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A number of members and other ex-service men and women wish to make contact with collegues and friends who they served with over the years. In addition, a number of other missing contacts may be successfully completed with reference to RAF careers.

Anyone who wishes to enter a name or names on this page, please contact me. Similarly, if you spot a familiar name, contact me and I will attempt to put you in touch, or go direct if contact details are given - please note that for some of the early requests (the ones furthest down the page) the email address may not be current.


Can I please ask that if you are successful and make contact with who you are looking for, you email me and let me know so I can keep the page tidy - thank you

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Barry Archibald Iveson , anyone serve with him ?

Service would have been late 1950's - 1960's .

His Grandaughter is looking for info on him . No idea of years / Units served yet

He would have been early 1950's as Service time with postings in the Swindon area , so BZN ?

any info to the Webmaster


Contact Made

Would it be possible to put a note on asking if anyone has information on the current standing of one Edward Wensley.

He was a Cpl on 31 PD 1955 and later was granted a commission in the RAF Police and retired as a Wingco.
Last heard of last century London area.

Gerry Sanderson


Yes Frank was at Spittalgate during my time there 1966 -1968 He retired and bought a newsagents shop in Barrowby, I believe. I heard later that he had died of a heart attack. Stephen Chadwick


Bit of a long shot but I have had a request from a lady who is trying to obtain information about ex WO Frank Shingler. Frank was at RAF Geilenkirchen on P&SS when I was on the dog section 1962-65. I believe he was later on No 3 District at RAF Spitlegate. Any information accepted for passing on.

Jim Henry through Facebook so let me have any info and I will pass it on


A sad update - Andy died 11 years ago - RIP


Can you please add a search for a colleague called Andy MacLennan a dog handler who served with me at Wittering in 1967. Last known whereabouts were Southampton.

Michael Glover


Contact made.


Had this in through Facebook - Steve, are you in touch with Martin Pratt ?? I’ve been trying to get hold of him for years, we served together at St Mawgan circa 87/89 when he was a smelly. Any chance you could let him know, he’ll probably remember me as Reg Perrin.

if anyone knows anything let me know and I'll pass it on


 I was RAFP at RAF Marham from 87-91 , the last two years being with a chap called Jon Palfrey.
 I left in 91 to join the civilian Police in Gloucestershire, as did Jon Palfrey some years later. Jon has been diagnosed with multiple cancers and is currently in Sue Ryder with severe pneumonia with what we think may be a short time left. It was a secret wish of Jon’s to try and find his old flight Sgt Terry Stundon to thank him in person for supporting Jon in a deeply personal matter. His name and RAF Marham is all I have to go on for Terry who I hope to locate ASAP as every day counts now.
 May I please appeal for any help whatsoever that you can give me? I can be contacted on 07835 065747 or Daniel-andreassen@outlook.com.

Terry located and contacted - thanks to all

Hi Steve,

What can I say, I’ve just spoken to Terry in person and we are arranging for him to come and visit Jon potentially as early as tomorrow!! What an amazing result after such a short time!!! Can I please thank you beyond words and may I please ask you to send a huge thank you message to every single person who has helped me track him down!!
You have all been incredible!!!

Kindest regards



I lost contact with John Chamberlain. We were at St Athan together. I was his best man. And he was living in Swindon when I lost his info. Any help appreciated

John Gray RAFP 68-73


Anyone know the whereabouts of Dog Handler Ron Hutchings, last seen in RAF Hamala in 1968?

The one in the middle with AD Winston
Hugh Cameron


My name is Mostafa Faik and I am Moroccan, I live next to Marrakesch. My friend Rebecca Powell lives next to me, and I am help her to find her father who she has never seen.
She is in Asni valley Morocco and told me about her sad story. Ssince she is a little baby her father left home 
and now she would love to see him and I am asking you to please help.
We have some information about him from the internet:
Name.. Ricci Cyril Baden Powell...the only one I know of and yet her mother said it was not his given name, but one he chose for himself. She said his birthday was the same as Rebecca August 28th. He had two sisters, Cynthia who had two boys and Thelma who she never met. Rebecca knows nothing about his parents or anyone else. He served in the R.A.F and was stationed in Cyprus for a while. He suffered polio as a child.
Rebecca found an entry in an ancestry site that says he married Helen White.
He is an architect, interior designer and antiques restorer. Her given name is Rebecca Ellen. born 28/8/62 

Please help us to joint the family together.
My phone: 00212 6 30 17 82 54

Best regards
Mostafa Faik


Updated: Carl died in 2005 and his widow in 2015

I am trying to find the whereabouts of the family of Flt Lt Carl Seppings. I knew them in Cyprus from 1961-63.

He was in charge of a police unit at Polymedia, his wife and two daughters. Marilyn who will be 73/74 now and a younger sister Jill. He was Burmese and had been awarded some medal when working in Burma.




I am looking for Davy Jones also known as Taffy Who was welsh and a dog handler in the RAF in the 1960s. He was based in St.Athens then possibly transported to Germany. I am his granddaughter and I’m unsure he knows of my existence. Any information would be great. Please contact me on hannahjade94@live.co.uk

Thanks, Hannah Price.


 Paddy Cowap is trying to trace GEORGE PARSONS, a former Driving Instructor at Debden circa 1960/63. Any information will be appreciated, thank you.


