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A number of members and other ex-service men and women wish to make contact with collegues and friends who they served with over the years. In addition, a number of other missing contacts may be successfully completed with reference to RAF careers.

Anyone who wishes to enter a name or names on this page, please contact me. Similarly, if you spot a familiar name, contact me and I will attempt to put you in touch, or go direct if contact details are given - please note that for some of the early requests (the ones furthest down the page) the email address may not be current.

Can I please ask that if you are successful and make contact with who you are looking for, you email me and let me know so I can keep the page tidy - thank you

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I have been contacted by a colleague who has asked if I could find out any details on a Bill Prentice, please see note below, any help would be appreciated. I joined the RAF with Bill on 29 Nov 77 and did Basic Recruit and Basic RAFP training drank lots of Newcastle Brown as Bill was from Newcastle upon Tyne and served in NI with Bill 1979-81, however, not had any contact since. Thanks

I am wondering if anyone knows the contact details for a Bill Prentice he was an RAFP Dog handler. I attend an ex-servicemens association "The Fellowship of the Services" and one of my mess members a Brian Jane was a Redcap and worked with Bill Prentice when he was also a Redcap. Bill then left the Army and when he realised he missed it tried to rejoin but they said he would have to start at the bottom and work back up so he subsequently joined the RAFP.

This chap comes from somewhere up here in the North East and Brian is trying to contact him again. I said I would ask around, If you do know him could you pass my email address to him and hopefully he will contact me and I will pass him over to Brian.

Keith Evans 


On 27 March you placed my request for help in tracing Terry and Kitty Curtis on your web site.

At 0900 hrs on Friday 30 March I received an e-mail from Neil Rusling in Cape Town. He informed me that Terry retired, as a WO, from the RAFP in the very late 70’s from P&SS(NR) at Newton where he was serving at the time on CI Inv. He then got a job with a firm based at Norwich Airport.

I did a few searches and as a result of that, and a couple of phone calls, I received a telephone call from Terry this morning confirming that he is the person I was looking for. Four days to find him – excellent service. Steve Coleman

I'm a retired North wales Police Officer and ex-RAF, and I'm trying to trace someone for a friend of mine.
I am trying to trace Terry CURTIS and his wife Kitty. Terry retired from the RAF Police with the rank of Warrant Officer and served in Malta in 1955 and was stationed at RAF Bruggen in 1961/1962. Terry was born around 1932, so if he served until he was 55 he would have retired in 1987 and would now be aged about 80. It would appear that Kitty (possibly Katherine) Curtis was a WRAF and she would now be aged about 77 years old.
My friend, Eileen McKay, was married to "Paddy" McKay. Paddy retired from the RAF Police in 1968, aged 49 and was stationed in Malta and RAF Bruggen with Terry. When he retired, Paddy and Eileen moved to Holyhead, Anglesey. Unfortunately Paddy passed away some 12 years ago and Eileen is now trying to trace Terry and Kitty Curtis. She last saw them in 1977, when they visited Holyhead.
I would be extremely grateful for any assistance from anyone with regard to tracing them.
Steve Coleman

I'm not sure you can accommodate my request as I was not in the RAF Police, but I am looking to try and find out where an ex-member of the RAFP is now located. I was in the RAF as an Mover for a number of years and was hoping to find a member of the ATSY (or was it TCS?) section at RAF Northolt that was there during the time I was stationed there in the Air Movements squadron. The person was (then) WRAF Corporal Kathy Crisp and I actually saw a photo of her on your website as part of a CI course. I think she changed her name at some point to Hadfield when she took her step-fathers name and I remember she came from a small village in Norfolk called Hingham.

I was stationed at Northolt in the mid-70's before posting to Brize Norton so this is a pretty long shot, but it would be nice to make contact again after all these years and find what the intervening years have done to us.

With thanks for any assistance you can provide,

Andrew Kay (ex Cpl RAF Movs)

I wonder if you can help me, I have for many years been trying to trace F/Sgt Brian Copp or his family. He retired from RAF Wittering about 1978/9. I have something that belongs to him which I would love to return. I have tried to contact him on a number of occasions using Innsworth, forces reunited etc. so you are my last chance. please can you help?

Kind regards
Veronica Milton
Ex Cpl Wraf Supplier

My niece (Michelle Conway) has been in touch with you, could you post this photo on your website, I have renewed Dad's (AKA Flt Sgt Dave Conway) subs. This is 'A' Flight Police at Laarbruch 1983 Dad is front row 3rd in from left! He is the one that we are planning a surprise reunion for on 17th Nov M1 Junction 25, Hotel will be one of the three in the immediate vicinity, I will know which one after the 10th March. If anyone on here would like an invite please contact me directly on my email, or if anyone recognises or knows Dave Conway from this photograph (Come on all you rugby players! ) but served with him at a different time or on a different station (attached) please contact me the more the merrier !
Where is Brian Dibble? AKA Officer Dibble? - Laarbruch
kind regards

Mobile 0796 744 7056
0115 946 5560

Flight Sergeant David (Bald Eagle) Conway

Dave, who lives in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, will be 80 in December.

His daughter Francesca is planning a surprise birthday for him.

He served from 1953 to 1988 and spent his last seven years of service in Laarbruch.

He was a keen golfer, rugby player and darts aficionado.

Francesca is looking for anyone who knew Dave, especially those on his old ‘D’ and ‘C’ shifts at RAF Laarbruch.

I have attached the photograph

David Conway is the 4th from the right looking at the photograph white shirt black trousers holding the golf club Crew cut
Son David Conway (Junior) black hair stripped t shirt.
Father and Son Captain's of Laarbruch and Berlin Golf clubs this was the tournament

If you knew Dave then please contact Francesca direct on

Francesca Page
Mobile 0796 744 7056
East Midlands Office 0115 946 5560

I  am trying to make contact with various police that served with dad including someone very special :Charlie Crossan for my Dad (Sorted  - Webmaster) -

David Conway RAF police from 1951 - 1988 last served in Laarbruch
If anyone served with Dad during any of his tours and would like to get in touch please do so through my email I see Dad everyday - P& SS (NR & SR) - 1953 ish - 1956 ish Cyprus 1959 - 1960 - Wittering 1961
Aden Bahrain - Wildenwrath 1964 * 1697- Dishforth - St Andrews Feltwell - Cyprus 1970 - 1973 CIO Leeds 1974 - 1978 - Laarbruch 1978 - 1981 Newton - 1981 - 1984 Laarbruch 1984 - 1988

kind regards mailto:Francesca@conwaypack.co.uk

Please reply direct to Francesca......

