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A number of members and other ex-service men and women wish to make contact with collegues and friends who they served with over the years. In addition, a number of other missing contacts may be successfully completed with reference to RAF careers.

 Anyone who wishes to enter a name or names on this page, please contact me. Similarly, if you spot a familiar name, contact me and I will attempt to put you in touch, or go direct if contact details are given - please note that for some of the early requests (the ones furthest down the page) the email address may not be current.


Can I please ask that if you are successful and make contact with who you are looking for, you email me and let me know so I can keep the page tidy - thank you

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Is anyone out there in contact with Rod Hollingsworth (ex Cyprus 1950s). His e-mail address keeps rejecting an answer to a question he asked me. If anyone has a real time address, tel No or can ask him to contact me again I'd be most obliged...... Thanks in anticipation!
Best Regards ........... Steve (Davies) 

contact made I would like to get in touch with Ron Hamil who I lost contact with a long time ago
Chris Quigley

- after 2 days Brian made contact

I am trying to locate Brian Boston, former RAF Police Warrant Officer, who I believe has settled somewhere in the Lincolnshire area.  My wife has known the family for some considerable time and it would mean a lot to her to meet up with them again.  I would appreciate any assistance you can give me in locating Brian and his family.

David Poultney

Tom Brewster is looking to make contact with Pete Gibbons they served together Singapore around 65.

I am looking for a former RAF pilot, Flt Lt Peter Glover, who was my instructor on the T-37s when he was serving as a QFI at Pakistan Air Force Academy, Risalpur in 1975.
Air Cdre Kaiser Tufail (Retd)

- contact made
I am an ex RAF dog man, who for some strange reason is still "dogging" but now with the Met. I am a member of a doggy type forum www.workingdoghandler.com
A member of the forum from the USA wishes to get in touch with an old instructor of his from his days at RAF Debden. Apparently this chaps name is Clive Gilmour and should be about 72 years of age...Well here's a short copy of his intro and request.
 My name is Rick Hake. I became a dog man in 1968 by attending the RAF Police Dog School at RAF Debden in Sussex, UK. I was in the US Air Force K-9 and was privilieged to be the Handler of Air Dog 'Flame' 7270 for 2 years.
Quite by accident I came accross a short bio from the Man who taught me and Air Dog Flame the basics nearly 40 years ago. I thought maybe some of you older veterans to the UK Military K-9 might be able to tell me how to get in touch with him.
His name is Clive Gilmore and he should be about 72 or so.
I wish I could visit with him, but I am afraid a long thank you letter will have to do if I can find him.
The bio is about mid-way down on page 78. Click here.

Please could you put this request in the above section in the hope that someone might know his whereabouts. My e mail address is ace999@btinternet.com or alternatively go to the website and reply direct. 
Thank you in anticipation.
Steve Bishop (ex F8521688)

Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Aero Trucial Lodge 9147
Trucial Oman State of Sharjah.

This is a contact message to anyone who was a member of the Aero Trucial Lodge 9147 of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. This message is intended for anyone whether you were a civilian or a member of the public or a member of the Royal Household, Trucial Oman Scouts, Army or the Royal Air Force.
The history of this Great Lodge is being lost in the mists of time and before we all ascend to the Great Lodge above I think we should make contact and record our memories of that time and perhaps renew old contacts.
It matters not when you were a member "from foundation to dissolution" just send me your details and interesting memories for inclusion here. If you were a member of the Sharjah (Desert Rescue) Mountain Rescue Team please also get in contact
The web page is located at http://www.sixgolds.com/sharjah.htm
Kindest regards

Have any of you Doggie or non Doggie People got any contact details for Gordon ( Jock) Thorburn, Ex RAF Police, QPD, St Mawgan 77/8,  Wildenrath 79, aged around 50 years old. May have emigrated to Canada ??

Stewart McArdle

We have been for many years searching for my husbands father a Roger Boucher who served at R.A.F Sealand in North Wales near to the English Border in about 1957.
We are led to believe Roger was either French Canadian or American, possibly from Mass or Minn or Idaho.

some say he was american some French Canadian, definitely at R.A.F Sealand in 1957, my husband born in 1958.

May have been a clerk, do not know any more.
Thanks in anticipation Ross Curtis.

