The RAFPA slate that was dedicated at St Clement's Dane Church, the central church of the Royal Air Force in the City of London.  It has been set in the North Aisle. The dedication took place on Saturday, 19th September 2009 along with the new Standard for the London Home Counties Branch.
 Many Members of the RAFPA were present, along with the Provost Marshal and the Air Officer.
After the service, the majority adjourned to RAF Uxbridge where a March Past was arranged under
the guidance of WO 'Bill' Veazey on the hallowed RAF Uxbridge Parade Square.  Afterwards, we all
adjourned to the Officer's Mess for a social gathering and a Buffet Lunch.
Gerry Hopkins


Nearly 100 pictures were sent to me by John Walton - too many to put up individually so I have put them in a zip file to download by clicking here

Dear All,
As part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations, on Saturday 19 September 2009, the RAFP Association presented to the Central Church of the RAF, St Clement Danes, a slate floor plaque depicting our badge.  The plaque is laid at the beginning of the left hand aisle.
The plaque was dedicated in a service conducted by Rev Adrian Gatrill (he dedicated the Association Standard at RAF Halton in October 2004) assisted by our own Rev Michael Maclachlan.  The Lesson was read by the Association Chairman, Brian Flinn.
The Air Officer RAF Police, Air Cdre Steven Abbott and the Provost Marshal, Gp Capt John Whitmell were present and also in attendance was Wg Cdr Stuart Logan.
The second part of the service was the dedication of the London Home Counties Branch Standard.  In this case the Lesson was read by Alan Shaw, Branch Chairman.  The Standard Bearer was Richard Smith and the escorts were Reg Lamb and Brian Sutton.
The Association Standard was carried by Keith Adams, SWAB by George Poad, NEB by Roger Bishop, H & D & IOW by Ted Goddard, NYB by George Denny.
The Ceremonial Maces (presented by serving RAF Police in 1971) were paraded by 2 serving RAF Police, Sgt Silence and Cpl John Cahill.
After the joint service was over, there was a photo session outside and all those who have photos are requested to send copies to Steve Cattell and Mitch O'Neill the Griff Editor.  Please try and include written details of the photos.
We went by coach to RAF Uxbridge where on the hallowed square used by the Queens Colour Squadron, members marched past Wg Cdr Logan.  We were well and truely guided by Warrant Officer Bill Veazey.  Ther Dressing was good and the step was excellent.
Congratulations and thanks to all who took part in this special day's activities.
On Sunday 20 September 2003, several members and partners attended the 11.00 annual Battle of Britain Memorial Service in Westminster Abbey.  Because the coach from RAF Uxbridge was early, most of us were able to choose a seat with a good view of the comings and goings of the many VIPs attending.
Outside the main entrance and alongside a Guard of Honour of the Queen's Colour Squadron, were 20 standards.  Among them were the RAFPA Standard, Rowley Coultas (in a special position); NYB, George Denny; SWAB, George Poad; NEB, Roger Bishop and LHCB, Richard Smith.
Again, those who took photos outside the Abbey are requested to send them to Steve Cattell and Mitch O'Neill.
I will send a copy of the Order of Service in which our standard is mentioned, to the Association Archivist, John Curtis.
This was a truely historic weekend in the 25 years of the Association.  The several events of Remembrance Sunday will be the last in a memorable 25th Anniversary year.
Regards to all
John Walton
from Brian Sutton