I am looking for people that served with my granddad, David Conway, during the 60’s,70’s. I don’t have an awful lot of information, however, I know he has served in RAF Laarbruch in the 70’s. His wife is Pauline and has 5 children, 2 boys, 3 girls. I am his granddaughter.

Please could you post a comment on your site to this effect and please give the following email as contact information:

angel3yes3110@yahoo.co.uk or Francesca@conwaypack.co.uk

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.


Michelle Conway

I am a fully paid up member of NARPO (national association of retired police officers)  I have just recived the latest newsletter from our regional office.
In it is a request from a guy called Eric Hampson ex RAFP who is looking for another ex RAFP called KJ (Jonny) Wheately apparently they served together at RAF Danby Beacon during 1955/7 wherever that was.
Could anyone help, if they can could they contact him direct via narposec@synergybroadband.co.uk
Douglas I'Anson

Mrs Liz Fuller, widow of the late member Stan Fuller, wishes to contact former RAF Policeman John Fox. Mrs Fuller believes John retired as a FS. John rang Mrs Fuller to pass on condolences after Stan Fuller's death, but left no telephone number.

If known, please let me have John's location.
John Walton

I am trying to locate an Ex RAFP (I think) his name is AL KIRK and he acted as a Witness at our Wedding in Malta in December 1978. I worked in Ops and I am sure that Al was an RAF Policeman. Another hint to find him is that he was on a troop cruise ship from Southampton to Cyprus in 1959 and he worked in one of the Police Districts. It's a Very long shot but having helped me in 2010 when my Father passed away I know how well your team works to say in touch with all Policemen past and present.
Many thanks
Dave Buttery

I am trying to contact Ex Cpl TERRY RYAN. We served together in RAFP Fontainebleau. Terry origially came from Ipswich.
I am also trying to trace ERNIE ENTWISTLE - he too served in RAFP Fontainebleau. Ernie came from Rochdale.
We were great friends on and off the field of sport.
The Fontainebleau Veretans have a reunion every year and in 2012 we meet at the Angel Hotel, Leamington Spa on the 13th October.
Many thanks for your help.
Colin Hogg - Email: col.daze@ntlworld.com

Looking for RAF Policeman named Howarth sailed with me on HMS Devonshire enroute to Cyprus 1959, all info gratefully received. Sorry thats all the info I can give you,impossible task I know ,but I'll keep on trying. thanks for your help  Howard Jones ex RAF Regiment

 5 Mar 12 - Info passed on by Gerald Sanderson and contact made
My name is Linda Mentzoni Olsen and I come from Norway.
I lived in a little village called Burwash Weald from 1989-1990.
While living there I got to know Paul Harris. Back then he was working
for The Royal Air Force. His adress back then was:
J/T Harrris
P.R.S 8291 (514)
RAF FTS c/o 6su
Paul's mother Heather lived in this village.
I know he might live in Bath. I have been unable to find a address or email.
It would have been great to hear where he is today.
Linda M. Olsen


Hello Steve...........................you did such a kind and wonderful job locating an old friend of mine....a test pilot in WW2.....who we discovered sadly died in 1990 at the age of 68...how i will never know. But I am wondering if you can help me with a second friend who only told me after the war that he had won the M.C. for [incredible] bravery in Greece Despite being in the RAF he was awarded the M.C. which is as you know an army award....he must have been in some kind of liason.. I met Steve Haley...he would be about 88 or so ,maybe not alive now .. at a party and we became good friends but he left for unknown secret work in Iraq and other countries as well as helping a valuable UK spy of sorts leave Greece which involved the shooting of a German patrol amongst other hair raising adventures. I ran into him in Torornto and he still hoped I would marry him but by that time 1950 I had got engaged to a Canadian. I know if I could contact him he would speak to me....on the web I read he had given a lecture in the US Feb 17th 2001 on Military Ineptness. but could get no more info however I tried. you seem to be able to find these lost souls so cleverly and I am wondering if you could be kind enough to see if he is still around ..he would be about 90 quite tall slim and so very modest but he was deeply in love with me for many yearss.even though I did not respond I greatly respected him. A book of my wartime diaries may eventually be printed but I would like to have his permission to give his experiences ...many in letters before I can go ahead. Thank you for your help and I am willing to send money to cover any of your expenses....Sincerely ..Daphne Svenningson .nee Canning

I was in the RAF police from doing my basic training at Netherhaven from Jan 1954 to demob' in Oct/Nov 1955.
After completing training at Netherhaven I was posted to RAF Hednesford until demob'.
The boss was WO Henderson the sergeant was Sgt Done. Can't remember many of the guys but there was Cpl Eggington ( think he came from Solihul) Cpl Degg ( he was like me a local lad) Cpl 'Nat' Cole (he was a re mustered short term regular to National Service) Cpl Guy (I believe he married a local girl) Cpl 'Willy can't remember any thing else about him but I think he came from some where down south and used to get regular lifts home from a lorry driver.
Can any of the guys who were in the Police Section at Hednesford from about March 1954 until November 1955 get in touch, I must be one of the older ones as I did not start my Nat' Service until I was nearly 22 because as an apprentice I was deferred until my apprenticeship was finished.
Des' Bowden
 I look forward to some replies hopefully, there is a photo' of most of us on the RAF Hednesford website that was published in the Provost Parade it may help to add the link below to my e-mail
http://www.rafhednesford.org/RAFHednesford/Images/Gallery.aspx click on Staff & Misc.