 I'm not really sure how this works but I'm trying to trace an old friend who was stationed at RAF St Athan around 1992. His name was Pete Robinson and he was an SAC working in GSE. He was later posted to Germany and was there around 1993-94. I know he's from the Newcastle area originally but the last time I heard from him was around 1997-98 when he was in the Newport area of South Wales. I still remember his service number and can provide it if you need it.
I have often wondered how he was and after being diagnosed with cancer I wanted to try to trace him while I still can. I'm in remission at the moment but who knows how long any of us have!
 Many thanks



This is a request from the widow of an RAFP who wonders if anyone knows what became of Sgt McCloud and/or his wife Sue. Big Mac ! (as he was known) served in the Far East in the late 1940's early 50's and was last known to be at RAF Syerston in 1958. Replies to John Curtis 


An update on a previous search

Hi, Over the past year I have been searching for all ex members of particularly B Shift RAFP during my tour June 1973-June 1976. Most of the shift have been found and we held a reunion last October where 30 of the shift sat down for a meal. I am still looking for a few and ask all of you to search your memory banks and see if anyone can help in finding these 'Missing since Laarbruch days' The guys in question are: Steve Gilham (Possibly in Norfolk) Roy Carl Williams Ray Wilson Terry Brinton ( possibly in Spain) John Griffiths Kenny Hollands ( possibly in Telford) Phil Harrison (last known at AWRE) Eddie McDonald They have all seemingly gone 'off grid' Any information as to their current whereabouts would be appreciated as we are having another reunion in Oct this year. Any former RAFP Laarbruchians , from this time are welcome to contact me for details Thanks Neil Gardiner



My name is Colin Chappell and I did my National Servive in 1959-1961 at RAF Marham Police . Two of my many mates were Cpl Bob Parry and Cpl "Noddy" Walker.

Where are they now? If they have become millionaires tell them to get in touch.


Mr C Chappell


Hello, Searching on behalf of partner, Jeff Ames. Ex RAFP.
Looking for Alan Ritchie, served with Jeff approx 80-86.
Also anyone who served with him in Belize 1998-90
Jeff would love to find some old colleagues and I would like to surprise him.



within an hour - Reg Ball said he knew Dave well as he is Godfather to his daughters so another one solved.

I have a friend on an RMP site by the name of Norma Southgate. In Belfast in 1969 she and her husband Roger were good friends with an RAFP called Dave Hope and his wife. Norma would very much like to catch up with them. Can anyone help. 

Regards Sid Cole


George has been found by Gerry Sanderson and is still alive, another success


We are trying to locate a GEORGE JACKSON a former member of the RAF Police served 58-60 Nicosia Civil Airport.
Last contact was in 1962 at the time George was serving in Sunderland Borough Police and residing on Newcastle Road in the town.
George attended Welshpool Grammar School in the mid 50s. Efforts to trace him via that route are ongoing but to date have had no success.
Any info please e-mail to Ken Turner NYB or Trevor Evans EMB, Thank you.


I am trying to trace  Ex WO Ian Lecrerar and would be grateful of any information about his present whereabouts.

Thank you

Paddy Cowap

Sad news - This notice has had 101 visitors. LE CRERAR Ian Passed away peacefully in the Pilgrim Hospital on Friday 14th May 2010, aged 82 years. Funeral service to take place at Boston Crematorium on Friday 28th May at 11a.m.

Read more at: http://announce.jpress.co.uk/spaldingtodaycouk/obituary/le-crerar-ian/4039682?s_source=jpmi_sgj


Photograph No1 Brian Johnson. He enlisted with me in 1953, both from Wigan. We did our square bashing together at West Kirby. He then went on to trade training, motor mechanic. Served most of his service at Stafford. M.U. Sadly he passed away afew years ago. May he R.I.P.

Photograph No 2 . Peter Hobby. We were great pals at R.A.F. Police Depot, Netheravon, 1953. Would love to know where he is, or at least how life has treated him. I believe he hailed from Portsmouth.

Where have all those years gone?

Albert Short - through Facebook so email me webmaster@rafpa.com


I am trying to trace two ex R A F pals who I was stationed with at R A F Driffield between 1951 and 1955.

One is Ron Duffy who was in the Fire Sect and Alf Mantle who was in the Mt Sect.

William Henry Millward 


Came across your RAFPA site in the hope that I could locate my friend from our days at RAF Laarbruch in the early 1970's
He was last at RAF High Wycombe
Flt Sgt John Marshall (CI) (QPD) RAF Police


You were good enough to publish my request trying to find ex Laarbruchians from B shift 1973-6 .
I have found a few thanks to help from Dave P and John C, cheers guys.
I am still looking for. The following:
Terry Brinton,
Ray Wilson,
Al Smith,
Ray Churchley,
John Marshall,
Ray Lowe,
Kenny Hollands,
Phil Harrison,
Martin Theobald,
Roy Williams
Steve Gilham
Laurie (Taff) Lee
Barry Hook
Chris Coleman.

If anyone has any recent info on their whereabouts please let me know.


It has been an interesting exercise and we now have over 40 guys from this period and our own closed FB group with a reunion planned.


We are trying to trace some ex members of B Shift RAF Police Laarbruch from mid 1973 through to mid 1976.

We are holding a reunion later this year. We have direct contact with over 20 , but are struggling to find the ones below.

