Here They Are

The "Where Are They Now " is very successful but some members have indicated that they would like their email addresses to be notified to the world so that they can be contacted if you knew them and have lost touch. As usual, send me the details but I must add that other people see these pages and you may get junk email, or visits from the HMRC, VAT, CSA etc. So only request this service if you are sure you are whiter than white (can I say that?). Well we did wear the white hats so we're the good guys.


Can you help to put me in touch with my RAFP colleagues? I served from 1958.

Many thanks

Andrew McMeekin



My name is Mike Blezard. I was an RAF Policeman from 1958 to 1973. I served at RAF Chigwell, RAF Changi 59-62, RAF Turnhouse 62-64, RAF Episkopi 64-67, RAF Machrihanish 67-70 HQAFCENT 70-72, finally RAF Leuchars 1972-73. If any one would care to get in touch I would be pleased to hear from them, via my e-mail address,


looking for ex RAF pals from RAF Borgentreich Germany or later known as 537 Unit Aunheuson, am in contact with some but still a few I cannot find

Brian Arnold


I am making a general request to see if anyone I worked with remembers me - Richard Stevenson

1981 to 1982 RAF North Cotes

1982 to 1983 RAF Kinloss

1983 to 1986 C Flight RAF Laarbruch

1986 to discharge in 1986 RAF Leuchers

My e-mail address is


Dear Webmaster,
At eighty years old, I am contacting you for one of the very few times that I have been at the site. I attach a brief resume, showing what I have been doing, after leaving the RAF Police.
I joined the RAF in March 1953 for National Service. I was square-bashed at Hednesford and did my RAF Police training at Netheravon, starting in June 1953. I was, thereafter, in the Provost branch, stationed at Number 4 District, RAF Police, at Duxford, near Cambridge. We patrolled East Anglia. Our CO was W/Cdr. Henniker-Heaton, followed by W/Cdr. Worthing. Our Warrant Officer was W/O Climie and our senior NCO was “Chiefy Poole”. My billet officer was Barry Shaw, who often patrolled with Dick Clifford.
In 1956, I did two weeks of reserve service in the guard-room, at RAF Ventnor – the WWII Radaar station on the Isle of Wight, from whence I come.
I was a colleague of Steve Linge and Michael Floyd, both corporals who were killed on duty, in March 1955, driving in the Fens, in their LandRover, in a snowstorm. I and my wife (then fiancee) had just spent a happy lunch-time at the Cum Loong Chinese Restaurant in Cambridge, with Mike Floyd, on the day of his death. I represented the unit at his funeral in Par, Cornwall. I have been married to my wife Gabrielle, for almost 58 years. I am a lay Eucharistic Minister at my local Anglican Church, in Burke Virginia.
I was 2585774 Corporal Jones, David – Royal Air Force Police.
David C. Jones
Chartered Public Finance Accountant,
Chartered Certified Accountant (UK)
4936, Andrea Avenue,
Annandale. Virginia. 22003.



Bill Clarke told John Curtis that he enjoys keeping up with all the RAFP Association news, but is not a member.
He lives in hope of coming across someone that might know him and possibly more to the point, might wish to remember him.
He joined the Royal Air Force in 1953 and was at RAF Netheravon on course No.40 from October to December.
The course instructor was Sgt Malcolm Harding who Bill recalls was a fabulous guy.
On the same course were two members of the WRAF, one he believes was possibly called Margaret, and the other Pat.
He became a dog-handler stationed at RAF Rye in Sussex and then RAF Gibraltar.
Prior to that he spent 11 months on station duties at RAF Leighton Buzzard HQ 23 Group Flying Training Command.
Bill lives in Nottinghamshire and since retiring is very active in the RBL working as a volunteer caseworker for Leicester and Derby County Offices covering four counties.
Anyone who may know Bill can contact him on


By chance I came to your site and it is a great idea !
Would it be possible to include my details into your list of seeking old mates?
My details are
Phillip Allan Geraghty
ex Cpl RAFP P8091161 serving from 1971 to 1975.
My last post was NCO i/c Guardroom RAF Bruggen.
Now living in the Netherlands for the last 40 years



In the local pub here in Budleigh Salterton, East Devon, I have met a lady (and her husband) whose father is aged 97. After being a RAF batman, in 1942 he became a doghandler. His name is John Shepherd and his wife's name was Jean Mary Curtis who was a parachute packer. John left the RAF at the end of the war.
Sadly John has lost much of his memory and can't at present, remember his service number, but the family are searching old letters to see if it was ever written down.
My request is if by chance anyone out there knows of John please let me know.