FO Geoffry HUNT From Weston Super Mare, UK. Trained in Canada (Kingston, Ontario) during 2nd World War

J. Macey

I am attempting to trace a member of the JACKMAN family.  I normally live abroad but his contact address shows Sqn/Ldr Foster -Jones. SO2 A4/5//6/9. Media and Corporate Coms.HO RAF POLICE 95381 6097. where {the Hell Ha Ha } is that.. No tele.No or anything .  Knew the two Jackman brothers who served - Fred ex W.O.who passed away 2/3 years ago,and forget Christian name of his brother. Should imagine person for whom he is seeking would be a son with age fitting of these 2 brothers. Cheers Alan Smith . E.Mail alansmith134@gmail.com

I am trying to trace ANDREW GIBSON ( P4263493).

Andrew and I served together at BRUGGEN 1968 / 71 and

I will be very grateful for any help to make contact with him.

Paddy Cowap

We are friends wishing to get in touch with ex-Cps Terry Ryan and Ernie Entwhistle who were stationed with us in R.A.F. Police in Fontainebleau from 1960 - 1963.
Cpl Ryan was from Ipswich and Cpl Ernie Entwhistle was from Rochdale.
Colin Hogg, Don Conning, Jim Gunn and Arthur Mooney are all in touch and meet up regularly - we are looking for the remaining two mates.
Colin Hogg

 23/7/11 - success this time - 90 years old and found by Gerry Sanderson - well done that man

One last request. There is another retired RAF person I knew well just after the war and he was very kind to me and took me all around S.W UK and wrote me many beautiful letters though he was not my favourite boy friend .When I went on line to look him up he was stated to be an Air Marshall but I did not know him then as I had left for Canada...His name is Howard Hargreaves Pickard, but he too may have died...I do not want to bother his family but I would like to thank him for his endless kindness to me and beautifully written letters from all over the world as he was in Intelligence. He even came to Bermuda when I was on holiday with my husband, and we all got on well! I realize I could write to Cranwell for info on retirees but your method was so efficient when I heard the sad news of my beloved R.E.Tickner. Howard was in charge of the famous St.Clements Danes RAF church in London....so I went on line for that and found all info on the history of the church but nothing on the curator or caretaker..........Thank you for your trouble. Regards .. Daphne Svenningson nee Canning

I would like help in finding a dog handler named Gavin Thorne who was RAF Roetgen in 1984 I was USAF working there on a microwave system and would appreciate finding him for a long overdue thanks.


Rick Britton
First Sergeant (E-7) Retired, USAF
San Antonio TX


My 87 y. old aunt Detavernier Eliane , who is living in Canada (BC) now ,asked me some time ago if I couldn't find a formal RAF man, whom she new during WWII.
At that time she was living next to the Belgian(Menin)-France(Halluin) border.
Jim Brockenshaw was in Belgium in 1945 at Wevelgem Airfield with either unit 151 or 145 (wing repair), and I think he was a navigator. His homeadress at this time was Te Lodge or The Grange in Liverpool.He must have been born around 1921.
Is there any possibility to find him or his family and contact them??
Thanks in advance,
Callewaert L.

I am still trying to find two old friends and would appreciate any information anyone may have about:-

ARTHUR PRIGGENwho with Clive Andrew and myself made up the CI section at 11P&SS Gutersloh 1963 / 66.

GEORGE RARSONSDriving Instructor at Debden 1960 / 63.

Many thanks


 13 June it is believed (info from Norman Button) that Reginald Ernest Tickner died in the North East Hants area in March 1990. The DOB recorded is line with the estimate that he would, at this time, be 88. DOB 29.8.1922

I was searching for an old friend I knew [very well] in England when I was in the WAAF. The last I heard [before I got married in Canada in !950] he was a Sqdn Ldr. His name is Reginald Tickner, never known by his first name but to all Tickie, Tickers or Tics [by me]. By now he would be 88 if alive, but all I know is that he stayed on in the RAF after the war. When I knew him in 1944 [I think] he was a test pilot at RAF Sealand Cheshire where I was also briefly stationed .[nee Canning] as a A/S/O. We were very close friends but I never married him him despite a considerable pressure] .......I emmigrated to Canada in 1948 and saw him a couple of times when I flew to UK and he was happily marrief and had 3 children.....I do not want to contact him personally despite the wonderful times we had together, but I would like to know if he is alive and if so where he is . ...I might even drop him a line to say "Thanks for the Memory" as I kept a detailed diary from 1941 to 1950. He was quite the kindest person I can remember and we had great fun together ...he used to beat up my office even on another station or chase me down the road in his Spitfires then spiral vertically above me....what one could do during those war days !............ I would really appreciate just knowing if he is still alive ,...I know he was at Stanstead after the war.
When I tried to find something re that name on line I noticed he signed his name R.E.Tickner..I have copies of this in his official signatures to the Air Ministry. ...The reason I am hoping you can find more is that a publisher is interested in my war time diaries [extensive] , as I kept London show programs, famous hotels dinner menus and even a report to Air Ministry on the reason he had to crash an aircraft due to some technical failure ...and weather..as he was a test pilot. at Sealand. I learnt from the Internet that his name was mentioned being a marshall at an Air Show in 1955, but that is all...Would you suggest me writing to the Air Ministry in UK to see if they could trace him ? As I said I really only want to thank him for is incredible devotion to me from about 1942 ?? until I left for Canada in 1948.....and do not want to disturb any of his family life today...He asked me to go to Rhodesia with him after the war but I went to Canada.....I kept in touch with him and saw him now and then from the end of the war to 1948 but it was not then so easy to get planes to meet each other, though I was in the Malcolm Clubs in Buckerburg and Berlin where we somehow kept in touch.
Daphne Svenningson..nee Canning

Year 1959 to 1961 RAF Eastleigh, Nairobi.

I will be 74 in August of this year. My married name then was KIDSTON. However Malcolm died of Parkinsons with Lewy Body dementia January 20, 2005.
My married name today is HALE and we live in Australia in a South Coast town called Ulladulla.

I would very much like to find out where Michael Mantrip and Danny Daly are today? Michael was incredibly kind to be during those years of great turmoil in my life.  I would like to be able to thank him for all his support during my time in Nairobi.

