1963

Aden 1964

From Frank Authers

Luqa Police Section about 1958

From Ken Rider

Berlin 1991

Number 18 Basic Police Course

RAF Bruggen Police Team after beating Laarbruch in the annual RAF Police Germany Championships.  Circa 1984.

RAF P&SS Berlin circa 1990

Pansy Potter, RAF Wildenrath 1980

RAF Bruggen Security Sqn teams to play in World Record attempt charity football match 1985

C Flt football team RAF Bruggen 1986

From Brian Burgess

3 photos - Debden, Seletar and RAF ASUPU

From John Law

Attached is photo of 29 SI Course, Oct - Nov 1969

From Simon Farmer

Belize1982, SI course 1981 and Coningsby 1984

From Derek (Des) McLeish

B flt Troggers at Laarbruch early 80's. Lots of names and faces spring to mind, some elude me but i'm the youthful looking guy on the far left middle row.

From Gedd Gillespie

RAF Police Flight Wildenwrath circa 1980 and A Flight Bruggen, 1982

From Keith Bell

RAF Support Unit, Tengah in 1975 and No 52 CI Course, Debden

From Malcolm Brown

RAF Laarbruch Dog section 1984 and of B Shift dogs

From Dave Swaithe

I worked at ATSy at Gutersloh and we had a lot and very good contact with the German Customs with regular monthly games at the Kagelbahn (Skittles) and the annual soccer match.  Just a reason for a 'few' drinks!!!

From Clifford Sweet

RAF Police School marching through Salisbury c1954

From Franks Authors

The Trabant

From Peter Jago (now in Australia

Various pictures from Akrotiri and a 1967 Passout


The P2 Course I attended at Debden in early 1963.

For any any names/ info of present location etc, I will make a donation of £3 per name to the Memorial Fund.

Interesting to note that as far as I am aware none of the others are members of the RAFPA. Although one appears in the latest GRIFF.

Best regards



From Dave Swaithe

On the 15 Oct 81 the then CPM RAF Germany Gp Capt Jim Sharpe died in his staff car on the way to RAG Bruggen to present the prizes for the RAF Police Germany Golf Championships. His widow, Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Sharpe, asked that a Soccer Memorial Trophy in his name be contested for annually between the RAF Police (Germany) and the RAF Regiment (Germany) due to the fact that he had served with both branches during his career. That match took place on 12 Mar 82 and the photo shows the team, and yours truly the RAFP (Germany) Manager, who competed for and won that inaugral match 2 - 0.



From Ian Clingan

Having gone up into the attic I came back with a couple of samples from "222" Steamer Point. First two show the extent of the 1967 flood looking down from "222" to the mess area and sports ground. The third shows the normal view with the school bus escort taking place.

And finally anyone remember Ishmal and Mahmood?


From John Curtis

1 District Turnhouse 1960-61 The attached photograph has been given to me for inclusion in the archives but the list of those on the photograph is incomplete.

Can anyone fill in the gaps??.


From Nick Lindsay

a couple of photos from RAF St Athan Dog Section

From Paddy Cowap

12 PSS Det Geilenkirchen 1957

From Jim Bew

3 PD, RAF Spitalgate, about 1962-63

From John Bostock

CI Course at Debden - poss mid 68

AOC's Inspection at No 9 RAF PD, Safi, Malta

From Keith Haywood

Attached is a photo of the RAF IDRIS Police Section 1962 taken shortly after Jack Batchelor was promoted to Warrant Officer.

From Nigel Vitler

My father, Jake Izatt and his favourite dog Dutch, believed to be at Netheravon.

From Jack Pettigrew

Royal Tournament 1972 - no names as yet - can anyone help?

From John Curtis

No 11 District HQ, Christmas Island , BFPO 170 in 1960

24 District(Detachment) RAF Ayios Nikolaos 1966

CI Section 21 Joint Services Police District, Juffair Garrison , Bahrain in 1969

Sgt(W)Babs Proudfoot's Farewell Do Friday 28 th September 1973

at Central Region Investigation Section RAF Spitalgate

From Jack Kemp

Bernie, who is the subject of the attached photographs was No 3515763 Cpl Bernard S. Hives, served 1953 to 1958 and served at Stafford amongst other units.

From Jim Bew

I came across the attatched photo while looking out some pix to send to John Walton for Den Price's widow.

It was taken in the early summer of 1951, during a CPM's inspection of 10 Provost Flight, Port Said.

From E Bartrum

LFC wallahs and no-hopers c1980 but it was great fun!

Four of the participants in the PMs Pennine Way Expedition about 1974 - yours truly behind camera!  Point of interest - chappie with pipe is now the secretary!!!!

From Allan Whyman

A photo was taken on 3rd July at Waddington air show. although their attempt at the grass track race against the Red Arrow Hawk failed, it was a valiant effort.

From Denis Hunt

The photo' shows former members of the RAF Steamer Point (Aden) Police Dog Section, (circa '65 - '67). We're always looking for new members to widen the range of memories and 'tall tales'.

Sent by Pip Waller on behalf of Hamish Munroe.

Taken RAF Finningley 1961 or 2, all doggie men except uniformed one. Who can identify them?


I have attached a photo of my brother in law ANDY HYND Sadly he passed away a few years ago my sister(JOY) would like any information about the photo she believes it was taken during training in 1961 he is front row extreme right




From John Baird

 I enclose a squad photo taken at RAF Debden in 1971.

If anybody sees this contact me.  I'd

really like to hear from any of those lads again , They were a great bunch.

From John Watkins

Numerous photographs of the first Police School in Germany at Bad Meinberg plus photographs of Air Commodore De Putron and Group Captain Brown.

From Steve Davies

This photo was recently sent to me by former kennel-maid Chris Connah (who now lives in Flint N Wales). It was taken at Debden in 1973 or early 1974.

From Jim Bew

The photo is of members of 10 Provost Flight, Port Fuad (Egypt) in early 1950.