John Walton


Hello I have just seen a picture from Paul Ramsey (in Photos) ,husband of Wendy, of WRAF Kennel maids. Could be 1960, what memories.
I am on that picture!
Please pass my details, maybe I will get mail from friends I knew then.
I am not on Facebook. As I say I am new at this, I think they call us ‘silver surfers’ !!
Jan Green


This is a shot in the dark, I am trying to make contact with one of your ex contempories who unfortunately I have lost contact with.

His name is George Pace ex F/S RAF Police Dog Handler. My wife and I were friends of George and Judy whilst serving at RAF Wildenrath 1979 - 82. After Wilders George went to Wyton to set up a Dog section and then I believe he went to Newton as Dog Inspector ( If thats the right phraseology ).

Unfortunately the last time I seen George was when he turned up at our home at West Drayton on the day of my sons funeral completely unaware of what had happened and my memory is rather blurred of the occasion but I thought he said he was coming out of the service and settling in the Lincoln area.

Would it be possible to see ( via your fine website ) if he is a member of your organisation or anyone know of his whereabouts. I would be ever so grateful if you could do that for me.


Pat McLarnon


My name is Mike Hancock and I am an ex RAF Linguist/ROV/CSA(V)/Int An (V) etc - we had more name changes in our trade than there are Smiths in the Phone Book! I served at Gatow, Luffenham, Digby, Brawdy, Celle, Main Building, and took part in the 1st Gulf War; I reached the rank of Warrant Officer in the trade.

Whilst not in the RAFP, I did have several mates who were. One, who is sadly now departed, was Cpl Dave Bolam - I am still in contact with his wife, Jan. Another mate, with whom I did square bashing at Swinderby in 1966 (so his number must be 4282...) is/was Sgt Phil Barrett . Is he still around, if so could you pass my email address to him please. Other names I remember were Graham Dring and Red King, and a Flt Lt who was OIC the Caravan Club at Gatow in the 80s I think (memory going, must be senility creeping in!)
I did work for over a year at P&SS HQ at Henlow, as the office manager. There were 2 RAFP NCOs there too (one Cpl from Sunderland I believe, and a Sgt) - both of whose names I have forgotten, in about 2005.
Hope you can help.
Many thanks
Mike Hancock

Last Sunday (21 Apr 13) met an old school friend of ALISTAIR GRANT who served in the RAF Police for 3 years during the late 1950s.

Alistair served in Cyprus in 1958 during the Eoka campaign and would dearly love to hear from any former comrades who remembered him and perhaps served with him in Cyprus.

I understand that he enjoyed a successful civilian life and ran a major bakery in Scotland but over the years he has often wondered if any of his
RAF Police mates are still around.

Should this enquiry prove fruitful I will contact Alistair's school pal who can pass on any messages and perhaps we will gain a new member of the RAFPA.

Best wishes..... Brian Whitaker

01158 370047

I know this chap I am going to mention is not a member of the RAF Police Association, but he served in the RAF Police from December 1955 to December 1967. I first met him whilst we were stationed at RAF Wildenrath between 1961 and 1963.

His name is Ray Hampton and he is at present in hospital suffering with lung cancer. It has been operated on recently and hopefully things just may look up for him, but he is in a lot of pain at the moment.

Can you please pass this on just in case any of our members know of, or in fact served with Ray, and would like to pass on their good wishes for a speedy recovery. You can always give a point of contact as my email address, Ray is not on email contact, but I will pass on any good wishes as he lives not far from me here in Gloucester.

Thanks for your help.


Tony Batchelor.


My name is Ben West and I am writing on behalf of my Father Brian West. Brian served in the RAF police 53 to 56 and was on duty the day of the incident below. I do believe it was National Service still.

24-Aug-1955 Cpl Raymond Peter Grayer (4069233) 22. RAF Manston Kent UK. Killed by an American soldier who went berserk shooting and killing people in his path. From your website.

Raymond was a great mate of my fathers and he happened to be riding a bike when he was shot.

Reason for the email then is to see if there are some people that may remember him or vice versa that are still around.

He was one of the 10 pound poms and moved to Australia and joined the RAAF Police.

Regards Ben West

My name is Robert Johnston Payne (Bob Payne). I was in the R.A.F.Police for 22 years from 1957.