If you or anyone you know is in contact with any of these guys please contact the webmaster or direct to me at PetMyRudLaBMan@outlook.com.

Thank you, Neil Gardiner

Al Smith, Al Wilkinson, Barry Hook, Bob Howell, Brendan Neville, Chas Langton, Chris Coleman, Clive Steadman

Derek Burkhart, Don Day, Eddie McBride, Eddie Shears, John Griffiths, John Hodge, John Marshall, Kenny Holland’

Martin Theobald, Nev Butler, Ray Airey, Ray Churchley, Ray Lowe, Ray Wilson, Steve Gilham, Steve Potter, Terry Brinton

Terry Stunden.

If any members of the other shifts around this time wish to obtain details please contact me


I'm making a last ditch attempt to trace the 3 old friends listed below. 

1. GEORGE PARSONS - Driving Instructor at Debden 1960 -63 and later WO in Royal Rhodesian Air Force. 

2. ARTHUR PRIGGEN - Who with Clive Andrew and myself made up the CI Section at 11 P&SS Gutersloh 1963 -66. 

3. ANDREW GREEN - Bruggen 1968 - 71 

Many thanks for any information. 

Paddy Cowap.


Trying to trace someone who was stationed at RAF Bruggen, in, I think very late 1980's or early 1990's. His name is Jason Syvret and he'll be around 48-50 years old now and he was originally from Jersey. No trade known at the moment.

Replies to me please - webmaster@rafpa.com


I have been asked by one of our Branch members, Doug Elwell, if there was any way he could trace a Jim Adams. Jim served at 3 District, Spitalgate in the 50/60s and was also on CI in Hong Kong in the 70s. Doug would like to make contact with him or Jim's wife, Elsie. Can anyone help please?

From Roland Briggs on Facebook

If anyone can help get in touch with me and I will pass it on.  Webmaster


I wish it to be known that Ernie Prior responded to a letter I placed in The Hastings Observer and that we regularly exchange e-mails.
Ernie is keen to find two other former collegues. One is Derek (Dinger)Bell.
Dinger was at RAF Waddington during 1962/63 and I think he also served at Wildenrath, though I am uncertain of that.
Last known location of Dinger is Nottingham, where I believe he was in business.
The other person we wish to contact is Chris Speight.
Chris originated from Bradford and also served at Waddington in 62/63.
I can be contacted at ken_ches@hotmail.co.uk

Ken Cheslitt


hi there looking for Gerry Nash
RAF Brugen Germany
my name is Ashley Muller…he and his wife helped me out years ago 1986

he was RAF police with the dogs


hope you can help


Hello my name is Teresa, a long ago I'm looking for cpl/ Gary Hall K8193927, he was serving in RAF Benson , RAF Bruggen and last station I know RAF Coningsby, he is a ex service man that's why is so hard and unlucky my search, I'm glad I find out your website, he was very special to me and many times I think how is him, how is his life now?,
My email: terpis2565@gmail.com
Mobil: +34 651036903
I'm living in the same small town where we met Gary and me in 1982, in basque country, Spain
Thanks for your help,
Kind regards


My father (David Evans) is an ex RAFP dog handler and noticed himself in one of the photo’s (RAF Gaydon) that a Evan Williams uploaded to your police flight photo section. (on Facebook). He has tried to get in contact with Ewan but the email address given, 02476695661@talktalk.net, appears to be disabled.

I would be grateful if you could generate a request in your where are they now link and ask if Evan can contact my dad on david.c.evans@40hotmail.co.uk.

Many Thanks, Andy Evans.


I wish if possible to contact a Corporal Black who was working at West Drayton in 1971, he was a military policeman.

Stephen Elderfield 


Good evening, I hope this e-mail finds you well, and hopefully this will be the start of something quite incredible. I am looking for a gentleman called Donald Spence, he served with the RAF most notably in the late 50's and early 60's working as an engineer on what we know to be highly confidential spy planes, his wife, Joan Spence, is the main reason for this e-mail. She is quite a woman and at 88 we made a slight vow to reveal to her what she could never be told, I'm not too sure where to begin but i came across yourself and it seemed like the right place to be, he received recognition from the queen in the form of a BEM in the 1960's amongst others. It seems like a very mysterious story of which for a woman like Joan needs to be uncovered and i really hope you might be able to shed some light on what would be an incredible gift to give. I'm not too sure what information you may need but i will certainly endeavour to find it. Joan is not a relative of my own instead she is the grandma to a close friend Andrew Spence, i haven't known her long but her contagious smile and charisma is simply unrivalled and luckily i know just how much this would mean to her. I cannot think of a gift that could possibly mean so much. Any assistance you could provide would be massively appreciated and I cannot tell you how hopeful and excited I am for your reply,

We are visiting at the weekend so if you may require anything more specific please do not hesitate to ask,
All the very best

Benji Tallent and what I'm sure will be a lot of surprised Spences'


Hi Steve. I am not ex RAFP but served at Gatow with many of that persuasion - I was an ROV and served in total 15 years at Gatow. I arrived in 1967; at the same time 3 other guys arrived who were on the same flight as me at Swinderby. We were all mates and one of them was a Snowdrop. His name was Phil Barrett (his number probably started 42826.. and he was married (don't know if he had any kids). We lost contact when he was posted out of Gatow.

