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A number of members and other ex-service men and women wish to make contact with collegues and friends who they served with over the years. In addition, a number of other missing contacts may be successfully completed with reference to RAF careers.

Anyone who wishes to enter a name or names on this page, please contact me. Similarly, if you spot a familiar name, contact me and I will attempt to put you in touch, or go direct if contact details are given - please note that for some of the early requests (the ones furthest down the page) the email address may not be current.

Can I please ask that if you are successful and make contact with who you are looking for, you email me and let me know so I can keep the page tidy.




9th August 2022.

Gordon Finch urgently requires any information that will assist him in tracing the following two ex RAF Pol (QPD).

Cpl Robert (Bob) Small. RAF Steamer Point, 1957 -1959. Best man at his wedding to Jill which took place at Steamer Point June '59.

Cpl Michael (Mick) Thorpe. RAF Hemswell, 1959 - 1963, then Cyprus 1963 - '66 approx.

Any information to webmaster@rfapa.com will be greatly appreciated.






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