I only found this site this year through a friend, and for the first time looked at the back pages of 'Where are they now'.

On Page 6 I found that a lady by the name of Evelyn Holder has been trying to find me for her father Robert Holder with whom I served in Gan in 1959. I have tried to e-mail Evelyn Holder but without success - mail returned.

I wonder if you have any means of contacting the lady and giving her my e-mail address which is
Her e-mail address was

I would be most grateful if you could put us in contact as Bob Holder was a friend of mine.

Kind regards

Bob (Payne)

I don't know if any of you remember Flt Lt Mathew (Paddy) Cowap, he was OC Police Sqn at RAF Bruggen till 1970.

I spoke to him last night and although he is 80 yrs old he has almost total recall which is more than I can claim.

He even remembered interviewing me on my arrival from RAF Lyneham and a conversation we had in Welsh.

I also remembers Reg Ball &Pete Mitchell and has asked if anybody remembers him to drop him an e mail.

Huw (Taff) Rees

My name is Ernie Randall,I served as a Police Dog handler at Habbaniya from 1957-1959.I would be pleased to hear from anyone police or otherwise who new me.I spent four years in the RAF POLICE and also served in Nicosia,Northern Ireland,at RAF Ballycastle known also as RAF Murlough Bay,I completed my service at RAF Feltwell in Norfolk.

My email address is

I started my service with IX at Honington, got to know a fair number of the Batty Folk quite well. For most of the time I was stuck behind at least three fence lines, a wide open space covered in Intruder Detector Alarms etc.

Given that for most of the time I was then fully armed then I doubt anyone remembers, the rest of the time the Ix folk might have seen me I would have been in blues and wearing a white hat.

So when I went to Bruggen I was pretty hacked off because at Honch we were all pretty relaxed so it came as a shock to my system a bit when my new boss demanded I that remove the IX Sqn zaps from webbing and combats. Thankfully IX came out to Bruggen a few months later, I was the lunatic copper doing a solo Mexican wave from my post on the QRA when IX landed.

I'm pleased to say I caught up with a few remembered faces, met a few more, and taught the rest of A Shift RAFP that there was more to life in the Royal Air Force than running round fussing about with 31, 17, 14, sqdn's. When the professionals, IX.

It turned up my colleagues learned an awful lot. Namely. "f you ever have a problem with IX get a hold of me and I'll sort it."

They never had to, I got their minds focused on the rest of the sqdn's, all the best to you and yours, all current and passed members of IX and the lads and lasses out in Iraq, Afghan or wherever the heck they've put IX.

I just wanted folk to know that not all snowdrops were, (not fun) some of us kind of adopted Sqdn's and in Aug 83 ish I adopted, (or got adopted by IX)

When I got posted out to Bruggen at first I hated it. Complete pain in the ankle I hated it, then when IX arrived, I knew the next year and a bit were survivable. The lads and lasses from Honch who knew me knew they wouldn't get off with anything serious but they knew that if they found me they would get a better treatment. I was and still am massively proud of having worked with IX.

I'll let you away with the answer there. If there's anything you can do with my comments just go for it. I'm a published writer these days and write lyrics for a fair number of bands.

You take care now man, and to all of IX, current or former. (Blaedsain Beon Se) That's Anglo Saxon for"Blessings Be Upon You."

Cheers N Beers, best wishes and blessings.
Andy "Jailbait Ritson , call sign on our net was black 4-6.

My name is Mike Hancock (service number D4282619), served from 1966 to 2000 at such places as RAF Gatow, Digby, North Luffenham, Wyton and Celle, would like to contact anyone who remembers me (who I haven't already made contact with via such sites as RAF Linguists Association). Can be contacted on Many thanks and looking forward to renewing some old contacts.

What a shock to be told that you are dead, I suppose it was worse for the guy that told me who must have thought he was seeing a ghost. (See Obits)

I can say with total confidence that I am very much alive & that all reports, rumours or other statements to the effect that I am no more, have poppped my clogs, gone to meet my maker, joined the choir celestial etc, etc are incorrect, much to the relief of my wife, three kids & two grand daughters.

How the report originated from the mentioned agent, who wasn't directly attached to our unit but back in the D.E.A. Miami field office, I can't say for certain but I'm assuming that it was a case of "Chinese whispers" because some years ago I was serving in the U.S.A. & a counter narcotics officer & on one operation did take a round but into my body armour, this resulting in a couple of bruised ribs & me having an unplanned dip in the Caribbean.