Danny. Well, I would just like to know what has happened to him for he was 11 years older than me. Probably dead? But Mike he just might be still alive and if he is that would be just lovely to say thanks

I think Michael may have been a Corporal and Danny a Leading Airman.

Danny played the drums - very well in fact - and used this talent to  earn extra money playing in various gigs around Nairobi.

Danny was a driver and I am uncertain just exactly what Michael did but suspect he was in Transport as was Danny.

Kind Regards
Sheila Hale


I have had a request to contact  a Ronald Oliver Davies
He served as an RAFP from 1948 to ???
He was at Cosford in 1948
He served at Kai Tak after Cosford
I have a number of Davies's in the Archives
Difficult to pick which is the one being sort.
Records held show a Davies in :-
May 54 in Singapore
Sep 54 in Castle Bromwich
Sep 54 on dog display team
Sep 55 at 7 District.
56  at RAF Swettland
John Curtis
14 Dec 11
I can tell you that Ronald Oliver Davies was my father's name and that he served with the RAFP from 2/9/1947 to until 1/1/1953.

From his certificate of service, I can see he was a dog handler until 1950 when he moved onto the Special Investigation Branch (SIB) in Hong Kong.

Sadly, he passed away 2 years ago.

I'm sure I have some pictures somewhere
Rupert Davies

I am trying to complete my family tree and I have some information about an Alexander Robert Faulkner. I believe he was in the RAF Police around in the early 1950s?
Sarah Wayman
Does anyone know of this man - even just to confirm he was in the RAF Police around 1953? - Webmaster

A number of us ex RMP who were at HQP&SS at Steamer Point,Aden in the sixties have started having a reunion and I thought it would be nice to trace some of the RAFP who were there with us. I am probably asking the impossible, but do you have any contact with Graham Gartside  Graham located 13 Mar. Bob Campbell, Doug Wilcox and Taff Davies ? My memory is failing me with a lot of the names, but if you can help with these two I would be grateful. If we have any success will you please pass on to them my address to see if they interested.

Regards, Dave Kempson.


 - one day later
THANK YOU, you have done it yet again; Simon sent me an email yesterday with his contact details and we shall hopefully be meeting up soon.  Thank you once again :-)
Kind regards
Dave & Irene
you very kindly put me in touch with Brian Boston and his family a little while ago and now I would like your help again in contacting another possible RAFPA member.
Simon & Geraldine Miller: We were both stationed at HQ AFCENT (1997-2000 now known as RHQ AFNORTH) which is located in Brunssum in The Netherlands and remained in contact when both families returned to the UK.  Unfortunately we lost contact after they moved again, this time to Germany, but believe Simon may still be serving; the email address we had is no longer functioning and I have tried Facebook and LinkedIn.
Again your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
Dave & Irene Poultney

Flt Sgt Brookes Cpl Paul Mooney

Does anyone know the whereabouts or history of these 2 stalwarts of the Police school in 1976?

Joe Bagguley

I would like to make contact any members of my old Luqa, Malta Dog unit. These were the first Dog unit in Malta. Also Kennel Maid Avril Taylor who was at Netheravon during my stay there from late 1955 till April 1956.   
Brian Drew

It would be appreciated if the following entry could be placed in the 'Where are They Now' section;
I have been requested by a former colleague & friend of Tom Dewsbury (or Jewsbury), who served in the RAF Police & SIB, for information from anyone who might have known him or of his present whereabouts, would be very much appreciated.
Dennis Shipton

I have been asked by friends of ours (Service Family) to help trace an ex-RAFP Dog Handler:

I have a little favour to ask, and I feel rather embarrassed about doing so, but it's only to see whether Russ has any ideas that might help?  My family need to track down a cousin of mine with whom everyone has lost contact, but he has some possessions in my aunt's house and, since she's moving, she wants to give them back.  He was last heard of as a corporal RAF police dog handler, but that was a good few years ago and he's could well have left the RAF now.  His name is Mark Jackman, and he'll be about 43 years old now. It's a bit of a long shot, I know, but I thought if he was still in that Russ might have heard of him, or know how I could start to look for him? Richard seems to think that there isn't any way of tracking him down, but of course he doesn't work in administrative circles. I wanted to check whether he was a member of RAFPA / whether you can put a note on your website?
Many thanks,

Russ Foster-Jones
Sqn Ldr
SO2 A4/5/6/9 (Media and Corporate Comms)
HQ RAF Police
95381 6097

 12 March 2011 - success - contact made
Anyone know what became of Wg Cdr. Paul Leeds. He was my Boss in Aldergrove 1985/6 then went to Wittering on convoys. I believe he retired into the Vetting service.
Does anyone know if he is still with us and current whereabouts. I would like to make contact with him.
Ian C Smith
ex C8205302 Cpl RAFP
JOC(int) Aldergrove

 - 16 Nov 10 - put in touch with John Buck who has the details required

Not sure if you would be able to help me and apologies for randomly emailing you but I'm trying to look for Ron and Sylvia Smith on behalf of my parents Paul and Marilyn Trudgeon. Ron and my Dad were based at RAF Benson roughly between 1969-1975 working for the Queens Flight (RAF Police). Mum thinks they went to live in Portsmouth.

Merryn Trudgeon 

 trying to find Pete Mason CPL RAFP Germany 84 to 87, served together Tony Shepherd (Shep)D flight Bruggen

Tony Shepherd
Protection Security Officer UK
Robert Bosch Ltd
Starter Motors and Generators
Cardiff Plant, Miskin,
Vale of Glamorgan,
South Wales CF72 8XQ
Tel +44 1443 221-431
Fax +44 01443 221357

17 August 2014

I am sorry to report that Phil died on the 27th February 2014 

Trying to contact former RAFP who served at Ballykelly 1960 - 1963 - Ian McPhail, Don May,Dan Boon, Keith Chance.
Phil Beynon. 

