Photographs of RAF Police Flights etc


If you don't have access to a scanner then you can post them to me (email me for that) BUT I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post AND I will require postage and an envelope to return them to you. Obviously all details about the picture as well as your details will be required whichever way you chose to send them.



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I have attached a picture you may think interesting, which is of the Provost Branch officers taken at Debden in 1961.
The names on the back are (Right to Left):
Back Row: Bob Morgon; Chris Burton; Mike Wright; Geoff Whitney; Brian Anstey; Alan Caver; Jenny Laurie.
Middle Row: Mervin David; Don Prosser Higden; George Innes; Ian Young; Roy Farmery; Bob England; Frank Cox; Mike Kennedy; Gerry Bigger.…
Front Row: John Digman; ‘Smokey’ Player; Bobby Lang; Alistair Panton; Jock Craig; Harr(?) Shepperd; Alan Witherington; Alex Smart.

My father Roy Farmery is in the picture.  He was a Sdn Ldr at the time, later Wing Commander at RAF Acton in Bromyard Avenue.  He went on to work within the Civil Service as Security expert, looking at airlines and airports.  Awarded OBE in 1984.  
Smokey Player was a good friend of my dad, we were in Cyprus together in the late ‘50s/early 60s.  I keep in touch with his family; his grandson, Ben Player became professional bodyboard surfer in Australia, 3 times world champion!  Of the others, probably knew Frank Cox and Alan Witherington best.
I hope the picture jogs some memories.

Richard Farmery


From G WALLACE No.10 Flight "D" Squadron, 1 R.T. Wing, R.A.F.Padgate. January 1955

was on here a while ago but has now been added to


Find attached the course photo for No 8 Basic Course (August 1971).

The names, as far as I can remember are:

Standing: ? Taff Jones, Morrison, Ringo Starr, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rees, Ivor Montell.

Sitting: ?. ?. Brown, Taff Rees (Inst), F.O. Shaw, W.O. Moon, ? John Parker, Dick Buxton, Simon Mead.

Kneeling: ?. ?. ?. Rees.

Somebody may be interested.


Dickie Buxton


A Personal Retrospective View of the Dog Demo Team Visit to the USA and Canada - 50 years on
By Michael Hall

Dont know if this works but just had this from my old friend in Oz
Photos of times of 31 pd singapore mid 50s
There may be someone other than self and friend left.

Gerry Sanderson


A Birds Eye View of AMBIORIX KASERNE BELGIUM Circa 1974, known as TONGEREN to those who have been.
Tongeren was the base for the National Support Units for the UK, Dutch, German and Belgium personnel serving at the (JOC) Joint Operations
Centre Maastricht in Holland and UK personnel at the NATO Programming Centre at Glons.
All UK OR's were paid a generous meals allowance to find their own victuals, and unaccompanied SNCO's could if they wish arrange their own accommodation in local hotels or guest houses.
Brits as always seemed to have drawn the short straw, the RAF Support Unit was on the Top Floor of the bottom LH lower Block as was the barrack accommodation.

Ken Turner


Christmas Dinner in the Officers Mess  P&SS NEAF CYPRUS 1965?6?

Rick Schlanker Police Club Chairman at the time


attached photo of C in C review of FEAF Command RAF Police
at Changi in 1956.
Wonder if there are other than two I know of that were on on it.

Gerry Sanderson


From Al Knowler

Please note Al Knowler's email address is now

More photos this time from RAF Akrotiri. On the first and second you can see the RAF P&SS (Cyprus) building, it's the one with the red roof in front of the white building. These were taken whilst flying in a Canberra of 100 Sqn in mid 1989.

The other one shows the Main Picquet Post at Akrotiri taken in mid 1989, this time from a Wessex of 84 Sqn.


Attached a few old photos that I found from my recruiting tour at RAF CIO Southend 1982 - 1985.  Al Knowler


From Al Knowler

I found the attached photo yesterday which I can't remember being taken.!! It was at Akrotiri in either 1989 or 1990 during the Annual Formal Inspection and shows the posh escort land rover of RAF P&SS Cyprus with myself FS Alan Knowler and Sgt Graham Trick standing in the back and Cpl Andy Kyme in the drivers seat. I can't remember the name of the other Cpl in the passenger seat. Maybe one of the other visitors to the web site could provide a name.