As for my family members part I can't shed any light at all as to how they got hold of this report as I have been estranged from them for many years & didn't even know that they still had my old computer or any of my old files or whatever.

So basically, I am still very much alive(this news possibly giving pleasure to some while disappointing others) while a little bit battered around the edges by both passing years & my reckless behaviour while serving in all kinds of "wonderful" places over the years but still very happy with life.

If you can please send my regards to any that may remember me fondly & my very best wishes to & for all the serving R.A.F.P. out there especially those in the hot zones.

Thank you very much for your help.

Very best regards,

Daryl Beckett

This is the original entry:


It is with regret that I forward to you, the news that Ex-corporal Darryl Beckett (R.A.F. Bishops Court, believed 1977 or 1978) was sadly lost on duty, while serving with an international group of officers alongside members of the U.S. Department of Justice.

While boarding a suspected small craft, that had entered U.S. waters off the coast of Florida, he was shot twice by one of the crew and died instantly.

He will be missed by all of us who served with him and more so by his widow and young son.

We hope that anyone who may remember him will pause a moment and give thanks for someone who was willing to give his life for the cause.

As he would always say, when signing of to brother officers, " Take care, stay safe and go home after the shift".

All the best,

Samuel J.Kennedy. (Senior Agent. D.E.A.)

We contacted yourselves as Darryl had your site details on his address list and thought it only right. His family hope that someone may remember him and smile at one of his strange ways, of which he had many.

One more thing before we finish off and close down. His superiors in the unit have all said, that his training with yourselves and the R.U.C. must have been good, proved by his ability while in the field.

Thanks again for everything,

Ralph & Angela Beckett (Brother & Sister)

Would love to hear from any OLD colleagues.
Cpl.RegTarrant. 4031183 ex 490/491 Police course at Pershore 1948. RAF Kenley end 1949. No 12 provost Flight Nicosia until July 1952, under DAPM's F/lt Eric Rawlings and F/lt Cooper. Ended Service RAF Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1953.

My name is Maurice Stewart. I was based in the 646 Signals Unit in Obernkirchen Germany between 1957 - 1960!
I would like to post a message to get in contact with anybody who was based in the 646 Signals Unit in Obernkirchen Germany Particularly between 1957 - 1960! Contact through my Grandaughters E-mail Address (this E-mail address)

Update:01/06/10 Fred Mills has contacted Rachael but if there are others who knew Jim please email her
I would like to be in contact with anyone who served with my dad RAF Police 1960-1971 Cpl James Swanson married Pat and he served Singapore, Cyprus, Burma, and of course the UK.
We lost him a few years ago, and we were quite young so would love to hear stories
Thank you
Rachael Swanson

My name is Peter McMurdo l served in the RAF police from 1954 to 1958 in the RAF Provost Police in Germany and would like to get in touch with any old comrades .My No was 1926432 Rank Corporal
Email address

First and foremost I am from the Royal Navy!! And I am enquiring about lost mates for a ex Snowdrop friend of mine who is not on e-mail but can be contacted via me at my e-mail address
He was at the:
Recruitment School
RAF West Kirby
This was circa 1951 he is
Alan Perry 4082258 and is looking for old mates from "A" Squadron 3 Flight.
Anybody out there who wants to contact him please send me an e-mail and I will ensure he gets the message (By the way he lives in Norfolk!

Janet Browning would like to contact friends that she and her late husband Dave knew whilst in the RAFP.
Janet can be contacted at:

I am Ray Verrity 2428207 67 PAFPQC in 1949 at Pershore then to 60MU RAF Rufforth now living in Australia Any one there as old as I am

Hi All,
If you remember Mick House, who served in the 1950's at Honington, 2nd TAF, or Cyprus, he's not a well man, and would welcome any "I remember you", or whatever, messages from past colleagues.
He's not on e-mail, but messages can be sent to a relative of his (who is an Association Member), John Watch, who's e- address is
Regards to all, Dave Wardell.

My name is Anne Greenham.
I care for John Dixon & his wife Stella. He served in Rhodesia 1940 He was then in Nottingham and later Leicester he is 91 and I am trying to find anyone who may have served with him during the war.


Jock Jackson former R.A.F.copper 1952-1954, Bishopbriggs Grangemouth, Sango. Tiree, and points south.Laboured with Bill Andrews, David Duke, (no, not that David Duke ). Now in Texas y!all, and wondering if any old comrades are still alive and kicking.

