Dear colleagues,
my name is Martin Sommer and I am Correctional officer in the Czech
republic in the city of Ostrava.
I am interested in collecting Corrections and Police patches,badges
and rank insignia from all countries around the world.I would like to
ask those of you similarly interested for an exchange of that stuff.
  If you are interested,I can send you Corrections or Police patches,
badges and rankinsignia that members of both Czech republic State
police and Metropolitan Police are equipped with.
Thank you

Sgt.Martin Sommer


Hello, My name is Jeff Richardson, I'm a deputy sheriff in Pickens County, South Carolina, USA.  I served in the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Coast Guard, before becoming a civilian law enforcement officer. I collect patches, hats, and T-shirts from other military and police organizations.  I've been able to obtain British Naval items, but never any police items. I would be interested in purchasing a T-shirt or Trading for a T-shirt or hat with the Royal Air Force Police logo. I have T-shirts and ball caps from my Sheriff's Office I can send, or I can send U.S. Coast Guard hats and patches too.

If you or any fellow officers are interested please advise.

My address is

Jeff Richardson

101 Waterford Way

Easley,  SC  29642



I am a NYPD Officer and Police patch collector.  I was wondering if you would be able to send me a patch from your Police Department?  I will send one in return.  If yes please send to:

PO A.O'Brien

P.O. Box 633

Brewster NY 10509