My name is Cliff Davies R A F P 1958 - 1970  trying to contact Joe George No 3526387 I served with him RAF Jever Germany any info to cdavies936@aol.com please

I am Brian Sutton, Service No 2588398 and was a National Service RAFP(P) from 1953 to 1955, on Basic Course 19 at Netheravon under the guidance of Sgt Brian Duffy.
After motor cycle training and Provost Conversion, I left Netheravon in November 53 on posting to 1MRU Chessington.  Does anyone remember me from either location?
I am in contact with Bert Short and Dick Smith but where are those I trained with?  Jimmy Malley, Andy Hamilton, Brummie Neil, George Lear, Pete Hobby, Ross Clifton, Cliff Mawson, to name but a few.
Do the following names with whom I served at 1MRU ring any bells?  Sgt Cliff Home, Cpl Ron Morby, Cpl Doug Haigh, Cpl Roy Hough, Cpl Jan Wake-Smith,
Cpl ?? Bryant. 
I would like to hear from any of the above, anyone who knows of them, or their present whereabouts.
E-mail on brian@bsutton0.wanadoo.co.uk.
Best wishes to all.

I am trying to locate ex RAFP Dog Handler Jim Dunn.   We were stationed together at RAF Church Fenton, in West Yorkshire in 1954; Jim originally came from Coventry I believe and had boxed in his youth until a shoulder injury stopped him, and he married Yorkshire lass who he met at the station dance.   He later joined me again at 646 Signals Unit in Obernkirchen near Buckeburg in Germany around 1956, does anyone know of him, sorry I have no further information.

Dennis Cothay 

Has anyone got a contact number/address for Chalkie White and wife Ade, Chalkie,(Hedley) was from Morpeth he was on Demo  64 possibly through to 68.
for Ted Scott search Also looking for Ted Scott ex Demo early 60s last heard of in Lincoln.
Stewart McCardle

Can anyone please help me to trace a friend a Cpl Eddie Gray was a dog handler we grew up together I joined the army Eddie joined the snowdrops

Peter Lime

Steve Chadwick where are you. E Mail address you left does not compute.
We played badminton together at Bishops Court, did we not?
Nobby Clark

Can anyone please help me to trace a friend,  a Cpl Eddie Gray was a dog handler. We grew up together,  I joined the army Eddie joined the snowdrops

Peter Line

I am trying to find an ex colleague if mine, Gordon Lines.  Gordon served with me at RAF Wildenrath in the early 80's.  At that time he was married to a girl called Sam.  The last time I saw him was in 87 when we were both going through Newton on various courses.  I know he did a spell with P&SS(NI).  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gordon or what became of him,
please let me know.

Kind regards,

Ken Rider
Security Consultant
Griffin Security Group
Balderton Hall
Newark on Trent
NG24 3JR
United Kingdom

Tel:         +44 (0)1636 643 915
Mobile:  +44 (0)7983 569770
Fax:       +44 (0)1636  643 911
email: ken.rider@griffin-group.co.uk
web:   www.griffin-group.co.uk

- contact made with both
Looking for Maggie Moran (nee Ebbels) Last heard of working at Rheindahlen as a civilian.  Anyone who knows where Maggie is please contact Sheila 'Scoobie' Humphreys (nee Godfrey) email: humphres5@aol.com.  Also June Phiilips/Fairweather/Fellows and anyone else who remembers me!
Many thanks
Sheila Humphreys

Trying to contact John Higginbottom ( Now Clark) served at Brugen 1975/78, then St Mawgan and then joined the Prison service. Does anyone know his whereabouts?  
And Eddie Knoaks, Muharraq 1970/71 and Scampton 1972.

Norrie Pearce

My name is Gordon Smith, I am a ex RAF Fire fighter H8179929. I am trying to trace the following RAF Policemen, I do not know if they have left the service or not.
Pete Lacey, who had a brother in the RAF Fire Service
Mick Plant
Dave Cooper, cooperman
Any Dog Handlers from Coningsby 1979-1983 who frequented the Fire Section
I am still within the MOD as a civilian Fire fighter at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire
Many thanks for your help
Gordon Smith

My name is Maurice Worthington. I'm trying to trace Cpl J.ANTONY (TONY) MAKIN ex RAF Police. We were both stationed at RAF North Luffenham in 1965/66. Then I was posted to Berlin and Tony to Malta. We kept in contact until about 1970 and at the time he was living in the Newcastle on Tyne area. Sadly we lost contact since then. I'd really appreciate your help.