Bob Hamilton served at 34 PD Hong Kong 1956-59; 24 PD Cyprus 1960-63; 2 PD 1959-60 & 1963-66; 5 PD 1966-67 & RAF North Coates 1959-60. Glad to talk to anyone who knows me.

John Dixon (955995) served in the RAF Police as a Corporal from 1940 to 1945.
During that time (1941 - 44) he served at various stations in Rhodesia.
His carer has contacted me to say that John does not enjoy the best of health.
He constantly talks of his time in the RAF Police.
His carer ask,
a, does anyone remember John
b, has anything been published about the RAF in Africa during the war.
c,John lives in the Morecambe area
Anyone with any info please contact me direct

John Curtis

My name is Howard Parker I served as a RAF Police Doghandler 1962/71, El Adam 63/65, Finningley 65/66 Wildenrath, 66/69,Cotes 69/70 Finningley 70/71. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me especially
Eddy Edwards, Phil Page, Pete Smith, Dick Oldcorn.
Thank you
H Parker

I was stationed at RAF Wunstorf from June 1953 till Sept 1954. On guardroom staff when I moved to 105 flight Hamburg until Jan 1956 and there after 4 months in guardroom at Gaydon before moving to 7 Police District Castle Bromich attached RAF Ternhill(P&SS)till my demob in January 1958.William Mitchell known as Big Jock.Are any of my friends out there ?

Webmaster, while under instruction of family sprog on his computer came across rafpa site.

Having served 1954-57 rafp took a quick gander.Recognised Mick Cattigan in obits. Knew him
and brother John at Changi. May the sod rest easy on them both.

John Smith


I would like to have an entry in 'Here I am' if I could please. Here follows a potted history -

Joined 79, basic and QPD course at Newton, keen to hear from anyone who was on my basic course.

RAF West Raynham 79-81.(QPD)

RAF Belize 81.(QPD) Took first dogs out with 'Mac' Mcarthy and Martin 'Griff' Griffiths.

RAF Bishops Court 81-83.(QPD)

RAF Marham 83-85.(QPD)

RAF Bruggen 85-90.(QPD and Basic)

RAF Neatishead 90-92.(Basic)- then de-mob.

Wife Bev and I are now proprietors of -

The Brylin Motel, 315 Fenton Street,



New Zealand

0064 7348 0878

Would love to hear from any old colleagues.

Regards Phill and Bev Rendell.

Ian Clingan ex Sgt. C4284906 RAFP/SI/SOCO. 1966 - 88. Served Abn., Scampton, Steamer Point, Mucky Harraq, Hereford, Singapore,Wyton, I Regt RMP NI, Greenham Common x 2, Rheindahlen, Lyneham, Bruggen, St Athan, PSS(SR) Rudloe Manor. Retired and Joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary as first civvy SOCO. Stayed with them for four years and then transferred to Northern Constabuary as SOCO covering whole Highlands and Islands.

This appears on page 2 of the "where are they now section:

Can we help this lady? Did anyone know him?

My father was in the RAF in the sixties and I would love to find some of his old pals for a surprise
Corporal Malcolm John Kightley
Started 1960- Discharged 1963
His RAF police career was as follows.....I think Bridgenorth, Episcopi, Eladam, Tubrook, Wittering.

Petrina Kightley

The email address above is no longer current and I have had the following:

I have been trying to contact above on page 2 of where are they know but the email address for contact is out of date,can you help as I may be the person they are looking for

thanks Clyde Morris ex RAFPolice Episkopi

Can anyone help?

Ex F4279311 Cpl "Nick" Nicholls served from 1965-1970 and stations included RAF Debden, Patrington, Staxton Wold, Steamer Point, Gutersloh, Wattisham & Luqa

I was an RAF Police Cpl from 1953 to 1958 - I was at Netheravon in late '53 and again for Provost training in 1954 - My two main postings were RAF Biggin Hill and RAF Beachy Head.

I have tried other sites to try and find anyone that remembers me but without any success. Can you help?

Daniel (Dan) Nutt

Does anyone remember the nurses on course 94G at Wegberg late 1976 to early 1978? Many of our male friends were snowdrops! The nurses are: Berni Jackson, Sue Dent, Denny Ash, Roseanna Schoebella, Monica Byrne, Jayne Halford and myself Belinda Goodhead. We would love to hear from anyone who remembers our merry band.

