Treasurer’s Request


On Monday 8th June I received a cheque for a sum of money from RB PARKS Management Limited

made out to RAF Police Association. It was in a brown envelope with no covering letter or note of

explanation. It was drawn on a NatWest account in Wokingham, Berkshire but posted in Nottingham.

The signature on the cheque is illegible. I have banked this in our current account pending further information.


Any help in tracing the source and reason would be greatly appreciated.

Tony LakeAssociation Treasurer.


The answer

Ladies and Gents,


I have just received a telephone call which solves the mystery of the £53.00 donation

I recently anonymously received.


The caller refused to give his name but admitted to being an ex snowdrop.


In brief he said he did various tasks supporting different charities and organisations

and any payments he received he donated to organisations, charities and associations

of his choice. He obviously takes an interested in the RAFPA as he was fully aware of

our attendance on numerous occasions at Wootton Bassett to pay tribute to personnel

of our Armed Forces killed in action. For this he expressed his sincere admiration and

personal thanks for the way the Association had shown their support these sad occasions

and added the donation may help to defray the expenses incurred in travelling to

Wootton Bassett.


He added “Don’t be surprised if you receive a further donation later this year”


I thanked him on behalf of all members of the Association, wished him well for the future

and pledged I would do nothing to break his anonymity.


Tony Lake


I recently received another cheque for the Association from J B PARKS Ltd for £60.00 with the proviso it was spent wisely.


I balloted the Executive Committee with the proposal that a wreath be bought from the

Royal British Legion and on Remembrance Sunday it should be placed on the

War Memorial in the High Street, Wootton Bassett in memory of all the British

Servicemen and Women who have lost there lives in the Afghanistan Conflict


I am please to announce that the proposal was unanimously carried and therefore on

Sunday 8th November it will be placed on this Memorial from the Chairman and all

Members of the Royal Air Force Police Association.


Tony Lake

Association Treasurer


I am pleased to inform all members that I have today received another cheque for

one hundred pounds from our anonymous friend at RB Parks Limited.

Hopefully the said lady or gentleman reads this and if so, on behalf of all members

may I say sincere thanks for thinking of us again?  Needless to say we will ensure

It is put to good use.

This makes a total of two hundred and fifty three pounds donated by this person this year.

Best wishes

Tony L


I have just received a Christmas Card from our anonymous donor at J B Parks containing a further donation of fifty pounds And wishing us all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

As we do not know who or where he/she is I would like to express our sincere thanks  

to the donor and wish him/her a  Very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.


Tony Lake


RAFP Association


Hello Tony  

        I have enclosed a cheque for £73.50.

I have suffered 2 illnesses since Dec 09 but am fit once again


May I suggest you use the £23.50 towards refreshments when the next RAFPA

reps are at Wootton Bassett and put the remainder to good use


To our unknown benefactor from RB Parks: On behalf of all members of the RAF

Police Association please accept our sincere thanks for your kind donations; they

are greatly appreciated. We all hope your recovery to good health will long be

sustained. Best wishes from All members.