Thanks and kind regards. Maurice

21 September contact made
I've been trying to find Peter Jewkes/Dukes for such a long time now and I'm hoping you will be able to help me.
Peter was a young lad in the 1960's, from Coventry, Warwickshire when he joined the RAF.  He married my friend, Jayne (in the early 60's) and she moved to Norfolk with him.  Jayne and I used to work at Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Whitley, Coventry, Warwickshire, in the Aircraft Design Office Library (A.D.O.).  Unfortunately, I lost touch with Jayne when she left H.S.A.   I think they may have been transferred to Gloucester sometime in the 1980's !!!!
The bottom line is - that I would dearly love to find Jayne (nee Walton).  I have exhausted every other option, and I think you will be my last hope now.
As Peter will be in his 60's now, presumably he has retired from the R.A.F. but I have been given to understand that there is a dept. where personell records are kept for active and ex-members of the R.A.F.  I understand, that if Peter and Jayne were in these files, they would be contacted in the first place on my behalf.....

Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about Peter, I only met him a couple of times, at party's  Jayne and he were married very young and to my knowledge had a baby quite soon after the event.  I know he had relatives in Coundon or Radford in Coventry.  
I know he got his wings, but I couldn't give you a date ...... sorry. 
 To my knowledge, he was stationed at RAF Coningsby some time in the early 80's (?),  possibly there in the 70's too!   
 Last heard of:-  Stationed somewhere in the Gloucester area, mid to late 80's.
 From your reply  -  I guess this information is pretty useless, but it is all that I have to go on.
Thanking you in anticipation
Margaret Luxton (nee Lawman)
P.S.  If you cannot help me  to find Jayne and Pete - do you know of anyone-else who  might
         be able to?

I'm trying to locate the whereabouts of former A/Cpl Martin "Ginge" Saunders who I last served with at RAF Lyneham in 1981 - 1983.  I believe he or his family lived in the Reading

Bill A Thompson
Ex Sgt

Eric has now contacted me - still looking for Jake.  Webmaster - 19/10/07

We have mislaid two branch members (Scotland & Northern Ireland) who are still paying fees, but we get all our  mail returned. Their names are Eric Day and Jake Higgins.  Anyone know their current locations?  Reply to the Webmaster who will pass it on the the Branch Secretary.

I am a private investigator and I have recived a request to locate a 'long lost cousin' by the name of GEOFFREY HALL, born 25.10.1941 in Leeds.
I am led to believe he served in the RAF Police during the 1960's.
His last address was in Newark, Nottingham and he apparently moved to the Ross-on-Wye area, Hereford.
I have explained to the person making the request, that if I did locate Mr. Hall, I would first write to Mr. Hall to ask for his permission to forward his details.
Is this something you could assist me with, if not could you please point me in the right direction.
I look forward to hearing from someone
Kevin Hall   

I've been trying to help a friend to track down a friend of her father's in the hope that he might still have a photo of her father from the 1950's. Anita Durham was adopted out after her father, an overseas pilot undergoing Meteor training at Worksop, was recalled at short notice to his home in Lebanon owing to the developing crisis iin the Middle East.  Anita's mother's parents moved house shortly after his departure from the UK so all contact with her father was lost and she has only recently been reunited with her birth mother (who is unwell and cannot provide her with much detail).  I have been trying to locate her father to no avail but he, Adnan Jabbon, did have a close friend who was in the RAF Police at Worksop. 
Would you please post a message that I am trying to get in touch with William Milner, who was a member of the RAF Police at Worksop in 1955 in the hope that he might have information of Adnan's whereabouts or possibly a photograph?
Steve Johnson

I'm looking for Betty Molyneux and her family .. Betty pretty much ran Civilian Personnel at RAF Burtonwood in the mid-late 1950's .. I can't say too much about her .. she was a wonder!
She had two brothers, one approximately the same age, the other a teen ..
I was an only child .. they took me in and pretty much adopted me .. when I came back to the US I lost touch with them as they had nowhere to leave THEIR new address when they moved .. (my address was only a mailing address)