I was also a mate of Dave Bolam (also RAFP) and his wife Jan - sadly Dave is no longer with us, but I'm in contact with Jan. Also Chris Nekrews who was a kennel maid at Gatow.

Any help tracing him would be great - please let him have my email if you can.

Many thanks

Mike Hancock


Been asked by WO (Retd) Keith Ryan if anyone knows the whereabouts of Bob Harrower ex RAFP Can anyone help please?

Will Barrow (contact through the webmaster)


I have been asked by a third party to try and locate a couple of Ex RAFP from Bishops Court in the early 80's:
Bob Davidson - Ex Sgt CI
Phil Green - Ex Cpl

If anyone knows where they are please let me know so that I can pass on the third parties contact details and invite them to contact the 3rd party.



 contact made NFA

This is doing the rounds on social media. If you know this man just let him know the contents of this request.  We can do no more in a legal context.

I have seen this work before and I must have tried the majority of my options now so I'm going to try this. My name is Victoria Lee, I used to be known as Fiona Alison and I'm adopted. I'm putting this on Facebook in the hope I can find my birth father (Stephen John Jones) so please if your reading this share it and keep this post going!
I'm 19 years old and my birthday is on the 08/03/1996. I was almost three when I was adopted but I am unaware of the date I last saw him. I'm not looking for a father, or a family I'm just looking to find the last piece of my puzzle, to get some important background information and to have that time before it's too late.. To my knowledge this information is correct. 

Name - Stephen John Jones
Dob - 08/05/1973
Mothers name - Phyllis margaret Hancock
Fathers name - Vivien Jones
Siblings - none
Eyes - brown
Hair - brown
Height - 6ft 1
Born - Llwynypia, Wales
Old job - dog handler in the RAF

Last known address - (approximately 1999):
64 Fen Road
Upper Marham
Kings Lynn

I've attached a photo of him and any information or help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Stephen was born in LLwynpia wales, he had six tattoos the first one he had done at 17 years of age which is a tiger standing on a knife. The others are a horses head, a house, a winged panther, a wolf on a rock and a cowboy with a skeleton face. He liked the outdoors and spent his free time game keeping/shooting. The rest of my information is split between the cracks in this puzzle which is not accurate!

I was born in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn and on the 10th of march I was taken to my first home..
This is my last home with Stephen so it's where this chapter ends. If you know me, you know how important this has always been to me and how important it always will be but for those of you who don't know me please help this post go far it needs to reach every page and news feed it can. 
Thank you for your time, I really hope this can work

30/3/15 -  on 11 April 2015

hello Harry,
thanks to your support and advisce I made telephonic contact with Alan.
he was at least to say surprised ! as it was it has been 40 years after we last had contact. unfortunately he is not on line or member of the RAFPA ( not unlike me until recently )
you see what you can achieve with only a tablet and a little help from friends Alan spent 30 years with the Lancashire police is father and grand father.
Sgt. Stan Hat RAFP was at his wedding ( where is Stan Hat ? )
Alan is now driving a mini bus taxi ferrying first class passenger of the queen Mary to their homes .
please place this on our site " where are they now "
thanks again , cheers Phill Geraghty
Gerry Sanderson with his sleath hat on again

I'm trying to find Cpl Alan Slater , we were at Bruggen in 73/5.
Alan is from Burnley and was my best man in Rochdale in 75

Phill Geraghty 


During the 1960s I did service in the RAF Police and today I am still in touch with several of the lads whom I considered to be my pals.

One young airman at the time was a good friend whom I served with at two different units for more than three years. He came from near Hastings, and he is called Ernie Prior but unfortunately I have no information on his family background.

I did hear that after he left the RAF he joined the ‘Prison Service’ though I have no idea how true that is.

I last saw Ernie around 1967, but, though in more recent times, and for a considerable number of years now, I have tried to find him, it has been without any success.

I write to ask if any of your readers have any knowledge of Ernie, how he is and, if he is still around, how I might contact him?

Ernie would be in his mid 70s now and if anyone is able to help put me back in touch with him I would be most appeciative, and they may contact me on 01422 886802 or by email at ken_ches@hotmail.co.uk.

Ken Cheslett


Looking for Patrick Bolster
Bill Clarke is looking for one of his chums Patrick Bolster from Eire.
They met in 1953 on basic training and then on RAFP training, on Course 40 at Royal Air Force Netheravon.,
There is a photograph in the 1957 Provost Parade taken at Royal Air Force Nicosia.
The only sighting I ever had of Paddy was about 1959 he was lined up at the steps of an aircraft (clearly on VIP escort duties) and I believe was a Sgt I have not heard of since but I should imagine he had a full career and really got on.
I do recall that Patrick (Paddy) Bolster had previous military service in Southern Ireland and was therefore older than the rest of us recruits - possibly in his mid twenties.
His past military experience stood him in good stead both at West Kirby and at Netheravon he was definitely a safe pair of hands and I think that the instructors recognized that he was an 'old sweat'.
Also I recall at Netheravon, We both went to the local church for Mass which meant when we got back to camp we had a late breakfast especially fried up for us.
We would sit down maybe only half a dozen of us at the most and tuck into our special meal, which was the highlight of our week.

Have you by any chance ever come across him?

