The Reunion is to take place on Friday 28th June 2019.

The venue is RAF Waddington's Sgts Mess with an attendee limit of 200. The Head Chef is putting together a very classy buffet menu and the Mess Manager is working on the total cost. Staff costs are lower on a weekday evening so Friday will suit you all hopefully. I am working on a few ideas for the afternoon of the event namely A visit to Newark Air Museum, a visit to the new Bomber Command Centre & a visit & display at Waddo Dog Section. I have also booked a former Officer Commanding 617 "Dambusters" Squadron to give us an interesting and inspiring presentation He confirmed his attendance this morning. This Reunion will i hope be on the scale of the 2008 event which many of you attended and enjoyed. It is a massive jigsaw at present with the main pieces being you the attendee. It is important that i get firm committment from people who would like to attend. We have people willing to travel great distances from abroad so before they book flights/accommodation my aim is to consolidate this booking with the Sgt,s Mess asap. Do not look to book accommodation as i will talk to hotels re a reduced rate for a group booking. Anyone interested in attending please email me your contact details with details of any guests. My contact info is telephone 0116 2740443 & email kevin.hunt2@btinternet.com Thanks for reading this and i look forward to adding you to the list. Tell any QPD people you know about this.