HAMBURG 1957..1958.....Although not an RAF policeman, I was billeted with several in the Hotel Stadt Altona. I was part of the 86 Movement Unit working out of RTO Altona station.  Where are they now?  Corporals Barry Rollinson, Brian Mason, Ray Mort, Johnny Morris, and ? Malin.

Tony Burrows

I am looking for Dick Glover who was a Subby at Waddington in 1979 and who made some very wicked home brew.

Richard (Dick) Brock

I just wanted to say thanks again for putting right the story of my "passing".
As a result I have even had a message from Max Espie who I served with while at Cranwell who expressed his pleasure at hearing that I "wasn't looking at the potatoes from below".
If you can please would you be kind enough to put my e-mail addresses (darrylbeckett@hotmail.co.uk or darryl.beckett@tiscali.co.uk ) on your site for anyone else that MAY want to drop me a line or two. I would epecially like to hear from Ian (Timmo) Timms or Pat Read, both good "Bomber" boys who I have excellent, absolutely hilarious memories of from Bishop's Court days & those of how Pat was a really good mate when my first wife passed away suddenly & I fell to bits big time.
It would be really good to hear from these guys & find out what they are now doing.
Once again many thanks for your help plus all the very best to you & all the other Snowdrops (past & present) who may read this.
Darryl Beckett

Just to let you know I have now made contact with Steve Parsons. A bit of digging and speaking with some of the old team has made the contact possible.
I have also made contact with some old chums as well. Just letting you know so that you can keep your page tidy.
Kind Regards and keep up the good work.
Taz Taylor
Ex RAFP QPD and SI, and P&SS (Det Gutersloh)
Hi, I am trying to trace a mate of mine who I worked with on the Dog Demo team at Newton for the 1987-1988 season and that guy is
Steve Parsons.
I am trying to get the old team together and he is the only person we cannot trace. We have tried a telephone number for him in the North East but to no avail.
If any of your members or those who view these pages who knows of Steve, his wife and their whereabouts could they please let me know.
Many Thanks
Taz Taylor

Looking for Mick Lock Radar at St Margarets Bay 55 56 ish  Herne Hill Harrier.
His name leapt from page 64 of Roy Taylor's book RAF National Service in  Six Movements "wearing the red and black hoops of Herne Hill Harriers". We both went to Strand School in  South London and were in the 42nd/8th Central Lambeth Scouts he lived in North Brixton. We lost touch in 57ish.I was at HQU FTC Shinfield Park from 54 to 56 as a medic
Stan Allen

I am an Ex RAFP SNCO 1980- 2003, and I am looking to contact Cpl ? Nick Millman. Nick was a QPD at Akrotiri in 1988 when I passed through and we were also stationed together at Brize Norton in 1994-95. I last heard from Nick in 2003 whilst he was in Germany on P&SS. Any help would be appreciated.


Jez Taylor

I am trying to trace a John Yates who was originally from Birmingham who was serving at RAF Honington in 1962.
He would have been in his early 20's. I'm not sure what he did in the RAF and I'm not sure of his next steps on leaving.
Holly Clements (e-mail: clements_holly@yahoo.co.uk)


While living in at Widenrath I befriended Fred Snelling F/Sgt RAF Police, never saw or heard of him after that.
From memory he only served in U K during WW II, I recall he had something to do with the Poles as he would  utter Polish phrases when he had a jug or so.
When the grandsprogs are here they walk over the cliffs to Budleigh for their favourite ice cream, I park up and  walk back the cliff path to meet them.
On the climb out from Budleigh there are numerous wooden memorial benches.
I noticed one this morning annotated ''Fred's seat'' In memory of F N Snelling 1919-1998. It is probably not ''my Fred'' but it got me wondering .
Dave Bale

My Uncle Alan Newbown left the RAF in 1970 for Australia. He worked with Helicopters (RAF Benson??) and was positioned also in Cyprus, he was in for about 20 years. Just wondered if you could help? We haven't heard from him for 40 years. Just wondered if anybody had heard from him.

I am trying to contact Derek Boyle who is trying to contact a Richie Dunn. I have all the details he requires, but his email address of zakkboy@aol.com is not recognised & I cannot send my email.
Best Regards,
Mike Tanner

I'm trying to locate Richard (Dick) Haymer who served as a Sergeant in the RAF Police at RAF Abingdon.  He was at Abingdon approx. 1984 to 1987 ? and his preferred method of transport was his "corrugated iron" model Citroen.
I was SNCO i/c Ground Radio Flight at RAF Abingdon from 1983 to 1987.
Yours faithfully,
Warren Welstead.

My name is Alan Myson
I am trying to find an old friend known as Al Galloway or Albert Galloway.  He was Scottish and an Armourer at RAF Marham from 1969 - around 1974.
Any info would really be appreciated.

 contact made

I am looking for Sandy Neil (Alexander ) not sure if surname is spelt correctly. I believe he joined the RAF Police dog handling team in January/February 1965. Apparently he also played drums in the Base band. He was about 5ft 10” dark hair and brown eyes – loved to play football.
If anyone out there remembers him or knows where he is PLEASE PLEASE contact me
Liz Read
mailto@liz@bodyconsultancy.comor Hlizzyj1@aol.com

Does anyone know- where is Dave Jubb? been trying to contact the 'dough boy' for ages  Pat Garside

I am trying to trace an ex friend from RAF Wildenrath
-- way back in the 1960's Corporal Brian Milsom

Most people if they had been stationed at RAF Wildenrath would have known him
-- from the Group Captain down
-- he was the Arthur Daley of his time
-- he could sell a car to any one and generally did.

Just an "ordinary" shift corporal [substantive though!!]
He did his turn on the QRA and the Dump
-- like the rest of us.
Be interesting if he is still about
-- we all must be getting on a bit now and it would be nice to reminisce..

any one know of him ??