If you know anything about Paddy Bolster I would appreciate a contact on patsyandbilly@tiscali.co.uk


My wife of 47 years Jeanette,  my Best Man Mick Mooney.  (I would love to know where he is)
Stewart Sloan

17/01/15 contact made. Facilitated by John Walton

Does anyone know Frank Ring he was PABX but remustered to RAFP. He was my best man at RAFGutersloh in 1969 as we have only got 4 yrs until our golden anniversary it would be nice to get in contact with him. I have been trying to find Frank for years I think before our 25th anniversary . I think he moved back to Cork, he married a WRAF girl named Sue Wager at Gutersloh in 1970. Last I heard of him he was in Cyprus I think in the late 70s. James Brownsett


I am looking for an old friend of mine called Peter Lord. We served together at R.A.F.Sylt from 58-61

Bill Sykes 


I am trying to trace Former Cpl ANDREW GIBSON (P4263493) RAF POLICE.

Andrew and I served together at Bruggen 1968/71.

I will be very grateful for any information re his present whereabouts.

Thank you. Paddy Cowap

e-mail matthewcowap@btinternet.com


I was in the US Army MPs and stationed with Cpl Roy Ward RAF at AFCENT. Our years together were 1978 to 1981. He told me many times when he retired, he was going to write a book. He was going to write a whole chapter about me ! After 35 years, I still have very fond memories of serving with the British groups. Cpl Roy Ward is one I will never forget ! 

Thanks. Michael Crone ( former Sgt. US Army MP ) Mike@southernpridecw.com


Not RAFP but can we help this lady?
I have been searching for 2 people Francis (Fran Whitlock) Hereford came from the Newcastle area.
Terry Day again Hereford was posted to Ireland around 1957/8 lived somewhere (I think) in the Somerset/Bristol area.
Terry Day was National Service. Fran not certain which trade. She did get engaged to a PTI called Roy and that is all I know.
I was at RAF Warton Nr Blackpool which became a ghost site in 1958-1959.  
My name was Anne Wilkinson - I was stationed there during that period, all seems so long ago now. It would be lovely to make contact with anyone who remembers me.
Wanted to go into PTI but closed down so just did boring Admin same as civie street.
This photo was taken at Warton I was typist for the C.O. who you see sitting at the front.
I was 2nd row 3rd from right
This lady has a lovely voice - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOmyY3cWacs


I am trying to locate a Paul Todd serving RAF Kings Lynn circa 1972. He also served in Cyprus

Anique Saunders


I am an ex RMP, Cpl Chris Dewing, who served at FIGPU, Port Stanley in 1984.

On my shift were two RAF Police guys who I would like to establish contact with :-
Cpl Paul BREED and Cpl Brian "Dolly" PARTON.

Anyone who can put me in touch with them in time for a 30th anniversary get together gets a bottle of whatever is his/her favourite tipple !

Please contact me at
chris_dewing@sky.com with any info.


1 July 14

 success - contact made


I would like to enter a search for Alan Perrin. Alan and I served in Aden together in 1965. Alan has a step brother, David Perrin ( my cousin ) and they have never met. David has asked me to see if I can locate Alan for him. Many thanks, Sid Cole



I am trying to find malcom hobday who served in our unit at the same time as us (RAF Police), and I was wondering if you know where they are or how to contact them as they aren't listed on Forces Reunited?


If you are in contact with them would you please tell them Phillip Geraghty is trying to contact them through Forces Reunited and to register on the site?

Thanks, I really appreciate your help.
Phillip Geraghty


Malcolm passed away, having suffered a heart attack, around this time of year, in 2006, at the time he was Senior Investigator at WH Smith.

If this could be passed on to Phillip, as there are no contact details.


Andy Price (Ex Sgt RAFP)

Loss Prevention Investigations Team


I wonder if you/your members can help. I am trying to contact Richard (Dick) Ingram. We met while serving at 33 SU RAF Ayios Nickolias (1980-1983) in Cyprus. He was in the RAFP, I was TG11. After Cyprus he went to RAF Cottesmore, and from there I lost touch.
Thanks in advance for your help
Glenn Foulds

 07/07/14 Contact made
Subject: Steve Exley
Am trying to trace an old friend who was in the ATC with me back in the dark ages , he became a Policeman as did his friend Pete Chubb. I would love to know where Steve is now, he was posted to Chivenor, Akrotiri, Benson believe may have been at Rudloe Manor,SIB, also think was in Deci . believe he left the RAF about 10 years ago may be living in South East.

My email is geoffbridgman737@msn.com


Geoff Bridgman

I am looking for a member of the RAFP  Brian Reynolds, or Brian Renolds, born South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. Last seen as a RAF P Cpl, serving with P&SS, Nicosia, 1954
Vernon Yarker


Asking the impossible but miracles do happen

Looking for an RAFP called Howarth. I met him on HMS Devonshire sailing to Cyprus in 1959. We went ashore in Malta together and had a few scoops.  I only know his name was Howarth and I remember this because mine is Howard - very similar! Malta to Cyprus we were put on Jankers for returning to the ship in a drunken state. Happy Days. I would love to find this chap again and have a drink or two or three.  I was in the RAF Regiment. Any info please Taff Jones

And before anyone asks - it's not our own Bill Howarth who served 1941 to 1953 - Webmaster



Several ex- Sundern friends are looking for Cpl Pete Hilman, ex RAF Sundern 1958-1960.
He hailed from Eastbourne, Sussex.  A few old Sundern oppos. are hoping to collect as many names as possible, to coordinate a revisit to the unit before the British army move out in 2015 (that is, if Rigor Mortis has not set in by then )
Andy McMeekin