From Al Knowler

photos of RAF P&SS (Support Sqn) that were taken at Rudloe Manor in Sep 87

photo of the Dog Section of P&SS(Cyprus) that was taken in Oct 88.

cartoons that were drawn in Cyprus in 1989 and are very loosely based on factual events and characters at RAF P&SS(Cyprus) at that time. The cartoonist was a Cpl Dixie Dean, (I can't recall his christian name) and the character Plod was very loosely based on Cpl Alan Horner.


First Police Flight at RAF Mount Pleasant - 1986 - Terry Clark


From Pete Cook

RAF Marham in the 50s

 I have included as many names as I can remember but being in my 81st year you will appreciate that some escape me – hopefully there may be one or two old codgers still out there who may fill some of the blanks. 

From Ken Turner


Some names I have lost with time, of the RAF Police that I recall in the picture, we have;- Dave Boxall, Dennis Hartley, Allan Rogers, Roy Marlow, Graham Brown and Mat Lord. Yours truly and several others are not there, it must be remembered that this was at the height of the 'Cold War' the Soviet Tanks were at our Eastern Borders therefore prudence dictated that we could not all stand down for a Photo Shoot.

From Paul Ramshaw

RAF Laarbruch 1974 to 1977

From Steve Chadwick

RAF Mount Davis - Hong Kong 1957

From  Dave Acott

I think this was the third course of the year in 1974.

If anyone can correct and fill in the blanks? It seems so long ago

From Ken Turner

Nicosia 1960
Been meaning to send this for a while, there must only be 4 or 5 of us left I know Ken Church and John Watch are still about.

From Ken Turner

Ruislip 1958

From Ken Turner

SBA Police at Episkopi in 1961 and the combined Episkopi and Dhekalia Members

From John Barton

Nicosia 1957 - recognise anyone?

From Stephen Chadwick

HQP&SS (GULF) 1968/9, Travel Control Security based at Muharraq and the other RAF Bishops Court 1970

From Neil Rusling

Number 3 Basic Police Course 1971

For those that remember the Depot, a new memorial just outside the gates towards Debden village.

Martin Uden 

RAF Hullavington's staff 1956

Jack Burton and Churchill sent by his son Mike

From Brian Burgess 

Main Guardroom at No1 ACC

From Kev Hunt


Another from Al Knowler

Sgts Mess at RAF Rudloe Manor showing the KPST at the Retirement Lunch for FS Al Ersham plus others

From Ken Turner

SHAPE as you have probably never seen it before

From Al Knowler

Assorted pictures

RAF P&SS(SR) taken at PMs Inspection in mid 1974. - some names required

 again some names required please on RAF P&SS (NEAF) 1975

Junior Ranks Living in Christmas Dinner at RAF Newton in probably December 1977

 RAF Boulmer 1980

Test Team 1980

From Stuart Sloan - Khormaksar 1963 - 1965

From Bill Sykes - Basic Training Christmas 1954

From Rick Schlanker

Dog School Netheravon Instructors 1961

From Michael Glover

Debden and dog trails in Muharraq

From Anthony Rowley

RAF Wyton about 1959

From Trev Bedford

Basic Police Training Course RAF Debden 1973-74

From Gil Wallace

I came across this photograph showing myself and other (no name). However we two were last to get postings, in meantime we were put on Netheravon's staff for a 2/3 weeks, before being posted

From Ian Clarke

RAF Stanley 1986  

From Gerry White Kai Tak 1960

From David Rose Photographs of RAF Luqa

Some pictures in the 70s from Joe Buttigieg ExRAF (Malta) Police

Plenty of Photos from Gilbert Wallace 1954 to 1957

Have attached some pictures belonging to my father ( Cpl James Williams 4130171) and are from his years in the RAF police as a dog handler , he served from 1953 till 1965 the first of the pictures attached are from his time in Malaya 1953-59 at RAF Butterworth, we’re not sure but he thinks he is the second last with AD Wolf , the next two are from his time at RAF Honington in 1960 in the dog section picture he’s the one with the wellingtons, the other he’s with his dog AD Karl hope they might be useful to your site.