Maurice Haynes

Hi I am trying to find my father's friend who served in the national service in Herford, Germany between 1959 and 1961. His name is Vic Scowen and he was in HQ 4 division- last known as living in Tottenham.                                                                                                               

  Many thanks

 Julia Endell

Ken Godfrey has sent me the attached photograph for inclusion in 'The Notebook', with a note 'where are they now?'
The photo depicts:  Ken Godfrey (centre) with A/D 3913 NERO.  On his left, BRIAN SLAMMAKER and on his right, GORDON ROSS.
The photograph was taken at RAF CARDINGTON during 1956/7.
I will forward any info onto Ken.
Gerry Hopkins

I am trying to find Cpl Eric James Tennant (Jim) QPCI. Jim Joined the RAF in the early 80's and was initially stationed at RAF Coningsby where I was the SI Cpl. I left the RAF in 84 and we lost touch. I believe he went to RAFG possibly Laarbruch and later returned to Norfolk. On leaving the RAF Jim worked at Manchester airport, possibly in computer security and lived in the Stockport area. He originates from Ingleton in North Yorkshire. Does anyone have contact with him or can they pass on a contact telephone number or email address?
Simon Farmer

Trying to locate Julian Ogden, last heard of at RAF Lyneham approx 1993-1994 any info to Dave Thompson at dave.thompson6@btopenworld.com,

I came across your site while hunting for possible connections.
I am looking for anyone who remembers my father the name I have on my birth cert is Ricci Cyril Baden Powell born 1934. He served in the RAF REGT. All I know is that he was in Cyprus and was part of the cycle team and I have vague memories of a photo of him in an acrobatic group where they form a human pyramid. He married in 1958 so it was probably between 1951-57. At the time he would of been living in Sussex/Surrey. Any and all help would be gratefully appreciated!!!!
Rebecca elementalcolours@gmail.com / elementalcolours@hotmail.es
Thanks!!!!! and best wishes.

As the saying goes, I am pleased to announce that the report of my death was greatly exaggerated. Please therefore update the records to show that I still exist.
On page three of “Where are they now” it was reported that Merv Richardson was trying to locate Anne Corfield, wife of the late Ted Corfield - last known at Wildenrath in 1971. 
I am not sure how or where they had heard of my death, but I can assure everyone that Anne and I are very much alive and enjoying retired life. Due to the message, Anne and I have now made contact with Merv and his wife Anne and in fact we met them and spent some very pleasant time together earlier this year.
Many thanks to Phil Sergeant for passing on the message from Merv.
Ted & Anne Corfield

X Group Aden 1963-1965 Khornmaksar
Were you a doggie man at the above at anytime?
If so, please contact roy buttle at rebuttle@hotmail.co.uk - Handler to the infamous 4323A/D Rex
Many thanks in advance
Roy Buttle

Can anyone provide details about LEONARD MANTON, middle name possibly WILLIAM?  He was based at 14 OTU RAF Market Harborough around 1944/6 and was ground crew.  I believe he was a corporal, and was married. He may have been born around 1917. Any information at all to Rosie Burrows at rburrows2206@aol.com  Photo attached.

I am trying to trace two people and hope our members can assist.
The first is a Rosemary Street who was the daughter of Master Air Crew Street at RAF Hemswell in 1962 and later served as an SACW at the RAF Police School Debden in 1963.
Secondly SAC Pete Ironmonger who served as the Commendant JWE's chef at RAF Old Sarum 1965/67 and was my best man at my wedding in March 1966
Any info re these two would be appreciated. Many thanks
Jim Davey ex D4268934 Cpl RAF Police


Just arrived back at my desk and my first task is to thank you very much for your help in contacting Martin.   And yes, I have had a long chat to him which was much enjoyed by us both.  Thank you very much indeed !  What an unexpected success;  within a day !   Wonderful.

And also thank you to your organization; Mr. Wardell (?) whom I first emailed and he presumably put the message on your Web site and also your former Chairman, Mr. Walton.

Importantly, having established contact with Martin after 40 years, it promises to open up a route to finding three others whom we have not heard from in as many years.   My intention is to continue to seek the 23 who were on course together and perhaps arrange a reunion in the New Year, maybe in July which is a significant month for our course.

So, in old naval slang I think I owe you not just ‘sippers’, but ‘gulpers’  !     (in the days when we had the ‘tot’ - that was, our daily rum ration, as I am sure you know – repayment of a favor was often made by offering a small mouthful of your tot; = sippers;  a big favor warranted two mouthfuls ; = ‘gulpers’ !)

I shall encourage Martin to contact your association again when in due course we have our reunion and I shall let you know how it goes.

Very many thanks indeed, Badger;

Kind regards,

Roy Smart.


My enquiry concerns the possible membership of your organization of a Martin Edmunson.      Martin was for a time in the Royal Navy undergoing aircrew training with me and 20 colleagues back in 1969.

I am planning a reunion  for these colleagues and am seeking contact with Martin.    One of our number recalls meeting him many years ago as a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF Police Service and I wonder if he might be a member of your organization.  Or perhaps, someone in your organization may be able to help in confirming this information, one way or the other and help in tracing him.

I would be most grateful for any help you can give and happy for you to pass on my contact details in this regard.

Thank you for your assistance,

Roy Smart.

(Lieutenant Commander, RN, Retired)

Just found your website and am asking for help in finding a dear friend with whom I lost contact in the mid/late 70's. His name is Bill Shaw, (not RAF Police) and he was in the RAF during 60's/70's and maybe into the 80's. Was a well-known field hockey player (RAF Eastleigh 1965/66, RAF Laarbruch 1975/76), also was in the RAF Germany 10pin bowling team. Was stationed at SHAPE in 1970/71.  I have almost exhausted all avenues to try and find him and his wife Mary and their 3 "children" (all grown up now), Susan, Christopher, and Gillian. Anyone knowing Bill and his possible whereabouts please contact me at BRITENN@AOL.COM. Thanks so much. Bill Gillis (Cpl. RAF 1961/70)

Ms Spencer has contacted me - she is looking for her father.
"I am 22 years old and last saw him when I was 6. His name is Chris Spencer, he is in his mid 40's. And was based at North Coates (cleethorpes) as a fireman in the Royal Airforce, about 18-24 yrs ago.
I hope you can help as i have been searching a while the only problem is i do not know his date of birth.
Thank you for your time Lizzy Spencer"
I know he is a Fireman but can anyone help?