I am looking for 3 RAF Policemen from 1982/83 that stayed with me in the Falklands, we kept in touch for a long time but I moved a few times and lost touch with them, Cpl Stephen P Harris ( married to Kate kids Donna & Paul) Peter Graham married to Rhonda had 3 boys, including a set of twins and Harry Lucas, I would dearly love to hear from these guys and find out what they are up to all these years gone by,
I hope you can help me with this,
Much appreciated

Diane Clune


Sgt. Bill (Geordie) MERRIFIELD

Could anybody put me in touch with Bill.... we served together at 94MU RAF Barnham, and at RAF Abingdon between 1961 and 1969. I also visited him when he was I/c Station Police at RAF Bovingdon. Andy McMeekin ahskpm@hotmail.co.uk


I am trying to track down an ex-colleague of mine called “Chas” Russell. We both joined 30 Oct 84 and “passed-out” Swinderby 12/12/84. He went on to be a storeman before successfully re-mustering to RAF Police dog-handler. His first tour as stores was at Kinloss and I know he served as a handler at Melton Mowbray centre.

Best regards

Ian Hooper




Apologies for troubling you but I am trying to trace John Stevens who initially enlisted as a Clerk Secretarial at RAF Hereford in 1964. I also served with him at Muharraq and then I understand that he re-mustered to become an RAF Policeman.
We have arranged a re-union in Hereford for next January and would ask him to contact me for details.
I thank you for your assistance.
R Stevenson (ex N1950441)


I am trying to get in touch with anyone on D flight RAF POLICE RAF Laarbruch 87-90 also RAF Honnington- 93-96

Great time at both stations with many good friends

Andy Mumby




Switchboard-01793 692401


just to inform you that my father died yesterday...I wish to thank you and everyone from the forces for their help and support

 kind regards Stuart

I'm searching for a MR ALLAN FRAZER,EX CPL RAF REGT.

early to late 50s.26 squadron,last heard of in ABERDEEN.My father who has also served in the forces MR JOHN HYSLOP,served in 26,and 63 squadron, stationed at gutersloh (Germany),cyprus,and Singapore, also served in Northen Ireland. My father is really ill with cancer and has asked me to try to find Allen Frazer for him. Please if anyone can help me find this person i will be truly gratefull..

kind regards S.Hyslop

19 July 2013

I am trying to track down the whereabouts of a former colleague who may, or may not, be a member of the RAF Police Association. In October 1983, 18 personnel started on No 17 Basic Flying Training Course at 7 Flying Training School at RAF Church Fenton; amongst them was a (then) Pilot Officer Paul C Marks. Unfortunately Paul did not complete the course with the rest of us and, as a former civilian policeman, went on to join the RAF Police; he was last known of as Squadron Leader Paul Marks, a special convoy commander.

The other members of the course are planning on holding a reunion in October of this year and we would like to get in touch with Paul to see if he would like to attend. Unfortunately we have been unable to track down his current whereabouts through the usual methods (Google; Facebook; LinkedIn etc) and we were wondering whether Paul was a member of the RAF Police Association and whether you might be able to pass on a message to him for us, or whether any of your members might still have contact with Paul?

Any help, gratefully appreciated


Gordon Pell


Wing Commander


020 721 87636


14 July 13 A couple of requests not necessarily RAFP related but can anyone help?

I am now in my 60s and have been trying to find information only, if thats all I can have, on my father. Unfortunately my mother and anyone who
could help me are now dead, not that other family members knew anything!

My mother appeared to use a 'strange' maiden name for herself on my birth certificate but did not name my father.

She gave me a few years ago the name of Jimmy/James Perry who served in the RAF Felixstowe around 1950/53 possibly. I was born in 1952. My mother worked in the WRAF. June Violet Cripps, or June Violet Mitchell. I am confused as to why she made up a maiden name unless it is my father, although James/Jimmy Perry appeared to pay maintenance for years but they had no contact.

Mother was a plotter.

I wondered if you have any ideas where I can go to find more information please?

I would be grateful for any help. I am not very good with computers and my children (who have families) do not have time to spend with me. They did try at Christmas but to no avail.

Many many thanks for any assistance.

Lynn Stokes

If anyone has any information or ideas send them to me and I will forward them to Lynn

14 July 13

Hi my name is Steph and I am searching for someone on behalf on my grandmother. His name is Steve Smith and he served with RAF Odiham in the 80's and 90's we believe. He also served in the Ascension Islands. He was known to be living in the Portsmouth area but this was some time ago now. My nan's name is Christine Robinson and I know she would love to find out what Steve has been up to, if you can offer any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately my nan can't remember any of the vital info like trade, bless her so I doubt there's much chance finding him, especially with probably the most common name possible. She reckons he would be about 42 or so now so he must only have been late teens early 20s when she knew him.

Many thanks



25/6/13 1330 - Kevin Hunt knows George's details and will pass them to Pat NFA

Hi Guys,
Just to inform you that I have made contact with George and am ever so grateful for your help, without you both it may never have happened, so once again thank you.
We hope to meet George and daughter Barbara on weekend of 13 - 14 July.
Best regards
Pat McLarnon

25/6/13 1100 hours

This is a shot in the dark, I am trying to make contact with one of your ex contempories who unfortunately I have lost contact with.