11 July 11 - this is now closed - all contact needed has been made

Ann Robinson nee Davies. I was at HQP & SS( SR ) 1978 to 1980 and previously at RAF Newton would be good if anyone remembers me or to get in touch with me.

Can be contacted on


Tom Brewster (tenderfoot) joined RAFP 1960 Cpl 1938942 ex brat served Feltwell, Shepard's Grove then to dogs trained RAF Netheravon 1961, back to shepards grove , Bishops Court, To RAF Tengah 1964, To RAF Cottesmore 1967, Then to Germany Wildenragh demob 1970.

Would like to hear from any one who remembers me some names come to mind Pete Gibbons, Paddy Thompson , Happy Habgood , Chappie Chapman, Dave Fotheringham, Dave Remnalt, Ging

Hi There, I have just had contact from Ex RAF Police Dog Handler Bernie Hines who now lives in America,he joined RAF in February 1953 until February 1958.He wonders if anyone can remember him. After the RAF Police he joined the Royal Canadian Air force Police,then eventually finished up in the American Air Police. Heres hoping someone may remember him. Harry

Jim Chown I served in the R. A.F. Police from 1941 till 1946. I was stationed at Blackpool - Oswestry - Police training at Uxbridge - 24 Group H.Q. Hindlip Hall - Carberry Manitoba, and Swift Currant Saskatchewan, Canada - Scotland - Bibury Glos; - then to S.E.A.C. - Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaya - i/c M.T. on 20 Prov Det; On June 29th 1946, I took the personnel of the detachment to K.L. Airport to catch a D.C.3 to Rangoon, later that day learning the aircaft had gone down in the South China Sea - all were lost - 23 lost their lives - comprising 3 crew - and 20 R.A.F. Police - half a dozen from Singapore, and our 20Prov Det from K.L. Our C.O.- F/L Noble, D.A.P.M. - Cpl; Alec Lycet, and myself came home on demob. jchown @

Mike Greenaway.Served 1954-1976.Postings,West Kirby, Netheravon,West Malling,South Witham,Hornchurch,Laarbruch 1956-58, Colerne,4District Innsworth,Hafmed Malta, Hullavington,Aden Steamer Point, Waddington, Laarbruch 1970-73,HQ Strike Command, 3 District Spittlegate and finaly Newton.I Would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew me.

My father, Sid Ruck, served in the RAF Police from 1951 - 1988. If anybody would like to get in touch please contact me at and I will forward any message

Many thanks

Paul Ruck

Hi, don't know what the hell I'm doing and new to the 'internet' game, but got here using 'RAF Police' on a search engine. If anyone out there is this new wierd and wonderful computer world knows 'lumpy' from P&SS(SR) please E-Mail me on Chris Lumb.

I served in the RAFP (Dogs) from 1953 to 1958, served at Netheravon, Sandwich,Alness,Stafford and Newton. Recently met up with Peter Hunt (former WO RAFP) who now resides most of the year in Thailand. Anyone who remembers either of us, love to hear from you. I have lived in the USA for the last 40 ears, serving subsequently in the RCAF and USAF police.

Bernie Hives

I have had an approach from ex snowdrop R B Taff Wilkins ex 4051516 1950 to 1955. Now living in Newport, South Wales. Any one wishing to contact, please let me know.


My Father, Donald George Leaker 2438166 , served as a member of the
R.A.F. Police from July/49 to July/51.

He currently resides in British Columbia, Canada. I am sure he would like to hear from any of his old friends.

If you would like to send info to me, I will make sure that he receives it. My e-mail is

Thank you,
Bernie Leaker

Having seen on the Web site a number of people asking for information on Charlie Crossan, I decided to give him a call and get his permission to assure all who have asked that he is still with us. He gave his permission in his usual manner so here it is. He can also be contacted through

We are Erna and Dave Butcher and Dave was a CPL in the RAFPolice until 1992, we were stationed at RAF Laarbruch from 1984 to 1988 and 1989 to1992 and at RAF North Coates from 1988 to 1989. We would love to hear from you! Contact

With regards Erna Butcher, The Netherlands

If anybody wants to get in touch with Sgt Ken Tate RAF Police 1960ish to 1986, serving at Debdon, Upwood, Rudloe, Rhiendalen,Bruggen,Benson and Cranwell. Then feel free to e-mail me and I will pass them on.


John BlackEx RAFP Mounted Section,RAF Habbaniya, Iraq

You can put me on it, the vat and tax have already had all mine. Roy (the Boy) Savage

Jim Henry


Alan Millership