I am endeavouring to locate Ian Chalmers, Chris Daly and Jeff Moston, all ex Fairford and any others who served there for a reunion 14-16 May 2010 next year. The organising is going well but it would be great if anyone can blow the cover of the Fairford Three!
Geoff Phillips
Custody Standards Manager
Criminal Justice Department, Surrey Police Headquarters, Mount Browne, Sandy Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1HG.

Hi.....a challenge for the retired QPD world, I am trying to find Kev and Ruth Pullen (Kev was Sub Cpl QPD 280 Su Troodos 1983-85). Kevin and Ruth are my son's godparents and have not seen him since 1984/5. I think that Kev and Ruth are possibly now divorced. Son graduates this year and I would like to get in touch with them. Can the QPD "Mafia" help?

Chris Gausden

 28/7/09 Group Capt Peter Everett ( RAAF ) and Alick Whyte are now in contact thanks to my bothering John Walton .John in turn contacted Wg Cmdr WHYTE (Retd) who said he would be more than pleased to hear from the AussieNice e mail response of thanks, he's as pleased as punch. So you can notch up another success for the page 'Badger'

I am GP CAPT Peter Everett (RAAF, RET). In 1978-80 as a SQN LDR I served on an exchange posting in MOD, during which time I formed a friendship with a RAF Police officer, SQN LDR Aleck Whyte. I have since lost track of Aleck, but as I am now again living in London for the next two years I would very much like to contact him. I would be grateful for any assistance you could give in tracking him down. My e-mail address is ganly265@btinternet.com.

Thank you

Peter Everett

My name is Paddy (Frank) O'Connor
I live in Dublin.
I am trying to find Terry Summerfield from RAF St Mawgan fire service 1967-1968.
Terry was from Plymouth.
Thank you

13 July 09 success - contact made - thanks to Dave Swaithe

I have been asked by Diane Darnell, the widow of ex Sgt Bruce Darnell, if an enquiry can be placed on the RAFPA web site to trace very good friends of her and Bruce. She is trying to get in touch with Colin Braziel and his wife. If anybody can help then if they contact me via my web address, paulr636@talktalk.net , I will pass it on to her.

Paul Ramsay (ex WO RAFP)

30 June 09 success - contact made after 27 years - thanks to Steve Silver. I was offered a bottle of single malt as a thank you but I resisted and asked for a donation to H4H.  Colin has contacted H4H and told them the story and the success and donated £25 in the name of the RAFPA. Webmaster

I am an 'ex' L8095835 RAF J/T Fitter Weapons 11 Squadron, RAF Binbrook. The day I arrived at Binbrook, I travelled to the station with Raf Policeman J8097317 Lesley (or Leslie) P Herridge (Les). We became good friends remaining in contact for several years, Les visiting me after I left the RAF and also coming to my first wedding. Gleaning what information I can from old letters, the following is a list of dates and stations I believe he served on :- RAF Binbrook 1972, RAF Leuchars 26-10-1972, RAF Aldergrove BFPO 801 11-11-1973, BFPO 27 31-7-1974, RAF Oakhanger 25-6-1976. I have tried several avenues to try to trace him without success. I live in Leeds and can be contacted on my mobile phone, 07929 214569, or via email at this web address. Thanking you in anticipation. Colin Stephenson

Looking for the following ex Bruggen guys:
Mick Watkins, Pete (Eggy) Eggleston, Dave Waldie, Eamon Doyle,
John (Shep) Shepherd, John Cox and Mark Searle.

Please contact Dave Thompson via bruggen2009@hotmail.co.uk


 02 Jan 11

I have found Ray who has now retired from the Civil Police and is living with his wife in Bristol.  Caught up with him for a meal and a few beers just before Xmas.  It was thro this site that a serving RAFP (name not known) living in Bristol area spotted his name and gave him a call. Taff

I am trying to locate an old friend of mine Ray Anderson. He originated from Bristoland joined the RAF Police in Aug 66. We served together at RAF Khormaksar in 1967 and at RAF Episkopi 1970-1973. We were both promoted from Cyprus, I went to P&SS (SS) and he was posted to RAF St Athan where I believe he served for a few years and then left the Service. His wife is named Ros and they were married a few weeks before they arrived in Cyprus. . Any help in finding him would be appreciated.

Taff Summers

Wanting to contact an ex-colleague of mine.

Martin Garey served with me at RAF Gatow between 1976 & 1979. Originally from Fleetwood, he was married to Alison and they had two children. Lost contact when I was posted back to UK in '79.

Peter Farrant

Some clippings of RAFP Dog Handlers who were attached to ADU-NI that were sent to me by Eddie Clinton of ADU-NI Association.
Would like to try and put names to the last 6 as I have an e-mail address for Sandy.
It would be nice if we could track them down for the Dedication in August.
Steve Lamacraft

Hi, I have been trying to `findŽ a long lost service pal who I served with in Aden HQ P&SS during the period of 1966 - 67.
Details: Cpl Frank Costello who worked at Movements RAF Khormaksar. Frank was a keen Body Builder and was involved [together with myself] in the local service Scout Movement. As far as I know Frank left HM shortly after returning to UK from Aden in 1967.
I was a serving member of RMP [also at time Cpl] whilst in Aden and unfortunately lost sight of Frank late 1967 - after 10 months in London Dist Pro Coy I was posted abroad and only returned to UK in 73 and by then the trail was cold.
I now live in Berlin [since being discharged locally in 1983]
Any help in tracing Frank would be appreciated -
Bob Tickner, Berlin-Heiligensee

Ms Sarah Atwood, the daughter of Sheila Olive Priggen, who served at the RAF Police School in Staverton 1947 / 48, would like to hear from anyone who remembers her mother. Please contact Ms Atwood via Steve Davies at steveguida@hotmail.com

I am trying to locate Hugh M. Ayers, an RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain, he’s abut 87 years old now. Date of Birth is 1 January 1922.npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->

Any help would be appreciated.


