The Standard bearer is Keith Adams.


The escorts are Colin Denley and Ian Gordon

Dear All

What a superb day we had today.

The reception was immaculate.

The Service was excellent.

The choice of Hymns was exceptional and very moving.

The Senior RAF Chaplain was a Jewel. He had a good sense of humour tempered with a thought provoking sermon.

The RAF Police were hosts second to none. They are in good shape and are undoubtedly continuing to uphold the highest traditions of our service.

It was a proud day.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all involved in the organisation which was flawless. You all have every reason to be proud of your achievement. I now know why I joined the RAF Police and The RAF Police Association. I am not able to get to too many functions but I am so glad that this was one I did not miss.

Thank you all again

Graciously yours

I just wish to express the appreciation of myself & Ian Gordon for the excellent arrangements made by John Walton, which made our day at RAF Halton so enjoyable and something which we shall have forever in our memories. A lot of spare time and hard work had obviously been taken up in organising everything - WELL DONE JOHN!
Regards to all
Peter Copp & Ian Gordon (SNI)

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