Jim Williams

Herewith some photos of the recent passout parade re Cpl Andrew Melbourne.  Winner of the Provost Marshals Baton and the RAFPA Certificate and Cup

From Chris Gausden

I have been helping out at our local ATC (2412 Sqn Bordon) and whilst clearing out an old security container at the squadron found these pictures. Is Keith Martin still around?


From Chris Lawrence

3 assorted pictures

From Dave Thompson

A Basic Police Course 1974

From Gerald Sanderson  6 March with the answer

Friend that I served with last century has sent me this photo and asks if I knew who they were. I don't Anybody?
From Alan Green
Various pictures from the past
From John Moore

I have just found an old photo of my sister Pat Moore on her RAFP Basic Course at RAF Neverhaven we believe about 1959

From Denis Hunt
Searching through memories of my overall enjoyable life to date, I present the following: 
Memories of RAF Debden Police Dog Training School Dispensary 1968/9
RAF Sharjah Police Dog Trials, 1970
The eventual winner - Cpl Dave Frew & AD Lindi
RAF Sharjah 1970, Three motley dog handlers - L to R: Pete Goodhall, Myself, Harry 'H' Worth.
RAF Debden Basic Police Course No 6, 1/7/1966 (All signatures are on reverse of photo's but no longer able to put names to all the faces I'm afraid.
From Simon Toyne
RAF Waddington  1984 Taken after the SSA closed and before most of the Sy Sqn was posted.

From  Chris Beswick

His dad Tony in Basic Training in 1960

From Alan Smith who lives in China forwarded via Mel Price

From Allan Bell-Brown

1950s RAF Sylt, Germany.

From Marty Uden

'Hearts and Minds Aden style--1967'

From Al Shean

The Dog Section at RAAF Butterworth taken in January 1969 and The WRAF Demo Team of 1966

From Mike Archer

Queen Mary visiting Trowbridge probably during early 40's.

From Garry Hinchcliffe

Basic Police Course 1979

From Chris Gausden

RAFP Odiham 1999

From Pete Cook

Stafford 1956

From Pete Cook

Christmas Island October 1957 to June 1958

From Phil Scurrah

Cosford 1995

From Ken Humphreys

photographs of RAF Bruggen Security Squadron 1981-84 and JSPSU, Falkland Islands 5th O ctober 1990. Not exactly sure of when the Bruggen one was taken. Perhaps some of the members can help.

From David Rose

Earlier this year I started a website for RAF Luqa memories and I've just had a couple of photographs from a guy called Hector Farrugia. The photos are of the RAF Luqa Police flight around 1973 and the other is from around 1978.
If you would like to see these photos they are on in the 'photos' section.

From Richard Brock

P&SS NG about 1988/89

From Jon Scott

A few pictures from all over 1974 to 1977

From Ian Clarke

BPC in 1974 and a Southern Region Test Team mid 80s

From Mike Archer

Gatow today

From Andy Bloomfield

Bishops Court Dog Section 1981 and Akrotiri 1986

From Mike Judd

Only recently did I hear of the death of F/Sgt Frank Terriss in 1986.    Attached are two photographs from 1968.    The group is of 23 PD Ayios Nikoloas (Famagusta,) led by Sgt. Jim Niven.

From Mike Greenaway

An epic football match played in the early sixties between 4 Police District and 3 Police District at RAF INNSWORTH

From Mel Price

I am sending you some photos of Alan Smith who resides in China. He comes over to see me when he is in the UK. He is a friend of Dave Spence too. The photo has needed a bit of restoration which I have done. There will be half a dozen more which show lads during the 50's and 60's. If you could put them on the photo's part for him I would be grateful as I have been promising him for some time to do it.

From Jon Hickson

Honington, Gutersloh, Mt Pleasant......