Rob Carver

Hi my name is HeatherWard and my husband was in the RAFP from April 66 to June 82. I would like to find John and Pat Pollard from RAF Aldergrove in early seventies and any one who knew us at RAF Aldergrove 79/82 or at any other station in UK or abroad. My husband left as Sgt Vic Ward , he was also on Queens Flight. Also Brian and Jean Boston,Mike and Sue Ward anyone who was in Cyprus in 67 to 69 Kai Tak and Group Cpt Brian Anstey. and anyone from Rudloe Manor 75/79.

I would love to get in touch with an old friend from my days with the RAFPD in Germany, Wildenrath. 1975 onwards.
Neil Edgeley who came from Bradford Yorkshire.

Neil or anybody, who would know of his whereabouts
Please contact me on mobile 07799894830 or 07799894840

Thank you.
Paul Bannell

Can anyone please help with the location of the following who apparantly appear on the web site Servicepals, and state they served in the RAFP during the dates given. I believe none of them are currently members of the RAFPA therefore if we can locate them and give them the 'Snowdrops Shilling' we may increase our membership.

Barry Webb 1952-1957. Martyn Thomas 1967-72.
Raymond Dolton 1953-1958. Steve Woodburn 1980-1987.
William Cairns 1951-1953. Rus Buswell 1975-1989.
Phillip Jones 1962-1969. Chris Lordan 1958-1960.
Ged Robb 1980-2007. Kevin Nicol 1986-2008.
Barry Hemmings 1958-1960. Trevor Lewis 1954-1957.
Adrian Voller 1959-1961. Alan St.John 1952-1953.
Brian Dixon 1962-1974.


Contact made 16/03/09
I am trying to trace Ann Blucher, she is the daughter of the late Flight Sergeant Ben Blucher, known to all as 'Black Ben' by all who knew him at RAF Wildenrath and Bruggen 63/65.
I last heard of her living in Melbourne in 2003 and was her married name was Roberts
I would also be delighted to hear from former colleagues
Jim Davey D4268934 Dec 61/70

 - contact made 9/2/10 and Colin and Ray now in touch
Member Colin Stocks is trying to trace an ex RAFP colleague. He is Ray Milne, and they last met at Debden in Nov 1960. Colin can be contacted through the webmaster.

I have been contacted by an ex USAF K9 handler who trained at RAF Debden in 1967. He wishes to get in touch with DAVE GUTHRIE. - contact made 13th Jan 09 - thanks to Stewart McArdle
Also an old colleague of mine from RAF Geilenkirchen, Ian Smillie is trying to locate another ex RAF Policeman, PHIL DAVIES, who served with us there in 1964.
Grateful if anyone could pass any information on to me.

Jim Henry

I am making this request on behalf of Gary Hopgood, a member of the association (Membership No. 2039), who for some unknown reason is having problems in getting our website.
He is trying to make contact with an old friend, JOHN BOORN, formally a Dog Handler in the RAF Police, who on leaving the service established some Dog Boarding Kennels near Marazion, Cornwall, but has since moved and they have lost contact
Dennis Shipton

I have just come across your website and was wondering if you could help me locate a friend of mine, who I have been unable to contact for several years.
He is now retired from the service Cpl Dave Taylor, a RAFP dog handler who when I last heard from him was working on a base in lincolnshire.
Many Thanks
Spence Braithwaite

I would very much like to trace Cpl Peter Nicholls, RAF Police (provost) He and I were at Netheravon on the provost course in 1956 and were then posted to HQ P&SS at Acton on the Radio Team. Later at RAF Hornchurch for policing troop flights from Southend Airport for the Suez fiasco, then on to Akrotiri Cyprus. He would be about 72 or so now and lived in East London. I would very much like to meet up with him again, we were such good friends.

Thanks, from John Scott (Scotty).

I see you have a picture of Ian Scroggy on this page of the website http://www.rafpa.com/photos4.htm linked to http://www.rafpa.com/is.htm

I was wondering do you have any contact for Ian just wondering if he is a relation of myself as it is an unusal name and this one is spelt the same way as my own?

Ian W Scroggy

I'm trying to trace the whereabouts of Steve Mooney. I served with him on dogs at RAF St Mawgan about 1989-1991.Last I heard was that he left the RAF and became a storeman at Plymouth dockyard. Any info would be appreciated. Email me please.

Nick Lindsay

Searching for John Hewetson

He went to school at Burnage Grammar School, Manchester in the ‘50s. Whilst there he earned his ATC wings and took me on a flight from Ringway, where his father worked. At that time they lived in Wythenshawe – he went on to do his National Service whilst I went to Liverpool University, where I joined the University Air Squadron ( and my licence is still current). His number was 3523846, and I last heard of him at ATCC on Church Fenton. Does anyone remember him, or best of all – know where he is now?? Derek Bryant

Hoping to find anyone who can put me in touch with Ann Murtagh who served on Support Sqd in the early 70s. Ann married, I believe, twice. The last time I saw her in the 80s, she was married to Robert Smith. I have reason to believe she is now widowed and lives in Cyprus. I am hoping to find Ann before I go back to Cyprus in May 2009. Many thanks.
Sheila Humphreys (nee Godfrey) aka Scoobie!

Anyone know where Keith Stronach is? He was in RAF Aldergrove between 77-79. He was best man at Julie & my wedding.
Steve Parker

I'm looking to contact my old shift mate Conrad Wright .
Conrad, who I would describe as the salt of the earth, was my absolute best mate and shift boss when I served at RAF Wattisham in 1975. We both lived at Felixstowe and had many a great time at work and off duty together.
Regards - Geoff Brewer

I am contacting you about an item on Page 5, Where are they now?
The whereabouts of a SCOTT SANDERSON were required, by Paul Berczeller, pb@ten.clara.co.uk
My younger brother, John, was in the RAF Police. A photograph, taken December 18 1959 has the name Scott Sanderson among the others on the reverse. There are fifteen in the group.
I have tried to contact Paul Berczeller, by e-mail, at the address given, but have had them returned.
I have a spare copy of this photograph, which I would like to pass on to him.
Could you please advise me about any further ways of contacting him?
Sincerely, Thomas R. Gordon