His name is George Pace ex F/S RAF Police Dog Handler. My wife and I were friends of George and Judy whilst serving at RAF Wildenrath 1979 - 82. After Wilders George went to Wyton to set up a Dog section and then I believe he went to Newton as Dog Inspector ( If thats the right phraseology ).

Unfortunately the last time I seen George was when he turned up at our home at West Drayton on the day of my sons funeral completely unaware of what had happened and my memory is rather blurred of the occasion but I thought he said he was coming out of the service and settling in the Lincoln area.

Would it be possible to see ( via your fine website ) if he is a member of your organisation or anyone know of his whereabouts. I would be ever so grateful if you could do that for me.


Pat McLarnon



My name is Andrea Pennington and I am trying to get back in contact with Cpl Paul Barclay. Last known address was RAF Gatow 1983 approx. He had a pale blue VW Beetle, while over there


Contact made - NFA required


Has any member ever served with Dennis Greygoose, or know where he is today? He was recently out of Basic and Provost training about 1953 when we met at RAF Cardington. He was very popular (especially with the ladies) and an interesting character. The last I heard of Dennis was when I was serving in Germany, in the 1960s. Dennis was by then a F/Sgt. at Depot, which might have caused a fatal shock for our former "Sheriffs". His photo appeared in Provost Parade.

Derek Knight-Messenger



My name is Shawn Martin and I am trying to track down a friend of mine from RAF Bruggen.

I lived in Bruggen for about 20 years running the Mitsubishi Motors Export office, and had a great affiliation with the RAF, many ex and serving RAF members are still my friend.

Phil Brown was a CPL in the RAFP at Bruggen, I met him around about 1995. From Bruggen he went to JHQ not sure of the year, 2000 ? From JHQ he went to Cyprus, again I am not to sure of the time frame, but I remember the last contact I had with him was in about Nov 2009.

I believe he left the RAF and joined the Civvy Police...

Due to the time difference that we have between Perth and Australia I enclose my email address, that will save someone being awoken at an ungodly hour..

Thanking you in advance

Shawn martin



I'm looking for a Cpl Terry Brown , stationed at RAF Laarbruch.  He was in the RAF Police and  lived in Pfalzdorf. With wife Jackie ,daughters Lisa and Teresa son David in 1990 onwards , I think they came from London area.

Julie Carrington


Does anyone have any knowledge of HARRY ARCHER, a Londoner who served in the RAF Police around 1949 – 1950. A former colleague ex Bomber Command would like to get in touch with him. Please e-mail me if you can help.

Brian Sutton

 25/4/13 - contact made
I am trying to locate/make contact with ex collegue Dave PETTITT (RAF Station Police ).
Info re Dave:
Served in RAFP 1974-1984
Gutersloh (1976/77 ?? - this is where I knew him from)
& St. Morgan (if that's how it is spelt)
Rank: Cpl (not sure if he was promoted or not).
He married a German lady called Dagmar.


After about 11 years, (and many attempts by a guy at the British embassy in Riyadh, KSA, and some Brits here at Central Command at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL - with no luck) I am now in contact with my old RAF buddy Ian Robbo Robinson!

This website is great. Please make a post that I am in contact with Robbo!

Thanks again!!!



I, Jason A Moyles, am attempting to locate Ian J Robinson, RAF Military Policeman. We were stationed at RAF St Mawgan 1991-1992, and at RAF Shawbury, which is in Shrewsbury, and I guess Shropshire in 2001.
Not sure where he is now. Cheers, Retired USMC GySgt. jmoyles@gmail.com



I am trying to trace Mary Stone who served with me in the WRAF. We were at Spitalgate in 1961 and then posted to RAF Northwood HQ(U)Coastal Command. After I was demobbed on marriage we eventually lost touch.My name then was Catherine Chambers and I married a National Service RAFP Bill Cook who was a dog handler at RAF Honington in 1960 and then was posted to Northwood.
Catherine Cook





My ex husband Bill Gray and I, Anne Gray were in Limasol 1970 to 72. Anybody in touch with Mel and Carol Ward from then?

Anne Gray



17 Nov 12

Could you please include the following request for an old friend?

Bill Mountain, ex- No. 1 P&SS detachment RAF Sundern 1958 - 1960.
If anybody remembers Bill, or where he is now, please get in touch at


Andrew McMeekin



Im currently assisting a friend who is trying to track down a lost family member by researching the internet

The only information I have is Allan Shore born in 1941 and that he is believed to have served in Kenya (I believe RAF Eastleigh) from some time in the 60's
I'm really struggling at the moment so any advice on people you may know or other possible lines of enquiry would really help.


Anyone with the whereabouts of

605 Anthony Sawyer last known to be living in the Kings Lynne area

1773 Stephen Turner last known to be living in the Seaford (BN25) area


please contact the Webmaster - letters have been returned not known at this address



John Curtis has been in touch and given John all the information he needs

Maurice Kinsell was my cousin.

 I am trying to locate his son Greg Kinsell. The last time I saw Greg was at Jean Kinsell's funeral since then we have lost contact. I am still awaiting for some news about the cycling club. It was Shropshire based and they have a memorial race named after Maurice and his wife Jean for all the work they did for the club. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I have a photograph of Maurice in uniform outside a tent looks like abroad some where.