E M Jackson

I am attempting to trace an old friend of who was a member of the RAF Police.
I'm unable to provide a service number and the only positive details I can give are:
Cpl John Johnson (Wife's name is Valerie)
Stationed at RAF Sylt, Germany 1959/60 and RAF Laarbruch, Germany 1961/62/63

(Flt Lt [Ret'd] Medical Branch)

I initially was trying to make contact with Brian Burgess, who had bought the Green Goddess that we used in 77/78 at Bromley in Kent. The "Powers that Be" made a mistake and of the nine crews at the TA Centre in Bromley, five were from the ASU at Wittering. Brian mentioned Alec McCrae and Morris Egglestone as being part of the crew, I'm the one standing in the door of the Goddess. As all can see, when the RAF took over from the Navy, we made it plain as to the fact that the RAF had taken over.   
    I would also like to try and contact Chris and Mary Martin, Mike Thornton or Kev Rutter. We were all at P&SS(NI) together and to let them know that my wife, Nan and I celebrated our 25 last year with a one daughter and 2 grandaughters, still going strong.
    If anyone would like to contact me, I'm in the RAFPA directory or on the internet. Would like to hear from any of the old friends around.

Peter Todd

I have had an article published in Januarys edition of 'Heritage Commercial' about my Green Goddess which include photos and stories from when she was crewed by the RAFP in Bromley in 1978. It might be of interest to any lads who were also there (Or somewhere else in the UK)
You put it into 'where are they' now a few months ago, and I have sent you an update as I have contacted one other of the crew, Maurice Egglestone. There are still 2 RAFP to find!!

Hello there, after 28 years of separation, I have been re-united with a special 7 ton lady who goes by the name of Bedford Emergency Pump PGW 163, known to many as a Green Goddess. I drove and operated this vehicle from Service Fire Station 10 at Bromley, Kent during January 1978 along with a load of pals from RAF ASUPU Wittering. We had 3 Green Goddess to crew, all mainly RAF Pol from the ASU.

PGW 163 has been decommissioned and is now in my ownership and I was wondering if any of her crew were out there? would like to be reunited with her, or just know what happened to her after we had finished our stint at Bromley.

Now time has dulled the senses, but I know 4 of her crew were RAFP with the other 2 being 'techies' from the ASUPU, and Morris(Maurice?) Egglestone and 'jock' Macrea stick in the mind with apologies to the remaining Snowdrop!!

I have attached a photo of us all and the lady concerned. click on the goddess for the other pictures

Brian Burgess,

RAF Pol, P4287689, 1967-1979



My request last year for details of the whereabouts of ex FS Mick Gordon bore fruit and the first day covers were successfully returned to his son.  Very many thanks to all those who provided information. 
Following that success I would now like to try and contact ex Wg Cdr Graham Gardener.  If anyone has an email or home address I would be grateful.
Roger Bishop roger@graf57.fsnet.co.ukI

My name is Kevin, and I am trying to trace any RAF Police personnel who served at No. 24 Police District in Nicosia, Cyprus with my dad Cpl Michael 'Dusty' Miller between 1957 & 1959. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.
email kevin.miller831@ntlworld.com

Is there any of the old Demo Team/ Earls Court from 62/66 reading this or if you know of anyone can you please get in touch with Stewart McArdle. Contacted
Darky Elphick
Matt Lord
Masher Lodge
Mark Newsome
Mick Manning
Johnny "Bastard" now Baton

I am looking for my cousin's dad Michael Ralphs who was stationed in Wildenrath HQ between (ca) 1965 and1970 and subsequently transfered to Warwickshire. They lost contact after this. Michael Ralphs family (a young men from London - no name unfortunately) appeared to have contacted Michael's son Patrick Kluge (nee Gehlich) about two years ago. However, my cousin and his wife are not very fluent in English and his mother in law was dying of cancer nothing came out of it. Recently, as a result of a major heart problem,  my cousin started to reasses his life and would love to get into contact with his dad and/or his family. Likewise, would love for his wife and children to meet their grand-dad and extended family.

The details of Michael Ralphs are as follows:
Borne between 1938 and 1943 in Wales
Member of the military policy at Wildenrath HQ 1965-1970 and subsequently Warwickshire
He has a daughter Belinda (borne 1968) from a previous marriage and possibly a son in London
Patrick was born