From Dennis Cothay

assorted photographs from the 50s

From Dave Devonshire

Khormaska Aden 66/67

From Evan Williams

Photos of RAFP 1963 RAF Gaydon. I would like to know if they are still with us.  I believe Taff (David) was at the Police Station in Solihull Birmingham. Information please on ex dog man Len Yomens

Aden 1963-1965

From Paddy Cowap

Paddy's Basic Course at Debden circa 1962.  Can anyone help with the names?

From Terry Kinglake

1963 Royal Tournament team on which I was one of the "criminals".The second is myself in the arena during a double attack.

From Steve Lamacraft

Fairford 1970 - Concorde detail

From Kevin Hunt

No's 3 and 5 Basic Courses and a 1970 CI course

From  Martyn Thomas

Found this picture when sorting out my late mother in laws house, I think the photo was taken in Fonteinbleu late 50`s early 60`s. Her husband was Cpl Tom Bannon extreme right middle row

From Mick Griffin

CSC at USNWF St. Mawgan during the Provost Marshall's visit in 1982 ( I think)

From Gerry Hopkins

Netheravon 1959 and No 12 P&SS Detachment, RAF Geilenkirchen, CPM's Inspection 1964 and Command Dog Trials at Rheindahlen, I think, the same year.

From Spike Window

some photographs of No:9 Drivers Course at Pershore 1949;I'm the one with the Beret. I went on to obtain My Advanced Drivers Cert in July of 1967.

From Keith Bell

The first ever RAF Police Northern Ireland Working Dog Championships - 1962.

From Steve Davies
I received a message from Herr Lutz Sobisiak a former member of the RAF Police Auxiliaries, stationed at RAF Gatow in (West) Berlin up until the unit’s closure and handover in Sept 1994. He sent me a photo of the RAF Police Auxiliaries on the final day which I (hopefully) have attached and which you may wish to add to the website. Maybe some of our members who served in Berlin may like to contact the guys and checkout their website which is a society they have set up to record the history of the 3 Allies who served in West Germany from the end of WWII to 1994. Their site address is:

From Keith Bell

P and SS (Gutersloh) c1980 the event was a visit by Gp Capt Sharp.

From John Curtis

3 PD 1967 with a request for some names

From  John McCumiskey

Here's a selection of Photos from RAF Eastleigh, circa 1964-1965.
Those featuring Newton Spours were kindly lent to me by him. Thanks mate!

From Dave Wise

I did my P2 Course at Netheravon with Phil Haigh in 1959. Phil is centre in Photo attached.

From Spike Window

two pictures of our Band at Pershore back in 1949.  Me with the Big Drum and our march past was,"Dear old Sussex by the Sea"

From Patrick McVeigh
No 1 RAF Police Photography Course RAF Police School Wahn 1955

From Barry Connell
3 Photos - Basic Course, CI Course and Epi Dog Trails

From John McCumiskey

Wyton 1960-61

From Chris Hill
Gutersloh gate area 1946 and Mohne Dam 1945 and Palastine 1946 from  Cpl G.Mills RAFP

Akrotiri Dog Trials

Revolting Cypriots Akrotiri Main Gate Riots..(Sarge,the wagons on fire!!!)

From Norman Button

1960/1  257 Sqdn Warboys.

From DanielNutt
The one of me and the bowser driver was take at RAF Biggin Hill in the mid 1950s, the group one is self explanatory. Both photos are old black & white ones that I have added a bit of colour to.

From Michael Hall
Whilst reading a book called 'V Force', written by Flt Lt Andrew Brookes and printed in 1982, I saw the enclosed photograph which is credited to the Telegraph Magazine. The text alongside indicates that it was taken at Waddington in 1965.
Anyone recognise the aircraft? (or the QPD at the pointed end).
Do hope we are not infringing copyright!
From Badger 
I attach a photo of the Dog Section 3 tonner from Khormaksar , 1966 / 67 . Photo taken by Mick 'Toasty' Hall . Its the Bedford RL in which I first learnt to drive . Its also the scene of 'Toasty's' punch up when his hound decided to have a fight with the dog opposite and the rest of us got out the back 'sharpish '  ! 
 Self rolled up with laughter at the time ~ it was my dog that wanted to get in amongst the scrap but I had to get him out or it would have been carnage )