Regards John Houghton

Trying to track down Martin Neil Leonard, who was a Corporal in the RAF Police at the Police Section RAF North Cotes in 1978.

All replies to me please Webmaster

31 August 2012

I was at R.A.F. Episkopi in 1959 and 1960, served in the police section there
My main place of service was the operations center, and I would love to hear from any of the mates I served with during this time.
The guys I'm looking for are all ex R.A.F.P. Episkopi, and are   Ricky Hartley, Jeff Parker, Don Vincent, Tony Crouch, Johnny Mumford, Pete Ashman, Dave O'Connel.      I would love to hear from any of these guys again.
Thank's.  Ex Cpl Richard ( Dick ) Reading 5090759.

7 August 2012

I have lived in New Zealand for the past 5 years, and is in this regard that I am making the following enquiry. I have a friend here, Dave Korteweg, who is looking for information about his birth father. Dave's birth name is Danny Collins - after his father. However, he has no recollection of him as he returned to UK when he was a child, leaving Dave here with his mother.

All he has is a photograph - which I have attached.
 It was taken in the mid sixties when Cpl Collins was on attachment at RNZAF Base Ohakea, 22 km north west of Palmerston North here in NZ. It would seem he was here for about 2 years. As well as Dave, Cpl Collins also had a daughter - Dave's younger sister - who has since sadly passed away.

I am hoping that the RAFPA might be able to assist and would ask that this is put on either the "where are they now" or "Help" pages. Hope you can help.

Warmest regards

Steve Burgess (ex Sgt L8212261)


4 August 12

Any ideas of anyone who would have contact details for ex Sergeant Martin DOSWELL aka "Dippy".

Left as a Dog Sgt at Laarbruch early 1990s.
Genuine reason for contact any help appreciated, Robbo.
Dave Robinson QPD 1990-1999.

11 June 2012

I am currently trying to trace the whereabouts of one “Paddy Kirkpatrick”. Allow me first to please introduce myself.
My name is Phil Gill, son of WO Frank W. Gill and Margaret. You may or may not know of Dad, but he spent 32 years as an RAF Policeman, dealing quite extensively with the Dog sections of camps he served in his earlier years, before progressing onto PandSS sections in his latter years of service. His final being RAF Aldergrove, as it happens, I was at Bishops Court from ‘78-80 whilst he was at Aldergrove, quite interesting to say the least, with us both being out there at the same time during the troubles !
As we lost Dad to a heart attack Christmas Day 2009, Mum has asked me if it is at all possible to make contact with Paddy. Within some of the pics you have listed on the Websites I notice a few of the names I recall Mum and Dad talking about, Terry McCaffie (sadly gone now I see from your postings, which I shall let Mum know of) Clive Gilmore, I never met Clive, but certainly recall his name being mentioned on many occasions, Pete Trehane and the list goes on.
I am unable to find any information on Paddy and his involvement in the Royal Tournaments, but Mum says he was quite actively involved in the training of the Handlers and Dogs for these performances, maybe you might be able to shed some light on this thought as well.
Phil Gill


22 May 2012

Looking for Al Galloway ex RAF Marham 1969 -1974
Alan Myson

22 May 2012

I am trying to find David Thomas, He was actually Army, stationed at RAF Wildenrath from 1962 to 1966, thereabouts.

We were good friends and I would love to contact him. I left RAF Wildenrath in June of 1965 and believe he was there for another year.
He was from Swansea, Wales.
Thanks for any help.

8 April 2012

Hi I am trying to find Jose Alberto Antonio Castella (Castello). My mum who sadly passed away recently (aged 73) only told us a few details of this guy who she met at the age of 19, he was a GI dog handler at a Suffolk airbase. The only information I can tell you is that he came from Long Beach CA. My mum didn't inform him she was pregant 54yrs ago. I would love to tell my older brother who his real dad is and that Joe has a son living in England. Can you help please?
Kind regards Debbie

8 April 2012

Currently looking for an Anthony (Tony)Bailey (surname changed to Smith on adoption) born 1941 Worksop joined the RAF late 1950s or 1960s, maybe RAFP or RAF Regt, served for 9 years and represented the RAF at Boxing.

His brother, Mike Bailey, lost contact with him due to this adoption. He (Tony) moved to his adopted parents house in Langley Mill, Eastwood, Derbyshire.

Any info to: dave.thompson@rafa.org.uk

8 May 2012

Trying to trace Bill Carol  I don't know a great deal about Bill other than he stood 6 feet tall and heavily built, he was a sergeant at Gatow in 1980 and from there to Northolt. I believe that was his last tour and took his demob from there.

While on the detachment at RAF Gatow he had a penchant for scouting the decent cafes and restaurants and had a weekly spot the local BFN in which he would sing the praises of the cafes which were safe to frequent and naturally would give an account of those to avoid. He was the first choice to be the chaperone to any of the Dignatary's, real or ficticious, visiting the Detachment.

John Iley

8 May 2012
Does anyone remember William Gough (known as Bill, also these may be his middle names - Fraser Watson) He came from Culross, Dumfermline Fife, Scotland. He was stationed at RAF Wildenrath Nato Base nr Wassenberg West Germany during 1950's. He was demobbed in 1955/56. I do not know what regiment he was in, so am looking at all RAF sites.
Gee Trundle