From Stewart McArdle
Kennelmaids at Netheravon
- they have been named 

From Denny Rock

4FLT. RAF Debden March to May 1974

From Spike via Stewart Mcardle

K9 at RAF Changi 1963 - doghandler unknown

From George Robertson

attached photo of the Police Flight at Heraklis was taken early 1964 I've forgotten most of the names but maybe someone will recognise a familiar face or two.

From Mike White
I was stationed at Nicosia 1958 -  1961 and sometime during 1960/61 an old building was converted into the RAF Police Club, which was just inside of the Levant Barrier.  One of the chaps in the billet, Pete Johnson if my memory serves me well, painted several cartoons on the walls of the club. Pete, I believe,  worked as some kind of advertising person in civvy street and I believe had some work shown on the television or in cinema adverts.

From Chris Wyman

Memories of Greenham Common

From Nigel Bean

a very sad old Debden kennel area

From Michael Hall

Demo Team advance party leaving Debden for the USA - Sep 1969.

'The Magnificent Seven' - some of the Demo Team in the USA 1969- The rodeo arena, Tucson

ancestors of the RAFP(QPD)!

From Michael Hall

a couple of pics from RAF Khormaksar Aden 1967

From Steve Lamacraft

Provost and Security Squadron, RAF Akrotiri 1969

From Mel Price

my basic dog course at RAF Netheravon taken in March 1962

From Chris Wyman

Many more assorted photos from Chris

From Norman Button

Laarbruch Police football team, early 1966.
First Aid Course 1965 at Bruggen.

From Chris Hill

More pictures St Mawgan and Aden

From Les Bishop

' C ' Flt Bruggen, around 86-87.

From Paul Carruthers

Town patrols with USAF/RAFP in Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool during the 1950's.

From Michael Hall

Sy Sqn at RAF Khormaksar, Aden in 1967

From Ian Clingan

RAFP Depot Debden Aug - Sep 1973 SI Course

Bld Sy Flt, JHQ, RAF Rheindahlen Nov 1974

Two pictures from the AGM 2008 (taken by Alan Millership)

From Clive Pellett 

Some distant memories 1971 & 1972

From new member Roy (Tex) Laver

I have just joined the RAFPA but have been browsing the site for a
while. Excellent though the site is it is lacking in pictures from my
era. So tongue in cheek, I offer you the attached to perfect the site.

From Kev Thomas

More from St Mawgan and the reunion

From Kevin Hunt

Happy Days in Gibraltar

From Chris Wyman

More assorted pictures

From me, the webmaster

Thought it was time to include some of my own pictures
second page
updated 30/4/08 with names although some missing

From Bill Baker Australia.
Some cracking old photos. The dogs /bitches are on familiarization Training .
The WAAF on the wall has now been my wife for 57 years. Long sentence for a 252  offence.
Other Royal Air Force Info:
Records of the Royal Air Force
Royal Family Loans Time to Armed Forces
Responsible Loans for Military
Armed Forces Loans
Military Injury Loans Records

From Chris Morgan
A photograph passed to me from Tony Smith ex Dog Handler 1972/3. The photo was taken at RAF Episkopi. Anyone remember?

From Les Bishop
 a photo of all the RAFP at RAF Bruggen taken in '85/'86

From Chris Hill
Couple more from Chris Hill

From Dave Wise
RAF Tuddenham (107 Squadron) in 1961

From Chris Wyman
More pics from Chris - Akrotiri and Debden

From Chris Hill

St Mawgan CSC 2008

Assorted Photos and locations

From George Brookes

RAF Khormaksar circa 1966 / 7

From Jack Pettigrew

RAF TENGAH 1953/54

From Steve Southern

Javelin Barracks, formerly RAF Bruggen - outside the RAF Police Club.

From Chris Wyman

Last "Do" at The Griffin Club, RAF Debden